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  1. I am fooling around with the zoomfactors of the sniperscope and aimpoint in u_adons.xml. I have noticed that decreasing the value for <var name="fov_zoomed" value=XXX/> will give an image that is more zoomed in . there is a section "mod sights"" with aimpoint1 and impoint2, sniperscope1 and sniperscope2 and the same for the cry scope. Why is that, what do these do? oops, to anser my own question, this from a mod apparently! the original u_addons.xml doesn't have those entries How do I delete a post/topic???
  2. gotcha 44 GRAW so far, its growing on me. I wish I could switch to different characters instead of all this freakin AI (1.16 patch is better). That made GR1 a tactical game for me. This is "just" a very enjoyable sneak em up. But yes, I like it. Don't know about replay value, I have played most missions several times because of the savgame system so I more or less know where the enemies are (even at my age ). Hopefully there will be good mods.
  3. the waypoints is a good tip, I will try that. But first I have to finish mission 3, one more tank to go and all are still alive...
  4. I like this game, its growing on me, but it doesn't seem very tacital. I keep sending my team into the shadows behind me to keep them from getting shot. Mostly they cover me. Just occasionally I position them to fight. When they get killed I reload my last save. Is this how you guys play, or do your teammates just get killed and you move on...?
  5. aha, good to know. I just look at their name "enter_near_adat" ...
  6. Maybe old news to you modders but here's how I do it. As an example here I use mission 03 - add the directory "levels\mission03" to "local\english" - unpack the mission scripts from the bundle and copy mission03.xml to that directory - find the section <!-- users --> and add: <user name="quick_save" type="once"> <event name="quick_save"/> </user> - find the section <!-- events --> and add <event name="quick_save"> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point100" start_time="1.0"/> <element type="SaveGame" nam
  7. well that is a long debate that tends to end in flame wars (I hope not). I happen to like different rules and many saves (always have). Maybe when I get better at it I need less saves. Oh well, to each his/her own...
  8. you are right, I have the same thing. It seems the event you are in is not read again. my guess is that this event is in fact saved in the savegame because otherwise the game would save itself each time it loaded maybe causng a loop (or something like that). So you have to wait until the next event is triggered and put a savegame in there. What I do now is have a series of saves in longer events (the ones triggered when you enter an area) so that the game is saved every 2 or 5 minutes: <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point20" start_time="120"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="ch
  9. to answer my own question, these are seconds now I have to find out if an event is closed when it is passed or when a next event is triggered or that is has be deactivated actively in another event (saw that too).
  10. does anybody know how the sarttime works? I have added a series of savegame commands to an event <event name="enter_shopping_malls"> [...] <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point11" start_time="2.0"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point12" start_time="6.0"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point13" start_time="20.0"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point14" start_time="30.0"/> <element type="SaveGame" name="check_point15" start_time="40.0"/> [...] they all get executed in about the same moment although 13 14 and 15 just a bi
  11. looks great, I would prefer the grey!
  12. actually xnview (www.xnview.com) is free and a lot better than irfanview (IMHO)
  13. Tillboy, nice job but your textures can be much smaller if you save the dds files them as DX5 with the microsoft DXTEX tool...?
  14. never had any problems with this mission, play it on default (medium difficulty). When the helo gives the message to take out the rpgs I tell the squad to stop and I scout ahead. There is a point where you can take out the rpg on the right (facing the compound) and a sniper (there are two on the corner of a roof). Then I call in the squad and go to the far left and enter the compound from there. I mostly do the cleaning up myself, using the squad to cover me or come after me for some extra cover, else they are in the way too much and they don't hide enough.
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