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  1. Not intending to get off topic here, but i have a simple question; Why bother to do these types of mods if you can't use them on any servers and basically only in single play type of play? Now, to get back on topic, I think a third person mod is a great idea!
  2. Its interesting to note that none of the weapons in GRAW will be a reality for US forces in the future (except maybe the sniper type rifles - the barrett is real right now, and some of the hand guns). The M-8 is out as a weapon choice for US forces, the SCAR type weapons will not be issued to US Forces. However, The M-4 (present issue for US Forces) will probably be the weapon until around 2012 to 2018, yet there is no M-4 in GRAW.
  3. If i'm not mistaken, i seem to remember that the view distance for all the AI (including your own ghost team AI like in Coop) is located in the sb_ghost_ai_data.xml file in the line: <var name="ga_sight_range" I don't have my stuff extracted right now but early on I remember seeing a post on another forum about this and tried it out then for single play. If memory serves me correctly the default is like this: <var name="ga_sight_range" type="number" default="150000"/> where 150000 represents the 150 meters sight distance. I'm not sure why its in thousands like that but probably something to do with coding. So...if 150000 = 150 meters, then 100000 would equal 100 meters, 90000 would = 90 meters, so forth and so on... Maybe this is what your looking for??? its view distance but i'm not sure what it does for draw distance.
  4. Then why wasn't the game finished before it was released? Why were there so many obvious bugs? Why were three patches needed within the short period of time the game has been out to finally just start to address basic functionality issues and bugs? Why did the disconnect issues last thru two patches before it was finally addressed - almost? Why was Grin trying to quickly add new features when the basic problems with the game aren't fixed yet (and don't say its because your responding to the communities wishes to make it look like your paying attention because it just doesn't appear true - even tho we do appreciate the new features), was it to distract customers from the problems that still persist? Is the answer to these questions the most obvious 'We will release it and get them to pay for it and then let them test it so we can fix it?" Nothing 'disgruntled' there at all, everyone saw or noticed these things. Attempting to downplay someones dissatisfaction with the product, a customers dissatisfaction, a paying customers dissatisfaction, in the manner you did simply shows disrespect for the paying customer. 'Conspiracy theory'? yes maybe a little bit, but in every theory, conspiracy or not, there is a bit of truth...and honestly it doesn't appear that Grin has been really forthright with their customers. So...it doesn't matter what Grin thinks...were the paying customers...and deserve more then a representative of Grin or UBI talking down to us like we made the whole thing up. You don't seem to understand something, we don't work for you...thats right...we don't work for you...we are the customer and you simply can't talk to us this way, we paid for the product and expect you to deliver what was promised. So keep your opinions to your self, you don't have any right to decide in any way what is and is not a 'conspiracy theory' especially when the very core, at the very root, of what your calling a 'conspiracy theory' is that one piece of truth that neither Grin nor UBI delivered the product that was expected when it was paid for.
  5. Well good then. That means also we will not see people who ladder and match in the forums then preaching about their version of the game and completly ignoring the thoughts of others and trying to impose their will on the entire gaming community and spewing crap about what they want and ignoring what others want like they are better and everyone else is crap, people like ROCOAFZ for example. So good then, the matter is settled, glad I could help. P.S. just a quick hello to a friend - Hi ya viiiper YES That is basically exactly what we are asking for, a dedicated server patch that make these custom settings available. We do not try to "put our desires on everybody else" That is a misunderstanding aggrevated by certain posters. I hope this issue has been cleared now, once and for all (sigh). We will happily stay on our servers, we pay for.
  6. yes, I know what IFF is. If clans that ladder want to play with a ladder only version then why don't they just push for a 'Ladder addon' for the game instead of trying to force their desires on everyone else who doesn't ladder or match. Wouldn't that be simpler? That way you guys can go off and do your ladder thing and have your own servers and everything and leave the rest of us alone to do our thing with the game.
  7. Ahhhh...OK now I understand things a little more, you guys think the game should be for laddering and competition...and a lot of others think they want to just play for fun. So your wanting to make a game intended for the masses into something you want it to be for laddering and competition? Would this not be an option thru modding? If it is an option enacted thru modding then you will get more of your wish by controlling exactly what parameters you want.
