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  1. =SE= is an Old School GR Clan. We are matching on BQL and PGL We are a clan of mostly aged 30+ with a few younger exceptions. We very much enjoy matching everyday if possible. and although serious about our gaming have alot of fun. please visit our site and/or comms http://www.eagles-clan.com =SE= Bull General
  2. There still is no lobby for GRAW on Game Spy Arcade. and I thought they were such a big part of GRAW. If you love to match constantly, Like =SE= does.... you need aplace were everyone goes for multi-player.. A place to chat as well as find games, recruites Etc. So why the delay on a lobby, anyone know. I ask here because this is the most imformed place to ask. If you know anything about GSA's plans or an alternative LET ME KNOW plz Thanks !!
  3. BQL - http://leagues.bq-gaming.com/GRAW/ PGL - http://graw.pro-gamingleagues.com/index.php TWL TAG And we'll see what one or two are the best and have the most matching. PGL looks pretty good and BQL will be good if we get more matches
  4. Those of you who say the prone fire bug is for realism have obviously never used a rifle in your life. If you can see it you can shoot it. If you want you can tip it to the ground and shoot 10 inches in front of your face.
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