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  1. this sounds really cool. what xml's are you including? the render_settings.xml? tx
  2. i am interested in seeing how this new AI works out. definitely would like to try this out. thx!
  3. My guess would be Autodesk? im still running discreet. i should probably upgrade.
  4. oh wow! i sure hope they release a .diesel exporter!! Is GRAW the only game that stores the 3dfile in .diesel format? 3d studio max wont import .diesel right?
  5. looks great man! correct me if im wrong, but this all you have to do to achieve the platinum look? open Diffuse file> make Alpha channel WHITE> add Chrome filter using Eye Candy 4000> Adjust filterd layer to desired color (silver/gold) ? does that sound about right? thanks!
  6. Made a black digital camo Scar-L. If anyone wants it, ill upload the .dds file so u can load it yourself!
  7. nice! post a pic up if you get a chance. looks like ill have to find a copy of eye candy 4000, cus the demo version available does not offer chrome/platinum unless u buy the program! doh!
  8. wow thanks! u guys are awsome. this is definitely the direction i was looking for.. so changing the alpha layer to all white yields a much higher gloss. which is def what i was trying to get at. ill give it a try tomorrow. remember sadaam's gold ak-47. blingtastic. kinda where i got the idea. Chrome isnt looking soo bad either. @ The Ossus Keeper: did you apply a metallic filter through photshop? or was the metallic filter applied another way? thanks!
  9. hi, n00b here. cool forum. ive learned a lot from reading, and am ready to mod...... Is there anyway to adjust the reflectiveness and/or gloss to the weapons? Basically, I want to create a chrome/gold Scar-L. Creating the right colors will be pretty simple. I just don't know much about where object proporties (reflections/gloss/transparancies) can be located in an xml file. So can anyone help me locate where to change the reflections on the weapons. Im assuming its in one of the xml files. (Also, i noticed that the glass eye-piece on the sniper scope has a good re
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