  8. Well, I wasn't going to post here any more...but..then you said this crap.... Just who do you think you are? What gives you the right to dictate something to some one? For your future reference, mind your own business, keep your mouth shut, and don't acuse people when you obviously don't know what your talking about. Its obvious from your posts you misunderstood what was going on all along. You continually rephrased things to suit your way of thinking. I don't remember anywhere on the game box where it said "ROCOAFZ is the ruler of GRAW and can decide what anyone does with it." No, I didn't take advantage of it, I was trying to fix it and I did and in order to fix it I had to play the game to find the problem, and I mostly restricted it to one server with a few others thrown in to verify certain issues to get them fixed. "light of how you are perceived and forced you to remove/fix your problem. " You don't know anything about me, so don't pretend like you do, and don't try to apply your "I am the game God and you are crap" 'holier then thou' attitude to me. Nothing forced me to remove anything and certainly not your self-delusional opinion, I did it voluntarily to fix the problem, your post and this thread had nothing to do with fixing the problem so don't flatter yourself. In fact the problem was fixed before you made your post. And yet here you are stating it like 'pressure to not cheat' and your post was the reason, or what you posted or when you and some others in your clan came into our server and decided that you were going to play 'cheat police' with nothing more then a perverted sense of vengence on your mind, and in stating it the way you did you are still attempting to imply i'm a cheater. We used to say "Who died and made you boss?", well who did anyway, no one did, your a poor little guy who doesn't have a life and thinks he can force his will on others. The way you said it was just another pathetic attempt to call someone a cheater when they aren't. People like you are always narrow minded, tunnel visioned, and always want their way. You obviously have some type of problem, so get some help. You can't even admit when your wrong so your not honest with yourself either. If you don't like it, tough. I'm done with this piece of trash. Goodbye.
  9. I'd like to say something, dont really care, but i'd still like to say something. You guys are making too much out of this...how do I know? I know cause i'm the Booger your talking about. Heres what happened...the machine I was playing the game on was running dual processors with a 64bit version of the new Windows Vista operating system which is still in beta status. Thats dual processors, not dual core processors, it was two seperate processors on the same motherboard, so you guys who have misunderstood that it was dual core are thinking about this improperly, it was two seperate processors. Anyway, the Vista being a beta of course has bugs, and when both processors were in the machine, the incompatability between GRAW - the beta operating system - and the presence of both processors cause a weird problem with the game that caused me to run faster, I also had some other minor issues such as diamonds for the team mates not showing up some times, the weapon firing after I release the fire button, minor things like that. The faster running thing didn't happen all the time just at certain times and under unpredictable circumstances. I wasn't taking 'advantage' of this flaw and even crippled the machine to stop it from happening. I don't know exactly what caused it, but when I pull one of the processors out of the computer the game settles down and all the problems, including the speed issue, go away. I've been running that same machine now without the other processor (but still with the 64 bit beta of Vista), just to please you guys, not you specifically, but everyone who would immediately jump up when they see something strange and yell 'Cheat!'. Now, i'm just guessing, but I think I would be willing to bet that over 90% of what people think is cheating in a game is not really cheating at all, but i'm not trying to change your mind or anything so believe what you want, I don't really care. I know that i've not been able to play one game since that time when someone didn't come into the server and TK me on purpose and all because someone else said 'Cheat' on this forum when it really wasn't and I corrected the issue. Even had several members of another clan that came into the server and spent all the game TK'ing me all the while professing that they read I was cheating on these forums. What idiots! They even claimed I was cheating when I was standing still and not doing anything and let them TK me, they claimed I was doing all sorts of things when none of it happened. It always amazes me that one person can say the word 'Cheat' and instantly everyone is an expert on the person accused of cheating when they don't know what really went on to begin with. You know what the real cheat is in this game? That you or someone else can simply say the word 'Cheat' and the gaming experience for a person can be ruined when no cheat existed to begin with... That is the real cheat, and its irresponsible and immature. And you folks that are self-proclaimed experts on cheaters, get a life will ya...theres much more to life then waging a vendetta against someone you don't even know just because you 'think' they are cheating. Big deal, its just a video game intended for mindless enjoyment and entertainment, just use it for what it was intended for, its not real life, and your cheating your self with the wasted time and all that pent up anger and frustration over what in the long run is nothing and doesn't matter. Well guess what, i'm going to continue playing regardless if you like it or not. Say what you want, do what you want. I'm too old to care about what a bunch of children say or do.
  10. Hi; My first post here i think. I don't post much on forums. Great job on the mod'ed uniforms. I do have a question however, which files are you changing or adding to effect this change? What are the file names so I will be able to keep track of them a little better in case I have a problem of some sort?
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