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  1. Think I've said it a number of times but GR:AW (both) was a great (but buggy) game, but it should never have had the GR name as it was not a recon /tactical game. It was a military arcade shooter that I still play on occassion and wish certain things were different.
  2. AlphaStrike, played both Mechwarrior, NwN and GR with them. Although it was more MW and NwN than GR. I was only ever able to make it to GR practice games and made a very good target.
  3. Not completely at least when you re-translate something back to english to see what was said. I tried "How are you?" in both and both came up in Kanji (sp) and I noticed the first character in both was different. So I copied those characters and re-translated to see what the difference was and they both came back out as "It is vigorous?".
  4. I hadn't thought of that when I replied, I think you may be right, but I'm not sure.
  5. You could be right, there are a few Judges that try and make Law rather than ruling on existing Law. Should they find a judge will to try and overturn FERES v. UNITED STATES, the Government will just appeal to a higher court and it will get overturned.
  6. Good luck with that. Her lawyer must be a real ###### to have let her get this far. http://usmilitary.about.com/library/milinfo/blferes.htm U.S. Supreme Court FERES v. UNITED STATES, 340 U.S. 135 (1950) 340 U.S. 135 FERES, EXECUTRIX, v. UNITED STATES. CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT.* No. 9. Argued October 12, 1950. Decided December 4, 1950. The United States is not liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act for injuries to members of the armed forces sustained while on active duty and not on furlough and resulting from the negligence of others in the armed forces. Pp. 136-146.
  7. I once worked for a Major Mall here in Hawaii, seems like ever time I told people that they could not do something they would report me for harrassment. I ended up carrying a voice recorder as well. I used to love the looks on their faces as they were in my bosses office telling him I should be fired for what ever reason nad I would play the recording of our conversation. It was usually them swearing and yelling at me while threating my job.
  8. Shoot first, shoot fast, shoot often, oh and learn to use cover.
  9. I thought I mentioned the dropping and that if that was one of the things that got fixed the world would be a much happier place.
  10. CoOp is MP too and as such you fight against the AI with your friends. But yes if all those little things were the same as the original and they used the same GR:AW2 maps, etc, I do believe the Tournaments that were so popular in GR would have been able to happen in GR:AW as well. I also think we would be playing right now instead of typing.
  11. Well if all that was fixed I would (and I think others) would ask for the maps to be open, no more channeling you down kill zones. Instead make all the objectives available to play in any order and have the objective zone do a 360 around it so that no matter what direction you come from you trip the area before getting in to it so that AI does not magiciclly appear in front of you. Personally I would like to see all the AI fielded as soon as you join. Have them not only at static post but also on random patrol paths so you don't know where they all are at any one time. Then have the AI that is responsible for they area actually defend the area like real people would. The Stationary post take cover when necessary and the patrols try to flank you. Alot of work I know but I think it could be done. The best maps in the [GR] had something close to that but while no perfect the AI was a little better at responding in some cases.
  12. Not sure I have Vista 64 and have played GR (original) on it. However I had lost my 1st set of GR disks years ago so I had bought a more recent GR Gold set that had everything on it including patches.
  13. I think (just a WAG) that the biggest reason is the MP Sever interface. In GR the ability for an Admin to set up the server for certain game type and to exclude certain weapons made it great for tourney play. You could have your team vs the computer or vs another team. The MP server interface in GR:AW was just not that great and we never could get more that 3 people on the server no matter who was hosting, the 4th always dropped and more times than not someone would fall through the ground. Edit: It was however alot better than GR:AW(1) MP. Plus I also have to agree I really enjoyed both games SP campaigns except for a small annoying thing about being channeled down the map from one objective to the next.
