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  1. Is that Fran on the VO? It is! You're good that you could pick him out...others over here at the office didn't guess that it was him. Thanks for all the feedback so far. For the requests, I may not be able to get answers for them all but I'll certainly try. He can do a wicked Captain Mitchell voice too... thought it was the actual actor first time I heard it.
  2. Here are our unofficial results... I was the one who died Pre-tournament GRAW2 Co-op Mission Team: RSE 01 Date: 02/11/08 Time match started: approx 11:00pm Time Match Completed: approx 11:15pm Map/Mission: Swamp Airfield Referee completing form: N/A Everyone has read the rules? YES All 12 Server settings verified? YES Team Member / Class R,G,A,M Thad Sasser – R (Rx4 Storm SD) Chris Bray – G (M416 SD /320) Patrick Sebring – R (Rx4 Storm SD) Ryan McCabe – M (SR-25 SD) POINTS Score Completed Primary Objectives and extraction: 150 points = 150 Completed Secondary Objectives (survival not required) 105 points. = 105 # of team alive at mission end _3_ x 30 points each = 90 (Awarded regardless of mission failure or success) # of team not wounded at mission end _2_ x 25 points each = 50 (Awarded regardless of mission failure or success) We elected to take a second try at the mission. Use this area to subtract 105 points from the second attempt score. Total Points = 395 Tie Breaker: How long was the mission? 14:15
  3. Count us in for the pre-challenge! Team = DirtyDeathDog Braybot PiratePwnsNinja OllyStubbie
  4. Great matches... these devs v. fans games are always the most fun I have playing. Lots of teamwork and very tactical. There were a few moments that I practically jumped out of my seat. Sneaking up on swamp airfield and a grenade landing right at my feet... diving and somehow surviving it. Lots of people saving my ass when I was incapacitated. Geridak crouched scanning the horizon on Battlefield near a rock and some tall grass. Someone on the other team was crawling forward through the grass and they didn't see each other until they were practically touching. (then Geridak got pwned of course) BTW, most of us can't accept friends invites cause our lists would fill up, but I created a secondary silver account called 'BRAYBOT Friends' so I could use the new XBL friends of friends features to create a second list. Send an invite to it if you like! Oh, and how could I forget.... CLAYMORES! Personally my favorite weapon in the game, had a couple of good ambushes... one particularly on Rooftops (1 killed by claymore, one wounded by claymore, one shot in the aftermath).
  5. I expect to go somewhere around 15/0 kill death ratio for each match.
  6. Saw your post and couldn't help renting it... also wasn't expecting much but liked it. ... I also saw GRAW 1 make an appearance in an episode of Cribs (football player don't remember who though)... I think he also had a Rolls Royce with fur floors
  7. FYI, GRAW 2 is up for three categories in the Xbox Community Choice Awards: Best Co-op Best Sequel Toughest Achievement http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/events...rds/default.htm Get your vote on! (if you so choose)
  8. ya, I'm lurking. Sorry I haven't posted much recently... we've been busy Hopefully when this is out we can get some more devs vs fans games going. (and some coop when you get tired of getting owned)
  9. from the official ubi forums... We're setting up a Dev v. Fans session on Tuesday, September 4th between 7:30 and 9 EST. We'll be playing mostly on the new maps with a variety of gametypes. The way we're going to set this up is by having everyone interested in playing send a friend request to the 'GRAW2LeadDesign' gamertag. We'll send out game invites to as many as people as possible during the times listed, and may ask people to only play for 2-3 matches depending on the turnout (so everyone gets a chance to play). You'll be able to tell most of the Red Storm guys by their clan logo... a red circle with a white lightning bolt through it. In the past I've refrained from talking trash because it always seems to backfire for me... but who cares it's fun.... we're gonna use R L33T skillz 2 mop teh floor wiht u f00lz! (now I know we're going to lose for sure) See you on Live! PS. Make sure you have ALL available DLC to join; Nowhere, Throwback pack 1, Throwback pack 2 (it's all free)
  10. Good games guys. I regret starting the matches by asking "you ready to lose?"... whenever I talk trash I end up getting smoked. Again, RSE games against the GR.net folks are always a blast! I really enjoyed the matches on Coffee Plantation and Jungle Mines. FYI, the final tally was: 1st Game: Coffee Plantation, Team Sharpshooter, Drones On Winner - GR.net 2nd Game: Coffee Plantation, Team Sharpshooter, Drones On, Swapped Insertions Winner - Red Storm 3rd Game: Shipping Port, Team Double Siege, Drones Off Winner - GR.net 4th Game: Shipping Port, Team Double Siege, Drones Off, Swapped Insertions Winner - GR.net Series Winner: GR.net After that we played a few games for fun... all of which Red Storm won.
  11. NP, and thanks for hosting. I had a good time playing with you guys.
  12. Best GRAW matches I've played in a while! (except for getting repeatedly "pwned" by Pabes)
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