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  1. Well i have looked at the server list over the past few months and GRAW 2 is going down hill fast IMO. just take a look tons of servers and about 10 servers with any one in. most games today are aimed at the console for big ££££ not the poor pc. i spent loads on GFX-SOUND-PSU-CPU-MEM and more for the next gen games and what do i get. games that can run easy on XBOX360 and PS3 my GFX & sound cards cost as much as the XBOX. I sit in hope that the PC will have its day again soon what a joke. The day of tatctical gaming is dead, run and gun console gaming is here ....RING
  2. nice one Zhaarquix thank u. IMO. all this stuff should b told {not how to} also all hacks same again {not how to} just what to look out 4. ...RING...
  3. not worth gamin 2night off on off on off ###### it going to bed held up by gamespy
  4. Just popped on to give a BIG thumbs up to TUG & BPR hh/s/td servers. Thanks guys for your eftorts and thinking of team play, the spwarn limit as stoped some of the run and gun game play, 10/10 for the map pack tug ,nice low pings and clean kills on both. Gr8 servers to vist for a night of tactical gaming. Thanks.... ...RING...
  5. MAY B put back in with a patch fingerz X'ed . and try and get it back to some online team play.
  6. Sorry guys , most of my gaming is online so the post was about the online side of the game. SP is better as u say u have to use stealth, not like the run and gun look after no1, u see alot of with most online serverz. not all server i must say but most. ...RING...
  7. lol like it. so there are still some old ghosties about ...RING...
  8. its gr8 to see new map and mods and look forward to many more. I do love the the tom clancy series the good and the bad, the only thing that gets to me, is the skill seems to be gone out of ghost i think pc gaming is going down the road of consoles "IMO" with never ending re spawns. gone are the days of only 1 or 3 spawn and having to look out for ya buddy and team and watch each udderz back. but maybe i am getting old and the new blood likes this style of game play. shame i did love the good old days sitting up all hours not seeing my Mrs and kids for days. here i go down memory lane i am getting old . ...RING...
  9. hosting co-op campaign same here lads. tryed loads of stuff. like takin router out still no game show up. downloaded cak gamespy arcade not even graw2 game on list . need help
  10. hi Postal. i have been converting my HH maps so far i done 4 but only done them in draft not had a online test yet, i have run round them on me own all ok so need me buddies from wag to test. it is the weekend booze time me thinks. have found some things missing in the props like fire and smoke and more. as soon as i get a test done will post if all ok or not.
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