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  1. Sep 29, 2007 09:37 PM (Alma, NY, September 29, 2007) - - State police say a two-car accident in the Southern Tier has claimed two lives. It happened Friday on State Route 417 in the Allegany County Town of Alma. Investigators say a Caravan driven by 23-year-old Joshua Giddings (aka SCE_Maniac; Evilmaniac; Maniac44) crossed the center line and slammed head-on into a vehicle driven by 55-year-old Robert Cartwright. Both drivers died in the accident. SCE_Maniac aka Evilmaniac; Maniac44; Joshua Giddings first joined Shadow Company Elite (SCE) on 28-September 2003. His service had just reached the 4 year mark; so many of us have gamed with him in the past, many have done so night after night, well into the early hours of the morning. He was renowned for his Ghost Recon skills. Ghost Recon was the game which introduced SCE to Maniac. I remember many a night playing Farm Day and Castle Day well into the night, banter going all the time. In more recent years he has enjoyed the addiction of MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game's) playing Lineage 2 with Rogue, Diablo and Falcon to name but a few. He managed to clock up 2,052 hours playing Lineage 2 which is very impressive and shows his dedication. Memories of Maniac will live on forever, we all have had many many many good times together. Maniac, a loyal friend, a fellow gamer, a listener, a Ghost Recon king, but most of all, a fellow Brother of Shadow Company Elite. Respects can be paid at www.shadowcompanyelite.com R.I.P SCE_Maniac
  2. Thanks Rocky. We are excited to get back in the GR community. Seems like a long absence, but only a few months. Does anyone have the drop on servers? Gaming and Dedi? I don't know what it may take for a decent GRAW2 server. Is there SADS? Do we have complete control like Map changes in game and Locked servers for matching? Remote Access? I know a lot of questions, and I am sure that they are posted somewhere inhere. Just thought I'd toss in the bait, and see what I caught. LOL!
  3. Picture of SCE_ODiN Posted Fri July 20 2007 07:44 -Clan name: Shadow Company Elite (SCE) -System: PC -Number of members 150+ -Requirements to be in the clan: 18 years & older -About your clan: Founded 1997 Global, Adult community of brotherhood. We primarily play FPS type games. We have a server for all of our supported games, AA, BF2142, GR:AW2, R6:V and soon CRYSIS. We are a No pay clan, and do NOT practice military Ranks. We are a bunch of people that like to game and have fun...after all it is a GAME. Visit us at ShadowCompanyElite.com and fill out an application in the Join us thread. We currently have 10-12 members playing GRAW2, and looking for good tactical players who like to compete at the highest level! Hope to see you in SCE! SCE IS BACK IN GR!!! Good to be HOME!
  4. Heads up! Shadow Company Elite, is back home in GR!! We are looking into Server options once again. If there are any suggestions there, please send my way. I think we are looking to a dedi again, but if the gaming servers run well I will consider that. We have our core 10-15 GR players dusting off there computers and setting a course to the GR homeland! Hope to see you all on the battlefield once again! Check us out at ShadowCompanyeElite.com SCE is a Worldwide Adult Gaming community, founded over 10 years ago! Thanks for the space Rocky!
  5. We have another 2 maps being release in the coming week. Hop on and join SCE and be the first to play. We are now at 15 SCE Maps, and now working on some new co-op mission maps!
  6. Things are progressing smoothly. SCE_Fatman's newest map, "Road to Reaper" is out and it is a hot one! It is getting a lot of hype in the community! Great Job Fatty! Keep it up!
  7. Yep! Looking for good tactical players to match with on our SCE team!
  8. Great Video and Mission STatement! I want to thank SCE_FatMan, aka Tom Anger, for all that he has done for SCE and the GRAW community! Lets keep it up!
  9. Hop on bye. SCE_FATMAN aka Tom Anger, is unveiling his newest Map...a Tribute to a lost friend. PM me at www.shadowcompanyelite.com , and I will give you our Team speak info. Love to see some new players on board!
  10. CTD ? english, Ceramic Tile Distributors ?? Comparative Toxicogenomics Database.... CTD = Crash To Desktop (and without a crash log). Very common issue when running a custom map more then once in a row. As a modder/mapper that realy makes my work less fun. We have never had that problem with our custom maps. SCE dedi runs them most of the time and we play back to back, with out issue. GL
  11. Great Post EVO! We are a Large World Wide PC Gaming Clan! We are looking to grow our GR:AW division. We currently have 12-15 players and looking for more experienced players, to help us for our Match Play. Check us out at www.shadowcompanyelite.com
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