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  1. I miss the suppressed Ruger 10/22 from the IDF mod.
  2. Snowfella found the method, mgiht wanna touch base with him. The gun will work on [GR] with no anti-cheat running (what's the point of cheating in [GR] anyway?), or if the server has the same files, so I'd say go for it.
  3. Are you planning on making it compatible with [GR] mode with this release? Currently only works in 4 player coop and single player for me.
  4. ...I might be an idiot here, but I think I missed slapping the gui folder into the game. I'll try it again on [GR] and see if it works. EDIT: Nope, same problem, cannot create my own [GR] server without it crashing with this mod and only this mod installed.
  5. Works fine in SP campaign, works fine in Cooperative mode online. Works when I assign it to AI teammates as well as myself. EOTECH will not "scope in", so you can't aim at all with that sight. Big sad face, I love that sight. Here's the biggie though: I CANNOT play [GR] mode with the mod installed. It doesn't matter if I assign the gun to myself or run fully stock guns, doesn't matter what map I play, as soon as I choose my loadout and click start in base, I can sometimes see a brief flash of the game (sometimes not) and then it crashes out. No crash log, only the standard windows "GRAW has experienced an error and needs to be closed." Other than that, looks awesome, it'll be awesome when the glitches get cleaned, and it'd be nice to see a non-yellow magazine loaded in, maybe some ironsights and possibly a standard M-203? Keep up the good work!
  6. Oh man, looking nice! I can't wait for the finalized product! (If you managed to get the EOTECH sight on there, I'd praise you FOREVER!) Now if someone modded in a HK 21E, and an M1A SOCOM... oh man, heaven. The silenced Ruger .22 ala [GR] IDF mod would be beautiful too.
  7. I think the big deal here, in my opinion at least, is that I like a variety of weapons, no matter if they're similar in stats. I'm the kind of guy that would run every weapon mod package in the original GR just so I could take all sorts of different guns into combat. This is what I miss most from this game is the ability to choose from a vast arsenal, so please figure out how to get the G36 into the game. Also a silenced Ruger 10/22 and a Micro-Uzi sidearm (like the IDF mod) would be delightful too!
  8. First off, awesome idea, the 6.8 is delightful, and the fact that I can put something on the weaver rails other than a red dot sight makes me smile. Sure, the 7.62 with a scope may be "overpowered"... but you could do that in real life anyway, there's nowhere on that mounting rail that says "DO NOT USE A SCOPE". Couple problems though, first being the zeroing issue everyone else reported so I won't go into detail there. Second problem would be that my friend and I play co-op, and I can assign the Mk16 Mod1 to my AI squad. The player that isn't squad lead can use the Mk16 Mod1 and the different sights as well, but the team leader must run stock gun or the other player's game crashes. As team leader, if I even put a scope on my Mk16 Mod0; it will crash my other player. He literally just grabs his chest and falls out of the chopper on my screen and gets a fatal error message on his. Is this problem unique to me or is there a fix...?
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