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  1. We are all dreaming now why post that link, i wish that was coming out for graw 2
  2. We haven't said anything like that. UBI has access to all the GRAW2 code, yes of course as they own the game. Yes They did.lol.Isnt it true Grin only has 10 people patching?lol.Yes uh huh.Wasnt the patch given to Ubi 3 months ago??Yes?Wasnt the code turned over to them with only grin doing some patch work??Hasnt Ubi contracted another studio to do Graw future work for Pc?Aint it true Grin hasnt worked on any maps? This is possibly the best use of innuendo.This is whats been posted across these forums in differnt posts and iterations.Dang.I got to breakdown and get a XBOX 360 dont I? you dont know how close you are
  3. I actually don't know how they did those or exactly how it's used. It's only used on some houses, and not in multiplayer at all (which is where I worked on GRAW2 by converting 360 maps). And right now we not using any such system that I know of. which 360 maps are these wolf, new ones or are the ones in graw 2 360 converts already, i dont own a 360 so never seen any of the maps for it .
  4. I post these little things occasionally because I don't think there is solid enough substance in the discussion to motivate putting aside as much dev time as whatever feature is currently on the topic would do. I'm usually looking for something more substantial that would motivate it as a "make or break" feature. I'm not saying that's the way it is because that's the way it should be. I'm merely posting that I don't see the big fuzz about it and I'm looking for opinions based on reasonable facts. On the MP part, the zones could have been placed in a day. But on a dev level there are more things that would need to be considered, especially for the on disc release version of a game. For example all maps would have to be performance tested with 32 players in MP, which I don't think they would all pass without rebuilding quite substantially. Besides technical issues there is also the problem with the map layouts that are designed especially for each SP mission, which in most cases don't do well in MP modes. So rather then have maps that play a mode badly, it's better to leave it out. EDIT: Added in the second quote for better overview as it switched forum page. Hey Wolf i think thats where we the paying public and you the devs diagree, i think all maps all modes with a few bugs would of been better than what we got and from reading the posts its the content that has let this game down and how unuser friendl it is, i know you guys maybe done a little research but i could pick a few guys from this site that could of lead you guys the right way, the game may of then not appealed to most but the ones that played it would of spread the word of how good and how easy it was to use, thus making it and you guys more cash which at the end of the day is what its all about but it has to tick all the boxes. There is a whole gr community waiting to buy a game that resembles Gr, you guys are nearly there and with a lttle more trust within this community it could of been a lot better for us all. Content is the key, a mappack would be your best shot which included Co-op and TvT modes that mix, trust us this is the key, nice modding tools where you dont have to be a rocket scientist to use em and thats it work out the bugs then. It is nice how you come in and kinda help but its to little, i mean look at the title thats just came out they are saying all the right things you cant fault them and then two small patches, it just shows they are doing something. Its so easy it painfull. Hey and if you go through a lot of the posts you will see that they all lead back to GR I know im on a rant now but 273 user(s) active in the past 30 minutes to this site, i dont know how many come to this site but this is a Gr site the potential for custom is great, an expansion is the only way this game will work.
  5. Just a shame some of the good teams was not in it. Im only joking well done AFZ
  6. Did you play Gr in its glory days, if you did you would know that there is no contest really, i have posted i like both but lest say the graphics to Gr was like Graw which would be better then, Gr all day.
  7. I like both, the new graphics and the way it felt, Graw 1 that is, Graw 2 went downhill for me, But Gr for its ease of use.
  8. The tug servers never show up and i have added sparta to my fav but it just disappears along with kforf and any others i care to add, i have to use direct ip.
  9. This game is starting to annoy me. Whats gets me is anyone can be good at it, i like the perks as they are fun, but they are unreal, i mean i have never been shot but im sure it hurts like hell and yes i would want to kill the guy shooting me but would you really have time or the energy to do this with a hole in your head, or chest. The hardcore mode is not hardcore at all and i have found that even with one death it is still easir to run and gun to get the kills than move slowly.
  10. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/6281029906 http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/2491029906 yep im not posting anymore than that as thats all i think we need but feel free to post your add ons im just gonna bump them so they dont get lost. My home is here so be it if the ban us from there.
  11. Cant remember if anyone mention this but we could do with more maps
  12. Yeah Crysis Gameplay is poor its the Graphics and physics that are impressive, play it then look at Cod4 it makes the well done maps from them look poor graphicly(poor spelling i know), but thats all i would take from crysis. Cod 4 yeah they have made some good small maps and it suits Cod but for me they missed a great oportunity to pull in us Gr players, its just to easy for everyone, no real skill. I feel myself disliking it every day and im quite good at it. Graw 2 and Graw 1 i dont think we can agree on i liked Graw 1 better, i think Graw 2 was a complete let down, they should of just updated 1 and if they had thought like Cod guys they should of made a mode to suit the run and gunners, which would of made the game appealing to the masses but still kept the original format we then could of converted them. The problem is that when any player plays COD, CRYSIS or any game like that they all can be quite good as it doeant really take much as the more you play the more points you get so everyone is a winner,even when you lose you win??, with Graw and Gr you had to be good and playing made you better or sharper and any noobs coming on would get owned from the start and most could not take it so moved on to a more Cod type game. , thats what i thinks anyways.
  13. Mate a patch for graw has been passed to ubi they are testing it or so called testing they are holding it back and giving no information, that is fact, now i dont know if grin are working on this but with the new game they are working on now i doubt it and anyways bugs and fixes are way down the list more content and ease of use is a most importantand no forced weapons, then fixes for bugs.
  14. JJUK

