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  1. IMO if you are playing Co-Op with the AI as your teammates it's not CO-Op. For the Co-Op that you are paired up with real humans, it should have a the ability to scale from zero respawn, when you die you die and the rest tof the team carries on with out you. To having a fun mode where you and the buds can just play and if you die you can respawn and not have to wait for X minutes till the next game. Both were used by the group I belong to, we used zero respawn for team practice in preparing for matches and respawn was for just having fun.
  2. I know some people still are not happy, but I have had a blast playing the single player part of the game while waiting for the improvements to Co-Op. I figure that by the time Co-Op is fixed I'll know the maps inside out. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. Body Armor, the current US Army issue can take several shots before failure and there is another un-approved brand that can take a lot more punishment. Since this game is in the future the body armor should be better then, but a head shot should be a one shot kill.
  4. When I remapped my keys I had problems with my crosscoms also. Trying to put them back to default didn't work either so I reinstalled the game and now just use the default setup.
  5. What's wrong with Lockdown? I bought it and have enjoyed it. What is it that I'm not seeing?
  6. Realistic ballistics would be very good. It seems so very strange to be able to aim dead on at every tango no matter how close or far they are from you. I guess we are using advanced aimpoint sights that automatically calculate distance, angle of attack, wind speed, heat rise and everything else, allowing you to aim dead on no matter the target aspect.
  7. Sounds like someone has already claimed the name you want to use. For mine Fletch was taken so I went with x-Fletch-x and it worked fine.
  8. 95% of the time so far is Single Player. I listen to the in game instructions only to make sure I know what I'm supposed to do, other than kill stuff. What little MP I've done is all Co-Op.
  9. Maybe I don't remember much about the [GR] (age thing) but I bought GRAW as soon as it hit the shelves and with each update I've been more impressed with this game. My biggest hope is the Co-Op as the rest of the group I belong to have said if they fix the Co-Op they will buy the game. That will be about 20 more players added to the line up and more than half of those are avid TvT palyers as well.
  10. I have tried reading your post but I am too distracted by your avatar.
  11. I have found that for the in city stuff the sniper rifle (Allen) is pretty useless. I give them all the LMG and extra Ammo and they eat up most anything in their way. The more I play the SP missions I find things I missed the first time through. Like when you set a team or individual move point you can also drag the mouse in the direction you want them to be looking and keep them from backing around the corner in to the enemy you want them to take out.
  12. Actually no one else with the same model car should complain to the dealer/maker as the issue has already been brought up. I should add that aside from Co-Op I have no real complaints with the game. I have been playing the single player missions and having a great time while waiting for Co-Op. Although if they would give me the ability to save my SP game whenever I'd be really happy.
  13. IIRC they said it was going to be addressed in a later patch not the first few. And if they fix everything I have read about, all will be right in the world.
  14. Sadly its not really a "silencer" in the fact they are obviously not using Sub-Sonic Ammo(how silencers are truly "silent")so its more a flash suppressor(tho it again really doesnt do a great job at that either) I believe you are right as it is way to loud, but it would be a fix they could do. Program it so when the silencer is selected the proper ammo is used.
  15. Which is exactly why I want the ability to borrow from my AI secondary weapons. 80-90% of the time when you tell them to kill a tank or Hind they dance around for 5 minutes before getting killed. If I could just take the dang weapon and do it my self it would get done.
  16. Try this one its a shareware but you may be able to run it and find whats the problem. If it does but won't fix it until you buy it then make note of the reg entries and hand delete them. http://www.majorgeeks.com/AMUST_Registry_Cleaner_d4769.html
  17. And you ran that crap cleaner program? Edit: Specifically under the issues tab.
  18. I try not to let them die as they are of more use to me alive.
  19. If under heavy fire you end up expending the limited rounds of ammo you have with you and there laying around you are the weapons and ammo of your enemy and the next wave is coming, I think 100% of us would pick up that weapon and use it rather than let ourselves be killed or captured.
  20. I don't know which one they used or how to remove it. Problem with that might be another program is using the same copy protection and removing it could screw up those programs too. This is one of the biggest pitfalls of DRM.
  21. I am thinking of buying an Evision 19" LCD, it has 500:1 contrast and 8MS response time. Has anyone else used this monitor or know any thing good or bad about it? They have it at my local costco for $239.
  22. Maybe there is a disk protection program that was installed with the game and it may still be there telling the system the game is installed?
  23. Go to www.majorgeeks.com and get crap cleaner and any other free registry cleaner. Run Crap Cleaner and it will (or should) find all the old loose ends in the registry and delete them. After that try loading.
  24. I had this happen to me as well and I pushed the guy out a few times until he finally got the message.
  25. You can also join a game by use of a program called Hamachi. It makes all of your friends appear to be on a LAN.
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