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  1. http://research.microsoft.com/mlp/trueskill/FAQ.aspx jb ^^^I dont kno how dat helped but this is how it works (im pretty sure) [u have to keep winning (as a team) and as u do, u will keep decreasing (<good thing) down in the LB. After u beat the lowest person on the next level u will increase and they will decrease one level. I decreased 1 level after not playin for a while, but i found it easy to go up since my postion (number) was close to the next levels highest person
  2. no...im talkin bout levels no wat ur cumin in da leaderbordes????!!!!. i neva knew how i increased...just yesterday i was playin 1 on 1 match and the host got disconnected and when i went to play my next match i was on level 5!...so i dont kno how it works
  3. hello 1 again... i was wonderin how u increase on levels i ranked matches I am on level 4...but i neva knew how i did it ....so can sum1 plz help me Thanks R-B1
  4. kk in english.... [Ranked] i cant get out of the stats page at the end..thts all and Reaper- I think i know wat u mean now..thanks lotz every1
  5. hey ppls....i host games but at da end where its sez all da scores...i cant get outa of it...and if i press b it closes multiplayer session!?!?!?! plz help
  6. wow awesome newz 5timeschamp cant wait!!!!!!
  7. k guys....thanks 4 all ur suggestions ill try em and let u's know
  8. mam...i hate snipin...lol...no action...ill always be runnin out there and having fun
  9. umm yea thankx for sum help....lol details: im using a broadband router im tryin to connect to a PLAYER MATCH so what do u mean by 'directly connectin?' thanks R-B1
  10. GOOD: Great graphics and da night vision (first time with a clacny game ) BAD: ummmmmmmmmmm....well i dunno bad stuff..this game rocks
  11. hey every1.... i need help so if u can answer..it will be greatyl appreciated. All my friends try to invite me to there games but when i accept the invitation it shows tht its connecting...then it closes and sez CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER ARGH ------- When i search for a game it connects but when i get invited it doesnt can anyone help me?!?!?! my big bro doesnt know how to fix it...could it be a problem in the XBL settings?????? thanks and plz help R-B1
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