  14. me 2 Sup - and while GRAW(2) were valiant attempts at sequels, they ceased to be sequels when they did away with non-linear maps, and added blue huds and pink diamonds. as much as some ppl moan about GRAWs failings, I actually think they were so darn close to being worthy successors....but those fundamental changes I mentioned were just wrong...just not GR. no diamonds, no hud, no linearity, no desert (for a while at least), and solid modding tools...and we will have our GR sequel...period. I have to agree, GR:AW was a great game , BUT the maps could have been better, the added enhancement of the blue huds and pink diamonds while it may have keep you from commiting fratracide it was not realistic. Perhaps if you had a choice to use it or not. I also missed the MP interface that allowed you not only to set up the server for games but to block out different weapons. If GR:AW had had those features it would have been the best game in years. As it is I still load it up now and then to play it just cause its still better than Crysis. EDIT: Oh I almost forgot, give us back the original Co-Op style of Play, not some afterthought.
  15. I have only played SP so far, starting on the easy level then went thru on normal now I'm play at infamous and the biggest gripe I have is the ammo loads get smaller the higher the level. It's pure BS imo I can understand the quicker dieing that is to be expected at higher levels but not how much ammo you can carry. Do they tell the Special Forces guys that now that they are part of an elite fire team thay have to carry less ammo in to battle? ###### them. Scopes should be added to the weapon when you purchase the Accuracy Upgrade. I agree with the rate of fire selector as well. I am also not happy that the M-16 is not available to late in the game as well. I rarely ever use a shotgun because I would rather have a rifle, if I could add the shotgun as a second weapon I would like that. My favorite load out so far is the AS50 as primary, the M-79 as Secondary, the PKM as my special weapon. I like having the M-79 to take care of those anoying buttheads that show up out of no where in the assault trucks.
  16. Hmmm, those self serve machines have been popping up over here too. I never really gave them much thought. They have one person monitoring 4 of them at a time in case the customer needs help or decides to try and slip something not paid for in the bag. I've only used them when I have a couple of items but maybe I'll skip using them in the future in favor of the workers.
  17. You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 % But I guessed about 7 of them and got lucky.
  18. I hate thaqt, one of the big reason I won't use a sit down unless it is a dire emergency. Whats the big deal about putting the seat up? If you're squeamish just use the edge of your shoe to lift it.
  19. I tried that too and nothing but I did finally get it by restarting a really old mission and deleting everything else in the save directory. Thanks for your reply it was what I needed to know that something was not right.
  20. I am in prision and have escaped the cell killed all the guards and drove down the hill to the small camp and killed them too. Them went to the mission complete area (red circle) on the map but the mission will not clear. What have I missed? I looked throughout the jail Sub level, courtyard and catwalks for any thing else but did not find anyone or anything. Am I missing a hidden door or what and how do you get past the locked cell door at the back of the courtyard? Yes I reloaded from ealier saves.
  21. I am more in to the SP than MP unless its with my own teammates. Currently I am replaying this game since I have a new computer that can play it on all high graphics with not a bit of problems.
  22. I just picked up a LG FLATRON L22WTG 22" LCD Monitor and for US $339.00. I am very happy with this monitor and feel it was a steal at that price based on the quality of the picture I am getting.
  23. Well the local store got me an ASUS P5E Deluxe X48 chipset board and I've installed it. Running for two days now with not a hiccup (crosses fingers ) and seems to be a very good board. When I was setting up the BIOS I found I had to make more choices then I did with the MSI board though. One choice it wanted was to Enable or Disable Vanderpool Technology. I was like ###### is that. I had to wiki it and read up on it to decide if I wanted to use it or if it would harm the system. In the end I disabled it. Another was you had to tell it what RAM you were using as for some reason it did not automatically detect it. The guy who sold me the board and several Web sites I had read on replacing a MB on an existing system all said you had to wipe the drive and do a clean install or more than likely the system would BSOD or give you major problems, so I set the BIOS to boot from CD and saved and exited expecting to wipe out the drive. For some reason it bypassed the CD and booted up normally and Vista then did a plug and Play on the new MB finding all the new stuff and requesting all the new drivers. I stuck the ASUS disk in the CD and it it updated everything and well here we are still running. (makes several offerings to the computer gods). Hopefully there will be no additional problem with this build and I can go on to other stuff.
  24. I had the page on the GR.net picture at the top of the forum page when I switched on the compatibility view. Wow, you could really see the difference once it was on. I have not tried the privacy thing yet.
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