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  1. Sweet...thank you Now just to remember to log in that way after all these years.
  2. OK this is the only place on the net I am not TheOwl so.... Can you change my name to theowl please? Thanks, Chris.
  3. The one BIG think I miss is not being able to play the "Team" but having to play a "Hero".
  4. It is broken... for a little while longer. see it's short little tidbits like this that keep us hanging. Now if you click to turn off voice quotes, does/will that turn off all the "order confirmation" replys also? Or if they spot something/someone? Pretty sure I know this answer already but.....
  5. Please tell us there is a way....I am sooooooo tired of hearing that.
  6. I have more then 0 post in all these years but not many. 30 posts in over 4 years, heh, quality not quantity huh? Most of what I know/need you'all have already asked /answered. That is why I am still here...GREAT place.
  7. I have more then 0 post in all these years but not many.
  8. Had to scroll back up and read that one again.
  9. They look great thanks. Will def. come in handy.
  10. I think it is great. Having a blast. Just a couple things... sure wish the guys would SHUT UP if they have nothing to do and also dont need the cheerleaders Won't return fire/come out of recon when fired at....Poor Ramirez all I heard was "Captain I am taking fire" I kept thinkin FIRE BACK. Next thing I know he's dead.
  11. I am I am pretty sure it is a cookie thing on my side because I dont keep them longer them my surfing sessions. Thanks guys for the reply's.
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