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  1. The Sat Map was cool but took away from the immersion of the game I felt in the original. It's just not the same when you can see what your enemies are doing like that. Maybe a on off switch so those who want it can have it but it can be turned off for hardcore matches. Kinda like how the iff radar was on GR, you could turn it off or on, Off always had you on edge not knowing when or where the enemy was going to pop out on you.
  2. There's a sucker born every minute. "David Hannum"
  3. lol, one of our gaming buddy is famous for blowing us up with nades accidentally. It happened to him so many times, that we still call him Frank la grenade, now a days We had this lady on our team, I think her call sign was Fury, She was always doing the same thing. She was really a good player except for that one aspect. It made for lots of laughs and everybody running away whenever her character pulled out a nade. One time we all hid behind a fairly large rock as she threw the damn thing and watched it bounce off the top of the door and over to us. BOOM.
  4. Thank you for serving PZ3, and stay safe over there. Hope to see you back on the boards giving us an update now and then.
  5. It was the Republican Chief Justice who flubbed the words, Obama didn't repeat them untill he re-said them correctly. Then to make sure everything was right they had a second swearing in on Weds in the Whitehouse.
  6. OCR to scan in documents, some will even do signatures, none of them are perfect though and you will have to make corrections to the document to make sure its just like the original. For signed documents I have a PNG file (Transparent Background) of my sig that I just paste in the the document.
  7. Have you been to any resturants lately when they sing Happy Birthday to a patron? It is never the official HB song unless its sung by the customers themselves. I was told by a resturant worker it because they will get in trouble if they sing the real song cause they didn't pay royalties to use the song at their business, (each time its sung).
  8. I think that it is silly of them, (RIAA/Whoever) as these are not for profit things, that are seen by thousands and if they like the music they are more likely to go out and buy it.
  9. Boycotting YouTube is what will happen as people look to other services to post their videos. YouTube stock will crash leaving them with a big question, do they go out of business or allow the music?
  10. But... These are fan base videos with no commercial value so they should be covered under Fair Use.
  11. http://mashable.com/2009/01/14/youtube-mutes-videos/
  12. Did you plug it to the wall switch?
  13. Ok I'm stumped, tried to look up your equip on the net for problems but nothing stood out there either.
  14. Are you using a 64 bit OS? I am and it won't recognize my Scanner and HP says the scanner is too old to worry about making a driver for it. Also, what Laptop and Printer?
  15. Check your Device Drivers for the USB ports and see if they are ok. Also how old is the laptop? Might you be installing a USB 2.0 product on a 1.0 system? It should be backwards compatable but... I also see that USB 3.0 was released in Nov and while that also should be backwards compatable its so new that there could be problems with it.
  16. Run the installation CD that should have come with the printer. That should manually install it.
  17. ROFL, Both I think, if I have it correct they come out with these about every year? GR on the other hand waits for the hand of god to sweep across the land.
  18. I hope that giving us what we want doesn't ruin the game though. Not in the sense that its a bad game but that so few like the style and it does not sell well. I want to see this series around for a long time to come. I still think GR:AW 2 was a good game that had a little more work been put in to it it would have been a great game that was still as active as the original GR is today after so many years. The biggest things for me are the Maps and CoOp followed by weapons selections being completely open/selectable (No Kits) with the ability of Servers to ban certain weapons/addons. That way if you don't want Grenades/Launchers/Sniper Rifles, you just click on the box and their not selectable for that server. The maps of course need to have a boundry of some type at the edge but other than that they should be completely open and unlike the original, You should be able to climb even steep cliffs if you brought along a rope and hook. The weapons should be as much as possible with todays physics as real as possible in wind drift and drop, however drift may be harder to work in and ###### off the shooter. The damage model needs to have the old wounds model brought back where a hit that is not deadly affects you abilities depending on it location on your body. Head shots should always be a one shot kill on a bare head and knock the helmet off those wearing them. Body armor if worn should actually stop the rounds as in the real armor, unless you're hit with a .50.
  19. No I think you would have a lot of people with you on that if CoOp had been just like the original set up. The biggest part of GR that made it last as long was the Tourney's that were set up. People like those type of competetion between other humans as well as playing the AI. That is why people are still playing CS to this day as well. Although it is a different crowd that likes a fast paced respawn vs GR slower one whrere one shot and your out waiting till the match is over.
  20. Interesting article I found shows that Feres was "ammended" at least once to allow us to sue in the case of the Privacy Act. It was done by a lower Federal Appeals court not the SC so it is possible this laywer does not need to shop around as there already is at least one court willing to challenge FERES. http://usmilitary.about.com/library/polls/blsue.htm
  21. I can do without the Arty and air strike also but am not opposed to it either. I just perfer to have the team deal with the threats rather than a 3rd party. Also I want anti tank weapons that can be fired both without having to lock on for quick shots at static targets (bunkers/HMG) and lock on capability for moving targets, and separate Anti Air that does require lock on.
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