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  1. Perhaps in response to their question of what would you add or remove they thought they needed to go back and get rid of the hero character.
  2. Glad to hear he's getting better, threads a month old and the first time I've read it. need to read other sections more.
  3. I really like GR:AW except for being unable to play MP with out crashing or falling through the earth and small maps that led you up kill zones and missions that had to be done a certain way.
  4. The teammates talk way too much in GR:AW 1/2
  5. Enjoy your R&R, you've earned it.
  6. Thats fantastic, same video but highlighted some minor details you might not think to look for. edit: Yeah, I was thinking, what is it a first person, third person, or sim. From the looks of it there will be no more bs third person view, instead you will have a (more realistic) deployable UAV to scout but it can be shot down I imagine.
  7. Thanks for moving to the right forum Pave, I was not sure which one to put it in. Also; MechWarrior PC Games Trailer - Reveal Trailer
  8. If you're a fan of Mechwarrior there seems to be some good news on this game. Three trailers and the whole story at the link. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/59432
  9. Ok, grew up in MA but now live in Hawaii next to Punahou Schools.
  10. While I loved the used of Soul Swapping as you put it, to be able to split the team and objectives. The biggest reason I liked it after experiencing GR:AW (you die mission ends) was the game did not end when you got killed. Just like in RL the remaining team member(s) still carried on with the mission.
  11. http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_...duct_id=0302727 Core i7 920 on sale for the low price of $200 (in-store pickup only).
  12. I used to purchase the up grades all the time, then I started building my own systems and having to install the original then upgrade became a pain in the A. I only by the OEM Version from Newegg now. Hoping that I will be able to to the same with this one as well.
  13. I am running Vista 64 with 8 GB of RAM. The only games I found so far that had problem were a couple of my older ones. Deus Ex won't run for me and Mechwarrior 4 add on packs (Clan & IS) don't work. Other games I play have all been fine. As to XP 64 or Wait for Win 7, the more that I hear about Win 7 I'd vote wait for it.
  14. Thats the Adrenaline Rush and it can be both a good thing and addictive. Don't let it rule your actions.
  15. I just vacuum mine about once a week, along with the rest of the computer.
  16. Try these dedicated underwater cameras and systems then. http://www.helixcamera.com/UW/sea&sea/camera.html http://www.helixcamera.com/UW/nikonos.html
  17. I agree, it wasn't a bad mechanic some years ago and works for some games, but really when you think about it, it's a very weak game paly mechanic. It's inactivity vs player activity. Instead of doing something, you can zero in fine, and then "wait" WAIT? for the cross hairs to close in because you know it'll be off if you don't. Yet you as the player have already zero'd in and at this point doing nothing to improve your chances. Expanding when you fire is a bit better, but why not just go with the kick back, muzzle crawl instead? The other alternative is a bit more difficult to make fun(think Brothers in Arms), but something needs to improve here. I played AA3 a little last night and they have the spacebar to breath when you're on ironsights which stabilizes them. I only fired at the range but it was pretty fun and fairly seemless. Simulating a tired arm or being wounded could make this very difficult though. I imagine you'd be swimming all over the place, but then, your are wounded I used to do competitive shooting in the military and one of the courses we did required us to run 100 meters to the shooting position and load and fire at targets set up at 25 to 300 meters. The longer you took in getting to the firing line the closer targets would no longer be up for you to shoot at. So getting there as fast as you could and firing as soon as you loaded was very important. Each target was up for only about 10 seconds so the faster you shot the less you had to shoot at the far targets. Believe me when I tell you you can hit targets when your huffing and puffing and feel like your lungs are ready to fall out. Just don't expect to hit center mass unless you are lucky. In one round of this myself and another shooter had to repeat the course 7 times because we both had 100% hits and the targets were blanks so no scoring was possible to break a tie. I wimped out on the 7th time and lost my first shot in the dirt, I was just too damn tired by that point. BTW this one one of the huge complaints I had against America Army. When you first were trying to pass the rifle course the breath model and rifle sway was worse than RL. but it was imo better than blooming sights.
  18. I'd also go with Rocky's: 1. Tactical 2. Team play 3. Realism But under realism I never did like the blooming sights. 22 years on Active Duty shooting various weapons I never did see sights do that. I do understand the need to simulate breath control and sight picture, but that feature was so wacked as the enemy could pop up 5 feet from you and until the sights settled you could not hit them.
  19. Ouch he cut off his ###### She must have been really ugly.
  20. Don't know what to tell you then, I am using Vista 64 and it ran on setup for me, no additional tweeking needed.
  21. I have not had to do it myself since pre-XP so I don't have any more suggestions using the MS suggested way, but have you tried to force the drive assignments, by using the old way of doing it thru config.sys? Edit: What about in the BIOS setup, does that have any help?
  22. I don't know if this will work or not but. Try right clicking on the desktop icon for GR and go to Properties. Click on Security Tab. Middle of that page click on Edit. In Edit assign full control to the all the accounts. Hit Apply.
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