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  1. Or look at this way... You gotta be one badass ###### to go into the field dressed like that. Edit - And you must have a high regard for tradition.
  2. Why isnt this mod standard on every GR players computer!? Re-installed it after I decided to return to GR. WOW. Amazing weaponry. Realistic zoom and good skins. I wish servers were still running this.
  3. A mod that takes the insane zoom off the weapons. Maybe 1.2x for ALL the weapons, scoped rifles not included.
  4. I tried getting back into Ghost Recon. It's probably one of the better FPS's out there..... MINUS the 10X ZOOM WEAPONS ON 10'X10' MAPS.
  5. Saw this a while ago. Very cool.
  6. I saw the iron sights, but I didnt see any first person weapon models. Is it confirmed that this has been overlooked again? I'm still buying it regardless.
  7. Kafee, I think its great that your open to suggestions. Everyone should have that same attitude. The suggestions that I can make are for you to go listen to real small arms being fired. They ARENT bass(ey) like most people think. They are light on the bass, higher on treble and mids. A friend of mine actually recorded rifle sounds for me, and I was surprised to hear how light they sounded. Anyway, Here is a zip file with a few of my sounds. Take a listen, give me some criticism. In this zip -Mauser 98k -Mg34 -Mosin Nagant -Mp40 -Ppsh41 -Bren -Enfield -Thompson http://www.withresistance.com/OtherMedia/M...RifleSounds.zip
  8. Guys, I'm sorry to be very negative but I'd like to give my honest opinion. I've grown an interest and am slowly becoming involved with sound development and sound modding. In fact I'm having my sounds featured in a publicly released total conversion (Ost Front) for a RTS called Blitzkrieg. Anyway, a few things that really bummed me out about this soundpack. I read the description and was blown away by the amount of detail that was discussed. The author is using the same sound for every weapon. Maybe I'm the only one who can tell beacause, by now, my ears are trained to hear these things. The problem is that the author tried to create a feeling of the explosion that a bullet creates once fired. I can tell you this sound is very hard to capture. Most of the time it will become distorted and you will lose lots of quality. The author has kept the volume in a controlled manner, but in doing so has kind of 'dulled' the sounds. I could go on and on, but I'd like to preserve the appreciation everyone has shown. It is truely a feat trying to create new sounds , from scratch none the less. If anyone is interested , I will post my sounds. you can compare them and criticise as much as you want.
  9. Nurface...I couldnt send you a PM for some reason... I DO have EAX enabled in GR. I tried around with a few different options, but still no dice. Everything checks out ok in my dx diag...That was the first thing I did. I'm not sure if I want to mess around with my acceleration, because my sound works great with other games.
  10. Still no dice with GR. When I go prone I can hear my weapon at full sound, but when I stand I hear it in the distance. Otherwise I have my sound driver updated and sounds much better with mp3's and other games.
  11. So I tried to update my drivers, but they're saying that I dont have SoundBlaster installed....###### EDIT * - NEVERMIND I just updated them through a Windows search. Will test GR now.
  12. Yeah. All the speakers were working propperly.
  13. Everything passed except my Mixer Settings. I "fixed" it. Still no dice in game
  14. Windows XP 256mb Ram GeForce4 Ti4600 128mb 2.4ghz processor Sound Blaster Live 5.1
  15. For some reason when I have my computer on 5.1 sound settings, Ghost Recon doenst play sounds through the center channel. My own rifle, for example, sounds very distant but other effects are normal volumes. Anyone else have this problem?
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