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  1. I've had LOTS of problems with GRAW and Vista but in the end it was always possible to play this EXCELLENT game. I don't like having to go through all kinds of problems but GRAW is worth it. But now I am REALLY stuck: I cannot get Fierce resistance to run. No matter what I do. I restarted the computer 5 times, loaded GRAW right away, running it as an admin: I did all I have to do what was needed to get things going and what always worked up to now, but this level just refuses to load. GRAW just freezes at the loading screen... Anyone else had this? It is getting a bit too much now... Any changes on a Vista-patch for GRAW...? Hope so... I really would like to replay the entire game when I'm finished, trying differen tactics, but I'm afraid it's too much trouble having to go all procedures again for levels I've already played, even though they are really great an all... Pity...
  2. Anyone knows how to hack the game so I can get access to ALL missions? I want to move on with the game!
  3. Pity, none of the tips worked... GRAW still locks up when I load another map and I still can't get to mission 7... Howeverm I have UAC turned off and that's takes ayway a lot of annoyance, even though that has nothing to do with GRAW. I can start GRAW just by clicking on it though: no more need to run as admin and no more need to give permissions for anything. That's nice. I think I will have to hack the game and enbale all missions somehow in order to proceed... EDIT: Anyone knows how to enable all missions? I remember reading about having to change something in a xml file but I can't find the info and I want to move on to the next mission!!!
  4. Thx, I'll give that a try this evening! I have a little kid that uses my computer so I like account control... But I'm also having problems with startup programs not working. Maybe I'll give this a try: I do not like having to give permissions for everything I want to change in Vista... Thx for tip, Ill turn it off and see how far this makes things easier! Exactly my problem. Byt maybe FI_FlimFlam's tip may help!
  5. I've got a BIG problem. After finishing Ready for bear! I started up GRAW later on: when I click on the missions Ready for Bear! is still the last one...! And when I click on continue I get Coup d'etat!!! What's up here??? I already replayed the last part of Ready for Bear! and when I click on continue on the results screen I do indeed see the loading screen for the next mission. But since I play on Vista the next missions always locks up. So I can't get any further...! Whatever I do the next mission is not available in missions screen and Continue results in Coup d'etat... What can I do to progress???
  6. Yeah, well, I got fed up with it and enabled god mode... When I played the mission again with that mode on I was happy I did that because I wasn't even NEAR the end of the mission when I gor frustrated... BTW I enabled god mode in such a way that I can switch back to the non-god mode within a few seconds. Very handy. Unfortunately you can't use savegames from either mode in the other... So when I get stuck I have to do the mission all over again in god mode. And after succeeding a certain task I cannot continue without god mode. Pity. But at least I can move on now. Having god mode on all the time ruins the game so I'm happy I can switch easily.
  7. I have a 8800GTX with an X-Fire Xtreme Gamer on Vista Home Premium 32 bits. The bad: - I have to run GRAW by choosing the right-click option 'Run as admin', even though I have an admin account. Otherwise the game won't run (not too big a problem). - Everytime I want to play GRAW I have to say it's alright to run the exe because Vista tells me everytime it's from an unkown source (not too big a problem). - I can only load one level in a Vista session and only startup GRAW once too. Reloading checkpoints of that same level is no problem, but as soon as I try to load another mission or a checkpoint from another level, the loading game stays on forever: ctrl-alt-del is the only way out. The same happens when I quit GRAW and start it up again. So in order to run GRAW twice or to go to another mission I have to restart the computer completely (quit a problem). The good: GRAW runs great on my computer and looks awesome. But that might be very personal because before I had my new computer I had (a.o.) a 9800 Pro and the demo of GRAW hardly ran on that one... Having a great time here (apart from the non-quicksave problem which has nothing to do with this topic... )
  8. Er... well... I've just been trying for ages to get into the castle in Mayday! Mayday! and I'm getting frustrated here... It's becomes very tiresome to do that part over and over again and get shot by someone you've never seen for the 40th time... Having to walk towards the castle ALONE, without any enemies, would already be quit irritating, but having to shoot all those guys everytime... What makes it even more annoying: I tried that part this afternoon for some time but then I had to eat. When I came back and I started GRAW again and loaded the mission and SUDDENLY there were A LOT more enemies around! I'm getting ###### here after all.
