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  1. So no dedi files and no plans to release them. You will not have to have a live account like GOW did Pc this is
  2. Beaver has set-up the TuG Team GRAW2 server as a deciated coop mission test server with Tinkers test pack installed. Server Name: TuG Team - Tinkers COOP Missions I've included all the [GR]/FF/Defend maps in Day & Night variations. This is version C of the test pack. Dl from www.tugteam.com or gr.net
  3. Beaver has set-up the TuG Team GRAW2 server as a deciated coop mission test server with Tinkers test pack installed. Server Name: TuG Team - Tinkers COOP Missions I've included all the [GR]/FF/Defend maps in Day & Night variations. This is version C of the test pack. Dl from our site at www.tugteam.com or here at gr.net
  4. There are just as many playing now if not more than on release but its not a community so no matches no leagues, it is a shame but i still enjoy it but i like to match in games so thats all that frustrtes me, plus lack of maps played by the whole community a lot of guys are making some great maps and mods but no one seems to use them as like i said ealier there is no community in Graw 2 like there was in Gr and at first in Graw 1
  5. Yep also a little bit of advertising on various clan websites then this could be an offical unoffical map pack.
  6. The Only thing to do to play with all our map (I mean Papo, XdxXdy and B52 maps) it's extract the .rar and copy the bundle file in custom levels folder into GRAW 2. It's Really Simply i think yep i personally know its simple but i would like to play your maps as the stock maps are getting boring but how many servers are running them ?? so its just a suggestion why dont you release them all in like a proffesional map pack with an auto dl feature that way the whole Graw community might just dl them and stick them on all the servers.
  7. hey they look nice the problem you have is that no one puts them on there servers, have any of you guys tried sorting out the Auto dl or considered putting all the maps toghter in a map pack with a program that put the file where it needs to go , just suggestion i mean i know where to put them and all but most dont and thats really why they dont then play them, keep up the good work guys.
  8. well there was the same thread in the ubi forums and the last post was on sunday and still no word i dont think they know anymore at this point, im sure they were deserate for something to tell us after posting lol:)
  9. Well the thread was locked as i think it would of went down hill after the first week had passed , well over a month now and still nothing i think the go betweens are in a poor postition as they can only tell us what they are told and if they are told nothing then they cant pass that on
  10. Ok guys does anyone know if this will come ready so we can set up our own server ? Is lan play poss how many players? Do you need xbox live acount to play like GOW ? Thanks all
  11. just google it and you can easily find how to turn it of for ever
  12. I have vista 64 bit and to get this to work i just click on the bat file that you have already put into your graw folder, or just right click this and create your own shortcut as like you the original files didnt work for me well the shortcut anyways but easy to get around
  13. Hey maybe they will make a Hardcore mode in this version adnd a mode where you can walk about who knows
  14. mate i did get the same problem but witrh graw 2 and in the end it was my sound card an xfi-gamer i had to remove it and it now works fine, just check to make sure it is not this.
  15. Lets not hold our breath otherwise there may be a few blue faces come tommorrow
  16. You sure Panic i mean i didnt see him as i ###### detest this game, but he has a very high end comp ?? the guy who took the screenshot.
  17. Yep i have done mate a nicely run server i may add.
  18. Lol sorry From .TuG.Tweaks I cought someone cheating. They were from a clan called PL. He appeared on my UAV, right next to me (and I do mean practically on top of me) . I couldn't see him at all so I shot into thin air and accidentally hit him, this is what he looked like when he died http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/5979/cheatpt4.jpg
  19. One of guys took a screenshot of a guy in what looks like a suit from Tron the movie http://www.tugteam.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7785 who knows what hes up to
  20. LOL, I've heard the demo charges referred to as Vhladd's atomic bombs.... The GL is good, but the arming distance is a definite change from standard GRAW2......no more of the noob toob at 2 paces. Don't forget, it's both the Demo class and the Support class that get the C4, and even as fun as it is to use - it is really difficult to score a kill with. lol just been on your server and altough our pings were high it was fun you can shoot the nades into the air and whacth em fall the other side of the map its like a carpet bomb
  21. Nice one mate i did try with one other this sunday, the demo charges dont half create a bang on the 2 maps we tried all was fine, i thinks everyone will just go for the grenade launcher lol. Will jump on your server this week.
  22. Hope for more of this kind of your work. Shanty plz
  23. Hey mate, you look as though you are doing a lot with graw 2 which is great ive been back to playing myself but trying to get more to move away from stock maps is not working i mean our server has many on but no matter how many time i put up a meassage in game no one dl s them so we have to stick with the stock, very frustarting as some are very good, i know this has been metioned before but is there no way at all that you modders can implement some sort of auto dl feature within game it would make your job in making the mods and mine in advertising them much easier. I will try to try this out over the weekend with a few @ TuG if poss mate
  24. No your not getting what i am saying, i am good at this game and i was top of my team in all matches i played on, yes i can fight out of the spawn but when you have me and 7 noobs with no comms and 2 good teams with comms it get a tad frustrating espiacally on unlimited death servers, if the deaths were limited then both teams would have to stop and think, you can come into my spawn all you like then because 1 shot your dead and you wont be runnnnnnning all the way back to die again . i like the limited death servers more as unlimited just seems the same as Cod 4. Yep TDM is different as long as you just sit off the spawn then i dont have a problem with that but when its for fun and on HH come on just play the game as it was meant to be played and i dont call anyone anything i just get on and play the game mate.
  25. Well ithought drop Cod4 with all its run, kil,l die, spwn ect for a good ol night of Graw 2, a little stealth a few kills ###### it was like playing cod4 again what are you guys doing with these unlimited death servers, i played on 4 tonight all running HH mode, but did anyone go for the smoke oh no it was oh lets camp on the spwn and rape em, i mean whats the fun in gettting a few more kills by sitting on the spawn, so most start taking the noob tube to get out off the spwn but you get banned yippeeee come on there must be some good servers still running.
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