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  1. Some of these actually sound pretty good. If you do go on to get your degree first, your much better off and the jobs list will be a bit different. As Serellan has suggested you should check in to ROTC and see what they can offer you. Either way you go the training you will get will make you more skilled and valuable to your civilian boss as long as you are working with those skills. Example might be if you wanted to be a Bomb Disposal Tech with your Police Dept, that is one skill on the list although a bit dangerous. Chronic Critical Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC) CCS) List: (Effective: May 2008) AFSC TITLE 1A0X1 IN-FLIGHT REFUELING 1A2X1 LOADMASTER 1A3X1 AIRBORNE MISSION SYSTEMS 1A4X1 AIRBORNE BATTLE MANAGEMENT 1A7X1 AERIAL GUNNER 1A8X1 AIRBORNE CRYPTO LINGUIST 1C1X1 AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL 1C2X1 COMBAT CONTROL 1C3X1 COMMAND POST 1C4X1 TAC AIR COMMAND & CONTROL 1C5X1 AEROSPACE CONTROL & WARNING 1N0X1 OPERATIONS INTELLIGENCE 1N1X1 IMAGERY ANALYSIS 1N3X0 CRYPTO LINGUIST 1N4X1 NETWORK INTEL ANALYSIS 1N5X1 ELEC SIGNALS INTEL EXPLOIT 1N6X1 ELEC SYSTEM SECURITY ASSESSMENT 1T0X1 SURVIVE, EVADE, RESCUE, ESCAPE 1T2X1 PARARESCUE 2E2X1 NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS 2R0X1 MAINTENANCE DATA SYSTEM 2T2X1 AIR TRANSPORTATION 2T3X7 VEHICLE MANAGEMENT 3C3X1 COMM COMP SYS PLAN 3E8X1 EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL 3E9X1 READINESS 4A1X1 MEDICAL MATERIAL 4A2X1 BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT 4C0X1 MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES 4D0X1 DIET THERAPY 4H0X1 CARDIOPULMONARY LABORATORY 5R0X1 CHAPLAIN ASSISTANT 6C0X1 CONTRACTING 7S0X1 OFFICE OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS 8A200 ENLISTED AIDE 9L0X0 INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR 9S1X0 TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS
  2. Be careful about what they call "Critical Careers" it may sound good to get 20k but the job is critical because those doing it would rather get out than re-enlist. They have to offer high bonuses like that in order to keep their manpower levels up. I would suggest you look at the job from this point of view, Where can I use the skill they teach me once I leave the service. I started out my career as a Jet Engine mechanic and when I was looking to either leave the serve or stay in I found that while every airport has jet mechanics the jobs were almost impossible to get as every branch of service pumps out hundreds of mechanics every year and there are just not that many jobs available. Since you are in college I highly suggest you stay there and get your degree that way you can become an officer, the pay is better and you'll have a better chance of getting a management type of job when you leave the service, (where they pay is better there too). If they tell you that enlist now and become an officer later, while its true that you can do that, less then 10% of the enlisted folks who go thet route actually get approved. At least it used to be like that, they seem to idspise former enlisted. Many (many) yeays ago alot of the enlisted/officers came up through the ranks and even made General. When I was in the trend was you might make it to Major if you were lucky. Anyways, just look at the jobs and see what you can do with it in civilian life and if the pay is any good.
  3. Gee, I expected at least one of the forum posters here to be A(ir)NG and post a few thoughts about their experiences. How about any branch of NG having some advice for this young man?
  4. I know you said you use a portable drive for the DVD/CD, but can you copy the disk to a flash drive via the PC then install it to the notebook?
  5. If you haven't left yet I'm guessing you will soon so Good Luck and stay safe.
  6. At least in the way of your civilian job the employer can not fire you just for joining the Guard, it is against the law. The law does not apply to small businesses with 25 employees or less though. Your job has to be there when you return. You are also entitled to any seniority earned while away for Military duty. The Guard/Reserves have been called up for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan a lot and you will very likely be deployed there at least once or more. I don't know if the reserves has the same Service Obligation as active duty contracts, in that you are obligated to 8 years of service. When you leave active duty before serving a total of 8 years you are transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve, where they can recall you you back. For some thats no big deal but for those that got out because they had enough or hated the service, getting recalled is a very big deal. Plus they have Stop Loss program to prevent people from leaving even after they have served their obligation. Thousands of troops have been caught up in that as well. Get everything you want in writing as Recruiters have been know to stretch the truth/lie about different things to get their quota. Don't get me wrong I did 22 yrs active duty in the AF and loved just about every minute but the service is not for everyone and people should know just what they are signing up for. What are these unbelievable incentives?
  7. Welcome back, sorry you have to go back, thanks for your service.
  8. I was looking thru the net on this and see others with the same problem. This one guy was able to hook up the bad HD to his PC using a USB to IDE adapter and at least read and copy the disk contents. Unfortunately he was still not able to get it working in the laptop. Newegg Link to Adapters
  9. Windows 7 is beta and can't be activated. (it keeps hounding you that it is counterfeit lol) Also anyone know of a virus scanner supported on it yet? Which was why I said wait. Wait till its released for sale.
  10. Welcome home, good to see that you made it back.
  11. I must be playing a different game as you have to inject with syringes to gain more health. Maybe he meant you don't automatically use them when you walk over them/pick them up. IF I remember correctly you physically have to use them (hitting the heal button), giving you the option of playing without using them.
  12. Coast Guard searching for missing NFL players More at the link.
  13. I would suggest you wait and check out Win 7 that is replacing Vista. Our forum manager who is also an ISP owner has been on the Beta team for Win 7 and give it high marks compared to Vista.
  14. So, his budget is a little over 1k and he wants AMD and XP for sure? Why is he choosing a Media Center Case? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814121284 Better card only $20 more right now. As to the rest I'll leave that to a more experienced builder.
  15. Having bought GR:AW1/2, I have to say I did enjoy the SP campaign of both BUT the MP was a horrible experience. Dropping through the ground, not able to get more than 3 people online and sometimes 2 before the game would crash. And a slew of other issues that made wanting to play MP with friends an experience to avoid. So I cautiously say while I hope that GR4 will be a great game I also don't plan on picking it up till I read Rocky's reviews of it and he can honestly give it 2 thumbs up.
  16. Installed it yesterday on a friends computer I was working on and after it installed IE would not load due to the logon help being incompatable with the new version. When I went to reinstall/roll back to 7. there was no option to do that (that I could find) so I tried system restore. IE would now load but stall on the load screen. Ended up having to manually delete the IE8 Directory and reinstalling IE 7 to get the internet back. Anyone else have any strange problems with this update?
  17. I seen it when it played and it still cracks me up.
  18. Yes that processor iirc is a LGA775 DualCore Celeron, and your card is PCI but, is it a plain wrapper PCI or a PCI-e? Your going to be looking for a Intel compatable board with at least 4 memory slots if you plan on using all 4 of your memory sticks. So list the parts you want to keep/use and their specs so we can work up a buy list, plus your budget.
  19. NO, one is a socket 478 and the other is a LGA 775
  20. Huh The purpose of a Recon based game is to take it slow and steady, not charge through gun blazing like counter strike.
  21. Damn that does look cold. Its been 24 years since I was last in Alaska. I was assigned to Galena AFS back in 83/84.
  22. I am no programer but, could that be done with the AI checking for Destructable/NonDestructable items in its LOS to target/you?
  23. I never really cared about the enemy AI doing it but watching my own Friendly AI blast away at walls trying to shoot an enemy on the other side has caused me to leave them behind on many occassions.
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