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  1. didn't yell at all! i'm just excited about the topic! very important topic for graw in my eyes!!! so grin please bring some light into the darkness of my blackscreens and let me grin with pleasure again!!
  2. tell us everything about NETCODE!!! tell us everything about BLACKSCREENS!!! tell us everything, so that we can enjoy your masterpiece!!!!
  3. Played in 3 different servers tonight. Lots of disconnects. The cd-key issue has been fixed, but now "altered game files" as well as just basic disconnects are common. Wasn't much a problem for me in 1.16. Only think I've changed in my xml file was my name (to add clan tag) and it didn't work so I changed it back. So no, I don't have hax. Someone mentioned reboot, and I'll try that. But I don't think I'm only one of a few who are having these problems. Not a complaint, just an observation. made exactly the same observations !
  4. some more wishes in addition to my previous wish-list-post -possibility to climb up and over low objects e.g. cars or fences -limited energy for nightvision -central database for custom maps -destroyable and purchasable drone -a doctor -more (like run distance or bodyparts hit...) and more exactly statistics (being an expert at explosives while never used one is a little bit strange, isn't it!? there will be more wishes...
  5. my wishlist: -enable/disable weapons for server (if u don't like the nades!) -option for night and day for each level -more weapons and futuristic equipment (knife, pumpgun, mines, lasers, tranquilizer? etc.) -rain and fog! -indicators (small images) for chosen serveroptions in online-server-selection-menu, so that u can see what's on and off on the server! -lobbychat (before choosing server) and list of online players and location! -bigger levels and vehicles! -no blackscreens -replays -animations for "follow me", "to the left/right", "go back" etc. for people who don't use vent or ts! -health<->movement and perhaps sound depency? (breath)! status red=slow movement! green=fast! -civilians that are running from house to house or something like that! just add atmosphere! that's all for now! there will be more... i love this game, it's a masterpiece!!!
  6. still "neverending" blackscreen after loadingscreen when joining coop-game or mapchange in dominationmode!!! only "esc" and back to mainmenu works!!! after that connection to same dominationserver is not possible! firewall and portforwarding checked! o.k.! found one server that works for mapchange in dominationmode! (servername:"german ghosts") others don't work! today i will test official ubiservers! (are there any official dominationservers???) yesterday the ubiservers were on v1.10 that's my only problem with this game (since release) and i love it more and more but: don't show users a black screen, show them what is happening even if it's highly technical! if the blackscreens are a serverproblem, catch the error and give some response like "server is too busy" or something else... thanx in advance and thanx for a really great, great game
  7. Still getting neverending "BLACKSCREENS" when joining coop or server is changing map in domination-mode! Hey Grin: One BIG rule of programming is to show the user what's happening behind the scene. This damned BLACKSCREEN is not the way to do it!!! Please, please change it!
  8. @grin! just make it more stable and fix the blackscreens!!! that's all i want from you!!!! but birdsounds are a welcome addition!!!! sound is freakin' great since release!!!
  9. Same versions, no modifications (on clientside!!!)
  10. same problem!!! domination -> mapchange also!!! everything that could block communication switched off!!! please fix this!!!! all other games=no problem!!!! dsl 2000 creative xfi-extrememusic ati x1800xt 1 gb ram amd 4000+ san diego asus A8N-E
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