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  1. hm... thats odd, my sniperscopes works perfectly, well going to have a look at it later
  2. change the Reticule colors, easy as eat pancakes, just find the crosshair_combatsight.xml in the GUI folder and take a look i it, i think you will figure out kinda fast where the reticule color is set.
  3. ok a little update, think i got evrything corect now SCAR ------------------ Aimpoint defualt Sniperscope (working) EOTECH (Semiworking) Aimpoint cross (working) aimpoint with sniperreticle (not working) MRC ------------------ EOTECH Def EOTECh dot (working) Aimpoint Cross (working) Aimpoint Dot (not working) Sniperscope (not working) SAW ------------------ Aimpoint Dot (not working) The odd part is that you can add the EOTECH reticle to the aimpoint without problem and thats include the scar, ni offcenter settings have to be made and add the aimpoint dot to the EOTECH at the MR-C dosent demands any changes either. this is what hapend when you add the sniperreticle to the aimpoint and the reticles possision was in front of the sight, you could se it when not aiming hanging there in the air, same for EOTECH Dot but it had a circle around the dot so in first person it was acceptible but i dont know how it looks in 3rd person. And these guys call them self special forces, look at him i has attatched the sight in rong direction
  4. well this is just the beginning, when the SDK tools is released it going to be mutch esier to mod and then it will come a SAW with aimpoint and also a MRC, what i can do now is reverse the progress of the EOTECH and make an aimpoint to it, will try that, dont want it meself couse i never play with the MRC but i can do it for the community Just a note, this game is awfull easy to mod with the xml files, this is the first game i ever modding and now i doing things i never thought i would do.
  5. Thanks for the tip Obmanta, I did some more resersh on the subjetct and managed to remove the first briefing movie and the transportation to the insertarea, i removed all waypointsorder exept the last one before intersition and then i edited the world.xml in missionxx/xml, in world.xml you have to find the id of the intersitionblackhawk and change its startpos to the last waypoint pos, if you do that you will beginthe mission with reppeling down to the ground The green digits in the missionXX.xml sould match the green digits in the world.xml //LINEs In the missionXX.xml ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <event name="heli_ride"> <element type="DebugString" msg="heli_ride" start_time="0.5"/> <element type="UnitInArea" area="heli_insert" state="activate" start_time="0.0"/> <element type="SetTransportType" vehicle_id="bud_start" transport_type="insertion" start_time="1.0"/> <element type="OrderHeli" vehicle_id="bud_start" order="target" position="23520 -13655 2217" start_time="0"/> </event> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the world.xml ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <unit name="group_unit" group="blackhawk_crew" group_id="bud_start" vehicle_id="bud_start" crew="true"> <order order="Guard" source_pos="-8537.0898 -4164.8223 0" order_pos="-8537.0898 -3664.8223 2675" patrol_type="moveguard_recon"> </order> <position pos_x="-8537.0898" pos_y=-4164.8223" pos_z=2875"/> <rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="0"/> </unit> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Well its not the pritiest but it is an working EOTECH sight. What ive done is to move the crosshair at the EOTECH and i duplicated the original EOTECH addon and the option where the croshair is located so you got an perfectly working EOTECH to the MRC and an working sight to the SCAR weapons. If anyone wants it you can PM me to get the files.
  7. well can we make an irc channel for the modders and for those hwo just wana play around with the XML files, my sugestion is Qnet and a name at the channel #graw.moding maybe? In the channel can we discuss all kind of graw stuff directly
  8. Do you think the process you used could, for example, add a supressor on to the saw?? I dont realy know, it has bin said before that there is points on the modle specified to addons and i dont think the saw got one of those, i dont think that the SAW has an specified point for the aimpoint, the only thing ive dove with the aimpoint is to say that it is a ironsight therefore the game accept it as a sight but still use the ironsight center or something like that, so i think we have to get the proper moddingtools before we can get the aimpoints working at the SAW, but i dont say that im going to give up at this option, i think i will make it like a mission for me self to get an working aimpoint at the SAW If we only could make out if the aimpoint possision and if the weapon have an aimpoint possision is described in the XML files or the deisel files and another thing, what is the .dxe for kind of file?
  9. at the pictures I already changed the animtype to ironsight, it was untill then i could actualy use the sight, before i couldnt even use the ironsight with the aimpoint, think we have to set a new center when you use the aimpoint yes.
  10. Pictures with the SAW and Aimpoint (Pictures is kinda large) First out is in the menue. SAW With aimpoint in the menue Then we have ingame. SAW With aimpoint ingame And last we have the ingame and aiming and on that pic can you se that its using the ironsight insted of the aimpoint. SAW With aimpoint ingame and aiming
  11. I manage to attatch the aimpoint at the SAW and aim with it but it was offcenter and i think thats becuase it has the ironsight implented in the model, so the SAWs ironsight is not an addon therefore the game will always use the ironsight and not the addon, maybe if you can remove the ironsight as a sight but i dont knowm have to try, i think if im not misstaken that the aimpoint is in the file i shared in erlier post but is not sure on that.
  12. well the ammo could be the same for evry weapon and then the weapons has posetive and negative influence to the ammo, that would be the most realistic but you dont know how the devs thought, what i seen when i browesed around in the xml files is desenty at serveral materials and so on, unfortunaly the 556 ammo dosent penetrate a small woodfence and i hope someone figure out how to make the ammo penetrate things that it would do in real life. I have not found any settings for the penetration yet but it have to be there somewhere, keep on trying guys.
  13. nope Create a folder in your GRAW folder named local, unrar the english folder into the local folder and then your done, you can also copy the gui folder into the englishfolder and run with the bundle without unpacking anything, the mods will run anyway. It was explained in another thred on this forum that GRAW reads from language folder in the localfolder if there is one.
  14. played around with the grenadeluanchers, changed the clipsize so it got semiautomatic but i couldnt get it to change firemodes to auto and burst, tried and tried but no progress, well it was kinda good with semiauto to
  15. well tested to add crye_combatsight2 to possible mods, i could select it and aim with it but its off center, i think that when you aim he actualy moves the weapon up to the eye with the EOTECH therefore you get an offset from the center, the sniperscope may be scriped so therefore it always ends up in the center of the screen or maybe its a little offset but it is so little that you wont notice.
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