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  1. I doubt it very much - too little, too late unfortunately. No doubt we'll dl the patch when it comes, check the new content, then go back to playing CoD4, Crysis & UT3. Same will happen with WD WD[13th]cY' out! UAV is online!
  2. And some kit selection and option enhancements?
  3. Servers have logs don't they?!?! ID's and stuff? (Just asking...Can't ask my Server ADM cause he's kinda g**) jk
  4. I think that at this time, it would only demonstrate transparency from GRIN to inform GRAW fans if the demo will be available to everyone Anyways................ I just hope that the homework was made in a way that will impress us, and that at least one of the maps has the quality of XBOX maps for GRAW2. Cy out. ________ www.wd13th.com WD[13th]C0D3D
  5. Does GRAW have 500 players?! Lets see if can get in this one. Cy out.
  6. Ubi have always had a problem keeping all their portals and various webpages up to date with current information. Rough deal for the fans because it cause no end of bickering, especially the "it's not official until I read it on Ubisoft" cry that usually get's thrown back at times like this. I agree, Keeping Portals up to date its a real Problem, but why does the largest Games Editor Company does not, and I repeat, does not! have a MWCM (Main Web Content Manager)? Concept Dep. --> Board --> Development --> Marketing --> Public Information: - Press; - Rumors...; - Portals; Gess what! Portals requiere mantainance, so they require organization... then someone to lead the Web Content should be in order?! Maybe I'm wrong... Hang on GR|AW community! Go Ubi! Go <deleted> GJ GR.NET! I did the edit you missed, try and keep it civil, Rocky.
  7. No Im NOT wrong you just proved it......There is NO hardware support on AC'97 or any other onboard solution with the exception of Soundstorm and some of the newer motherboards with Creative onboard solutions, you problems WERE becuase you were attempting to run it on hardware which isnt possible as I stated OMG, bud, I'll explain it for u one more time! I'm not saying that AC97 has hardware support! I'm just saying that, by default the game selects Hardware! Its called an ALERT to other users. YES u are right! Note: And even after i installed 1.10 it was by default on Hardware.
  8. Sure it is, but for all that DO NOT have another it will work like a charm. BTW, no more crashes on map change, and FPS went from 15 to 35-40 (sometimes 50) on MSI 7600GT 256 with MB ASUS A8N-E on 1GB Kingston DDR400.
  9. Sorry bud, but you are wrong. I could load de the game, play it and do almost anything BUT... I got 10 to 15 FPSs and the game crashed on map change... Once installed, the game set my Audio config to Hardware... WRONG! It worked, but with all the problems above. Cy Out.
  10. "Hi all!" (loved to type that when entering a server on GR1) I don't know if this is old news but... here it goes. If u are an AC97 user, and your computer hangs on map change, or u need a few more fps in-game, then try to change your "Render type" to "Generic Software" on the "Audio" tab in options menu. Waiting on feedback on that! (or maybe not ). IF "I could help" THEN Msgbox("I'm glad") VBSmile, OKOnly ELSE: Msgbox("I'm glad I tried") VBSmile, VBWtf!!! END IF
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