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  1. Rocky, in a interview last night Yves Guilmont mentioned MP as being in the game. Anyway what kinds of things did you suggest to the team, was there a general consensus of what people wanted from the game? Was there anything you didn't like! Thank you
  2. so happy to see Ghost Recon, count me in.
  3. after YAUF it looks like we wont see another Endwar, this bodes well in the fact that hopefully Ghost Recon wont go down that path.. Now that is good news "We did not succeed in creating a franchise in the RTS genre with EndWar," Guillemot said. According to the CEO, the company had expected review scores in the 90s, and suggested that the game's casual nature "disappointed traditional RTS gamers" while simultaneously failing to find them a mainstream audience"
  4. I found a couple of other things some may find interesting? "CVG speculates that the development team may introduce a new engine into the mix showcasing better visuals and new gameplay types. As for Rainbow Six, it will be interesting to see what happens." http://www.psu.com/Rumor--New-Ghost-Recon-...a0006020-p0.php Ubisoft, which released Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in March 2008 and has had Ghost Recon on the shelf since mid 2007, could have both titles ready for the 2009 holiday rush http://xbox.joystiq.com/2009/01/07/rumor-u...on-rainbow-six/
  5. Dunno if anyone has seen this, so I'll post this section. "[uPDATE] Initially, the new Ghost Recon was presumed to be a third Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter game. However, since the publication of this story, GameSpot has learned the project in question will be an all-new game in the Tom Clancy series, not a sequel to the popular GRAWs" Source http://uk.gamespot.com/news/6203551.html?t...adlines;title;3
  6. Yep Ratman, i'd like to see all the content in game the day I buy it and not little perks for doing this and that. I remember the confusion over the famas! The new Recon only needs 3 maps, Slight variations on Headquarters, Shoreline, Riverbank. its all people want to play..... playing then once in a while is ok but not those three in rotation or just HQ every ###### game. Hopefully the Devs realise that although those maps are played alot we dont want to play them all the time. I'd love to see the STATs they got on maps played.
  7. Although the various engines work great in the current consoles, there is always certain factors that put the old spanner in the works. Drawing grass at distance being one of them and other techie factors I know nothing about.. To be honest I don't think we will see next gen stuff until we get the next console. the current xbox stutters and has frame rate problems with certain games. I think many developers just saw it as a tech demo and tried to see how many models they could have running around the screen (cough gears2) Another limiting factor seems to be the host net connection, its all well and good having all the effects but the net seems to be the weak link. well it is here in the uk unless you want to pay.
  8. paladin is retired, he will make a come back soon enough some time around Sept
  9. plus there was a map editor!
  10. This was posted a little while back and was quickly pulled.. its relisted again, last time I spoke with Play they reckon they would be listing info in Jan.. http://www.play.com/Search.aspx?searchtype...=38&go.y=14
  11. I wanna know who on eBay takes underware (quite possibly soiled at that, but most definately used) for payments. Lucky for them, a nicker is slang for a £1.00. (pound note)
  12. I knew my ebay crystal ball was worth the nicker I brought it for. stares intently for futher info.
  13. "Ubisoft is to reveal new instalments in the acclaimed Tom Clancy shooting franchises, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six this year, sources have told CVG. According to our secret mouthpiece, both Clancy games will be announced by the French publisher later this year and there's every chance they could even release this side of Christmas. What's not clear is whether or not the new games will be continuations of current-gen spin-offs Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Rainbow Six Vegas, or entirely new entries. The two-year span since the last Ghost Recon suggests an entirely new start for that series, and frankly we'd be surprised to see a third RS Vegas. Ubisoft declined to comment when contacted." http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=205377
  14. I have to disagree with "everybody like to spawn kill in Graw1 and it was a challenge to get out of the spawn when you are locked in." Many found it a way to get easy kills, killing players as they spawn requires no skill, Although to take a spawn requires some team cordination and once the spawn is locked down properly there is no chance to escape, unless the other team decide to let you out. Having been on the recieving end I can say its not much fun when you spend the duration of the game getting killed without even moving.
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