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  1. Ok I am going to put my thoughts down of what’s happening. GRAW came out on Xbox before PC and from what I see on the Xbox is just much smoother. It is a darn shame you have to have some SLI or crossfire or a ridiculously expensive graphics card to run GRAW on PC at a steady 40 FPS. Ubi seen that there upsetting all the PC gamers from the [Ghost Recon] series so they decided to launch a PC version of GRAW but not from Red Storm. They did not even decide to use the same engine. Instead we get a contractor called grin to make the game. Then they decide to use the diesel engine which is
  2. Hello Everyone, System P43.0ghz p4ps800D-E Delux AGP 2 gig dual channel 3200 RAM 7800GS oc to 498x1430 80 WD SATA hd My problem consists of one major thing and that is system lock up. I will be playing the game and all of the sudden my system locks. I cannot Ctrl-alt-del or anything. I have to manual reboot. I tried downclocking my graphics card and that does not help. I installed new drivers and that does not help. ANY IDEAS?
  3. You mean to tell me you have to actually make your own and you cannot stretch or use mountains from th game
  4. Ok I been playing with the map editor trying o make a jungle based map for those who like nice enviornments. I am having a slight problem. I cannot figure out how to make the terrain mountainess. I dont was a jungle with a flat ground...it needs to be rugged and uneven...how do i go about doing this.
  5. I just finished reading hte Tweak guid for GRAW and in there it says you can improve performance if you have a lot of System RAM by marking true on the texured control parts of the Rendering Setings xml file. Im going to try that and post my FPS after tweaking. It just seems odd to me that the Geforce is getting better FPS and I get that slight scope lag. Very frsutrating.
  6. Is the 1.30 patch stand alone as far as installing it or do i have to install the other patches? Maybe thats why my game is running like crap. Any help would be appreciated
  7. FIRST OFF...... I FEEL GRIN IS DOING A GREAT JOB FOR WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN. I would like to see if anyone agrees with me on this.....It seems to me the original GR was based in 3 different places. Let me be general....Woods, Desert, and semi-Jungle. Desert and Jungle being the expansion packs respectavly. The reason I say semi-Jungle is for the reason there were not enough brush and trees to make it real jungle but the intention was there. Now let me just start off with the First GR game based a semi-cold to cold russian enviornment which was woods mostly. The Red Square was in the ci
  8. Here are my system Specs P4 3.0 478 Processor 2 Gigs of Vitesta PC 3200 RAM 80 Gig WD 8mb cache SATA HD ASUS P4PS800DE-Delux Motherboard 550Watt PSU GeForce 7800GS 256mb/256bit GDDR3 AGP OC to 491GPU and 1.4ghz Mem I recently had a ATI X850XT PE graphics card and noticed something in the game when using that card. There were small line artifacts like at the edge of the where a building meets the ground. Also I noticed that the Edge Smoothing feature pretty much sucks ***......It looks like I am looking through a dirty window when enabled. I also noticed that with this higher end AGP
  9. First off I think this game is awsome. I played a lot of the original GR and I must say the MP interface on it was simple but effective. The MP interface here I cannot say much for. I host my own coop game by the name of "Stealth Recon". I sometimes get beligerent and obnoxious poeple in my server and it would be nice to be able to kick them if necessary. Can anyone guide me in the direction of modding the game where I can do this? I looked all over the bundle file and cannot find any xml that has anything to do with kicking. Is this something that has to be worked out with Gamespy?
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