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  1. What driver version are you running ? I have a 7950GX2 which for all intents and purposes is an SLI card. I noticed with the 171.16's that I too had the SLI box greyed out, yet with older versions it wasn't. Using nHancer I enabled the SLI load balancing bar and sure enough SLI is working. Hope that helps cheers
  2. As said, it does keep your progress in the campaign. So you shouldn't notice anything as long as you have completed the mission your currently playing before installing the patch. So simply don't install a patch when you are taking a break during a mission. Let me get this clear in my head. I am currently playing " Act 1 Search and Destroy". I have 3 check points ( save games ) When I patch the game all checkpoints are deleted and I have to start all over. So you are saying that when a patch comes out, complete Act 1 before patching ?? This was not the case in GRAW, why in GRA
  3. Yes and that's my point. All saved games are lost. For example in Mission 1, after installing the patch I have to start all over again despite the fact that I have progressed quite some length into the mission. What's the solution. If you choose "NO" iin the warning message the patch is not installed. cheers
  4. Hi there Unlike GRAW, both patches have deleted any saved progress within a mission. Is the only way to avoid that being back-up your saved game folder ( location I assume being C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2\Settings\profiles\username ) and then copying back after the patch has been installed ?? Will saved games work with the newly patched game ? cheers
  5. GRAW has just started giving me a error message as I quit the game. After I click quit the screen goes black and a Windows message shows up with a message to the effect that "Windows has ecountered a problem with graw.exe and will have to close etc etc " Any idea why this should suddenly be happening ?? The only thing I have chaged recently is the desktop refresh rate from 75 to 60 on my LCD. Surely that can't be the problem ?? I have changed the refresh rate in game from 75 to 60 and back to 75 but still the error message appears Re-install perhaps ?? cheers
  6. SUCCESS !!!!!!! I would not have believed it, but after doing a clean install of my sound card drivers, including the installation of the drivers off the original CD and then updating to the latest ones, the game no longer crashes For those who follow, take a look at Creative Knowledge Base Solution ID # 1712 which details how to do a clean un-install and deletion of all files relating to the sound card. I followed the instructions to the letter and now I am back playing this great game Thanks so much to all advice given Greatly appreciated cheers
  7. Ran dxdiag...no error messages I guess I'll have to a clean and complete removal of my sound card drivers and see if that corrects the issue. Otherwise I am baffled as to what is causing the problem cheers
  8. Well changed drivers to 91.33 and 91.45 with no luck. Still crashes. The "blue screen message"stayed on for a few secs longer, so that I could read very quickly there was a hardware issue. I know the game was working when I first installed with my previous card. The only thing I can think of is, I have had some issues upgrading my sound card drivers. Had to revert to a slightly older ( but not that much older) version. In fact the version I reverted to was the same with my previous 7800GTX that ran the game fine. Surely it can't be crashing because of sound card drivers ?? cheers
  9. Hi there Curious if any other 7950GX2 users have had this problem. Just installed the card yesterday with 91.31 drivers. The game can get past the load screen, then I get a blue screen with a message on. Unfortunately it is shown for such a short time I can't read what it says. Games crashes and re-boots PC. Ayone else experiencing this running a 7950GX2 and any ideas what is causing this ?? Running game version 1.21 cheers
  10. Hi there Enjoying this game more than I thought after reading some negative comments around the web. Definately a case of "stick with it" and trust your own judgement. Am at the above checkpoint after blowing up the petrol tanker and have received new objective. A tank bursts onto the scene....are you supposed to attempt to destroy it ?? If so, with what weapons ?? Is there a dropped RPG around ?? My fellow ghosts are not equipped ( as far as I can tell ) to destroy the tank. If you are unable to destroy the tank, are you expected to avoid contact at all costs and continue onto the o
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