  9. What do you mean with the compound...? You have to walk into the collapsed building. You'll get the order to protect some guy that's lying there and you should even see (if I remember well) a 'waypoint with a distance' towards it. Edit: Just checked a walkthrough, and yes, you get a designated spot where the VIP is lying. Maybe you should wait for that order...?
  10. Just finished Strong point too: AWESOME! Man, this is a GREAT game! And to my surprise I even think I like the game this much because I can NOT save it at any point! The checkpoint method, how annoying it may be at times, really makes things so much more thrilling and exciting! You REALLY have to watch out! You really hate it when you get hit and you really LOVE it when you succeed! I wonder if I had the same excitement and suspence in any similar (and non-similar) game the last few years...! This game is so immersive and rewarding! I also love it that you can do things any way you want to! Some parts of Strong point looked too hard but after trying it some other ways it could be done (sometimes even quit easily!). Yes, I'm VERY happy with the game and I am VERY happy the trainer didn't really work! Man, THAT would have REALLY spoiled it all!!! BTW GRAW looks awesome too with all options high and on 1680x1050 on my 8800GTX. When you overlook that village in Strong point from up high, after destroying the powerplant, with those burning cars (cool heat effect!) and all, man, I really have the feeling I've been there just now! The atmosphere is so great! Awesome!
  11. Yeah once you do vip down i think it sets you up with how to do the rest.. Just finished Vip2 down... My goodness, a few more savepoints in the end at the embassy (what's left of it) would have been nice!!! It was pretty hard but after a few times you know where the tanks are coming from and where the enemy shows up. For instance, when the second tank arrives some enemies show up on the left (from where the VIP lays), so the second time around (I lost count really) I told my men to cover that part while I was aiming at the tank. All in all it was hard but VERY satifsying! After all I'm quite glad I dumped the trainer! I read somewhere this is about the hardest part of the entire game. Is that true? Almost hope so... That entire level was quit hard but it's so satisfying when you get further and further. I make also it a habit to redo a part when one of my man is lost. I arrived at the embassy with 4 man. I lost two there though, but that part was too hard to do it again. And in the end you don't need all your man because in the next mission they are there again! But I like to reach the past part with a complete squad. BTW It's an awesome game (specially on my new computer! )
  12. DOn't know if links are appreciated here: Google for unl-graw trainer and you'll find it. BTW I already found out how to get the trainer to work: you have to o a clean install of the game and you must NOT apply ANY patch. After that you need a specific cracked graw.exe (of which I'm certain links aren't appreciated!). Then the trainer will work. But er... I've started all over again WITHOUT the trainer (and WITH the 1.35 patch applied) and too my own amazement I'm getting further and further and having more and more fun. The minutes I played with the trainer turned out to be very dull: the excitement, the pressure, the thrill is gone completely if you know you can't get hurt (even if you try to pretend it still is exciting). Even doing things more than once turns out to be quit nice because you can do it different every time. And I'm getting used to the game, so... (But I'm sure I'll encounter some moments in the near future that I wish I had an easy to install and use trainer...! )
  13. Found the answer! You have to run the game as admin (rightclick and choose Run as admin)! That solved it! Which is rather strange btw because I have an admin account... Anyway, I'm already playing the second level and having a great time!
  14. I managed to end the first mission. But when I load the second one the game freezes while the loading screen is on. I have to ctrl-alt-end to exit it. I have reinstalled (after unstalling) the game more than once (!), I have tried it with and without the patch: no luck. I even uninstalled the game and had all files removed TWICE so I could really start fresh all over again... only to get the same freeze while loading the second mission (Coup d'etat). I play on Vista Home Premium 32 bits and have (a.o.) a 8800GTX, X-Fire Extreme Gamer, E6600 on a MSI P965 Platinum with 2 Gb RAM. What's goinbg wrong here... Is there a way to skip a mission easily...?
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