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  1. Don't forget the ability for the avg user (without a software engineering degree), to be able to place the mod in the game and have it run properly.
  2. GR, GR:AW, GR:AW2 ?? Also do you have a program that can extract WinRar files? http://www.rarlab.com/ They have a free trial
  3. Thanks, very interesting. Not sure if I'm ready to spend the $$ on it yet.
  4. I don't think it was a serious attempt, just a outlet for frustration How cool to see you post again! Think I've played all your missions (several times).
  5. Only Rocky seems to have gotten the joke.
  6. At the very least I would like NOT to see the enemy spawning, it spoils the moment for me.
  7. Yep thats why I stressed Open Maps, but I have to admit the "I Kill You" borders in GR:AW were more annoying then the invisible walls in GR. GR maps had a few areas that you could not climb, but GR:AW maps are full of Debris that in RL you could easily walk over but they chose to make them impassable, thereby leading you down a shooting gallery tunnel where you are the target.
  8. GR:AW was a good games series, it could have been a great game series. IF, they had open maps, and the same types of game mechanics as the original GR. People are still playing GR and modding it today and will continue to do so untill something better comes along. GR:AW still has a few people playing but not as many, shame cause I thought it had a lot of potential.
  9. Office Max has an Ink Refill station now. But personally unless you neede a photo printer you are way better off cost wise with a real laser printer. Sure the things cost 2 to 3 times as much to buy, but the toner is usually only about twice the cost as a full set of inks and prints on avg 3000 to 5000 pages vs 200 to 500.
  10. For different reasons I would be interested in open office results also, preferably from somebody who has more than a passing knowledge of both programs.
  11. While I agree that making it easier to do the maps would be great I also think it could mean a bunch of low quality maps unless they are put through rigorous play testing prior to being posted for general download.
  12. True, according to the member list there are 17600+ members, 9204 of which have posted at least once. I am sure there are a few gone and a lot of doubles but lets say they are at least 5K people here that would buy the game. Thats at least $250K just from people here and word of mouth and a little advertizing would hopefully could get a lot more. And yes I think you should include some sort of protection in the game to protect you time and money that you and your team have put in to this game, either with releasing it on Valve (if possible) or serial numbers that will prevent the same number from being used twice.
  13. The long end of the belt is coming out the left side the short end is out the right side. either it was done because the photog wanted it or the guy has no clue how to load.
  14. in a nut shell the same basic functions of the original but with modern graphics and storyline. There are loads of threads on Wishlists, too many to list.
  15. I am surprised no one has commented on the way the bullets are loaded.
  16. Oh no, its going to be women with rolling pins chasing down the bad guys.
  17. Wish I was rich enough to invest in his company. But if 100 people could invest 1K...
  18. Looks like he got a thumb on the barrel near the chamber, won't take long to burn the print in to the barrel.
  19. Wish I knew this one myself. Shes waiting to teach you everything she knows, http://www.hawaiiguidebook.com/files/image...girl-hawaii.jpg
  20. Totally agree, moving Leno out just to keep Obrian from leaving was stupid from my perspective. I hear the reason they did it is cause he is very popular with the younger crowd and old farts like us are dying off.
  21. Ya know I played and still do GR (occassionally) but both GR:AW's I have not touched in a while so I don't remember if you could turn off the diamonds. The diamonds I was not refering to though as at least you had to have line of sight (withing the draw distance) for the diamond to show up or use the not real satellite view to see them. I was refering to the unreal IFF in the original GR which acted like a radar showing the location of enemy as long as they were on the scope. Thats one item I don't want to see reborn unless they do have a shut off switch. As to Future Warrior I heard they were training a company very hard with the package and that they were planning to deploy it, do any of you Army type know what happened with that group?
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