    Soo.... ?

    Ah, mate but the real question is: "What can Crysis do when modded"? Respectfully krise madsen Yes as i played it for the fist time yesterday i did think my god this looks good, well not just good it was unreal, I know colin from Tug and a few others are thinking of modding i would definatly take a look even on co-op based game, its how you dream Gr maps would look like. Ps: i didnt realyy throw it out yet
  15. With all the new games at the moment they miss something, the good thing about grin is that a post will most likely been seen by them they might not implement it though, i see with cod4 there are just so many playin it that it will not change at all because they have sold enough already. The same with Crysis. Cod4 and crysis are just not realistic for me i dont mind anygame but if i shoot a weapon any one i need to know that it will hit but hit correcly with Graw 1 we had that, but Grawm 2 and the other game s just havent got it, Graw was almost there. The best game for me would be Cryiss maps and graphics Cod 4 players and Graw gameplay. there you guys already have the info there just implement it.
  16. Are we talking about the "below ground" issue here? No its on the ground level as you go around the fort at low level there are 2 wells and one you can lie down in and fire up to the ramp but other game players cannot shoot you . I have a screen shot and vid i will try and load when i get back in later. Also what about the starnge force field around certain objects, i can peek say a tree or rock and another player will do the same but you cant hit each other unless you have an m99. Also on lagoon there are certain points on the bridge were you can not shoot through althought there is a gaping hole there. Oh and i nearly forgot what about extra maps
  17. JJUK

    Soo.... ?

    Great looking game with unreal potential, single player is good looking but lacks like so many with the gameplay itself, when you soot someone close range they die but long range to medium they do not, headshot/bodyshots it takes so many to down an enemy, poor really why cant these fool just make a game right i mean they took so long, most game makers go to great lenghts to get the feel and noise of weapons right and then **** up on the shooting, maybe they should try and shoot each other then see if it really does take 10 shots to kill, im sure they would get a biiiiiiiiiiiiggggggg suprise when it blows there ****in head clean off with 1, yes 1 shot. . well thats my five minutes of single player done, but i will play it a bit more as it looks sooo nice. Multiplayer. I dont know what to say, what have they done what a **** up, thats got to be the worst MP ever, oh sorry there was Farcry, oh ###### its the sequal, well its exactly the same crap, it does look good though but not my cup of tea, i doubt i will play it again in fact im throwing it out the window now and boy it still looks good:). Hey i have never played Mods for farcry but i heard some were good if someone could mod this to a more say graw like game it would be worth a look.
  18. maybe call it "The Real Graw" "Cod 4" (and it ryhmes)
  19. yep im with you there graw 1 was better and better maps and all maps ported over from graw 1 would be a good thing and all maps from gr, weapon choice was better in graw 1.
  20. We are in the process of dicussing which way to go with the servers 63 at the end will be unlimted deaths all weaopons all maps and prob 3 gametypes. 64 at the end will be limited deaths say 3, hardcore mode, gametypes tbc meeting this thursday to see which way we go.
  21. I know this is a big one but imagine this 40 + maps for all modes just like our friends the xbox crowd, most who have left would come back, Including TuG. All the mentioned bugs added in the first post do not affect me at all the gameplay was great, the only i would need would be the after game chat, and the maps did i mention the maps.
  22. Hey all we are dropping graw from our game play we just cant see where the game is going and with no new content and new games on the horizon we are going to be concentrating on them. Thanks to all who played against us, we will of course see if new content is made but untill then. Laters TuG
  23. There are a few of these on the fort map, you know people use them so what, they still are poor players, most i dont even think they know they are doing wrong or maybe they do but its a gamemaking issue not a player issue the game has many flaws and most havent even been shown, if it had a lot more players playing maybe more would come to light. But it doesnt bother me, i pick and choose who and where i play.
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