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  1. So you are saying that we pick up with Desmond Miles where it left him in the present time. Not with a whole new character set back in a different past.
  2. http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/e...f110521033.mspx
  3. Of all the advice given the best one is to Load and Run the AntiVirus before you connect to the internet for the first time. 999 times out of a 1000 nothing will ever happen, but do you want to be the 1 that gets hit with something?
  4. Did you buy the game new or Used? I don't know how they do bans but maybe if you bought it used and they ban by CD Key, if they do then maybe the previous owner was a hacker that traded in the game after getting banned. Maybe one of the guys that run servers can explain how bans are done.
  5. You can also look here and scale the PC you want to your budget. You get to choose all the componets and thus the costs of the new computer. http://www.ibuypower.com/
  6. Hmm I wish I had bookmarked the site, but they said the Orange were SATA and the other 4 (black) were RAID/PATA(?) and something else I can't remember at the moment. I'll try to relook up that site. EDIT: It looks like I read it wrong, (damn these old eyes) about half way down http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/evga_x58_sli/3.htm the image of the ports. http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/ev...es/dscf0036.htm
  7. Are your SATA hooked in to the Orange Ports on the board or the black ones?
  8. Why would you want to put the objectives in a row or linear? If your scouting around an obsticle in RL you may find another enemy encampment and have to either deal with it or go around them as well. The idea of non-linear is to try and be as real as possible even though you are playing a game.
  9. I am not sure but I think your setting up a RAID? If so you will need to install the RAID controller software first. I've never set up the myself so I can't help.
  10. No thanks, I think I'll pass. Really nice pictures though.
  11. Are you using any filters? I've tried to get nice moon shots but they never get that level of detail even with my 100-300 lens.
  12. Wow, nice moon, what lens did you use?
  13. Sorry to hear that, I use Skype all the time but I'm on a good cable connection so I don't have that issue. Your internet must be routed via Satcom that would explain the lag/time delay. I wish I had another answer for you. Messenger and Yahoo video chats would more than likely suffer the same lag issues as well. The only other thing would be text chatting where you would not notice the lag delay as much but its just no the same when you can't hear their voice. Good luck to you and thanks for serving.
  14. Since your able to use the internet try using Skype to call home. As long as its a computer to computer call its free, or you can use Yahoo or Messenger video chat.
  15. I played the whole game never got hit by the bus, it always fell just before I got there. I tend to play a bit more slowly than most players.
  16. Could also be something simple, My machine was getting hotter than normal so I took a gook look at it one day and see the primary air intake was clogged with dust. On this new case its on the bottom of the case. After cleaning it the temps went back down.
  17. Assassins Creeed 2 for the PC and other platforms is supposed to be out in the fall of 2009. I am disappointed by it already as it does not pick up where the original left off. Way to go . I guess the designer could not come up with a game concept for the title set in modern times so the next game is set in the Italian Renaissance era.
  18. http://www.helixcamera.com/UW/ikelite/slr/68041.html http://www.helixcamera.com/UW/UW.html
  19. I was not aware of that stuff as I don't have them notify me of anything. I also wonder how they can claim they are not helping the spread of piracy after seeing that.
  20. I can never get a clean image of the sunset. The sky colors will be true but the sun itself is always a blob. this one was taken at f3.5 at 125.
  21. I hate 3rd person view in a first person shooter.
  22. I'm sorry but if they tie GR4 in to End War I won't be buying it. I can not stand End War.
  23. Went to the Diamond Head lookout and took a few photos. this one was on the trail up, I liked the look of this grass. This is from the top of the lookout, looking to Waikiki and Honolulu And another one from the Honolulu Aquarium, its a little Clown Fish trying to hide.
  24. Picking just one is kinda hard for me, I like all the mods I have played and in some cases they were a collaboration of several peoples efforts and time. So while it is against the rules of the thread I would like to thank them all for their hard works and the time they have invested in making my gaming enjoyable.
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