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  1. I wish they had included a MOD activater/deactivater like some other games. I wonder if it is to late for them to put one in.
  2. Glad to see you got it working. You guys should play with the settings to see what the lowest one you can use is. That way you use less of the systems resources for TS and have more available for the game.
  3. While it may seem annoying to have one or all of your teammates shouting they are reloading. Think of it in real world terms. You would not move to the next position if the guy covering your advance is out of ammo. You would wait till he is ready.
  4. The card should be ok but what about the rest of your system spec's?
  5. I have not played much Multiplayer but have played the SP missions quite a number of times and still enjoy them. I think it was more than worth the cost.
  6. Not bad, I don't worry about tying up USB ports as I have 4 in the back and 2 on the front. And if necessary I have a USB hub unused in the junk drawer. If I ever have to buy another headset/mic it will be another Plantronics system. I think it has been the best in both sound quality and durability of all the systems I have ever bought. (Not to mention ease of setup/use).
  7. In fact, a USB headset might cause problems because the headset ends up becoming a separate sound device. So I would avoid them. There are plenty of "regular" headsets that will work... just find one that is comfortable. One that feels okay in a store might end up hurting real bad after wearing it a long time. I use a Plantronics USB headset and I don't have that problem. I hear the game sounds thru my Kenwood PC Speakers and Teamspeak or Rogerwilco thru the USB headsets with no problems. Plantronics also has a sound manager that allows you to switch all the sounds to the headsets so you won't disturb anyone.
  8. Messenger uses a lot of system resources but usually is very clear. Team Speak is the most popular and uses less resources and so does Roger Wilco. Some of our team have problems connecting on RW though so we tend to use TS the most. PS: Using a seperate system to handle the comms like Moondancer is the best but not many people have a spare computer laying around for that purpose.
  9. <sigh> I don't know how often this needs to be pointed out, but the game was NOT considered a let-down by most players (with the exception of the more hardcore group, ie the people here). Look at the reviews from almost every site out there, including fan based reviews on sites that sell the game, and you will notice that a lot of people actually LIKED the game. As disappointed as I was that the game did not come with Co-Op like ORG or a few other features I have still enjoyed this game. I am on my third play through of the SP missions and more than likely I'll play them again after that. So yes I would buy an Expansion for the game in a heart beat.
  10. No in real life a Good Soldier would find ways around obstacles instead of putting his men at risk when it is not necessary. The only time you rush headlong in to an enemy position is when you have been surprised in an ambush zone. In real life a soldier is rewarded for taking the initiative and flanking the enemy and wiping them out instead of charging headlong in to a MG nest. In real life a good Soldier thinks of ways to flank the enemy every time they encounter them.
  11. I DL'ed DC Pro and it seems pretty straight forward. I'll be using it soon, I'll let you know if there were any problems, either due to my inability to follow directions properly or the program doing something weird.
  12. Well speaking of the game engine, I thought this one was pretty good but what is considered the best one on the market at current? And yes being able to open doors and enter buildings would be a huge plus. I like the open buildings we have now but the doors are already open, giving us the advantage in making entry. Plus it always bugs me to see/shoot someone on a roof and there is no entry or exit to that location so how did they get there?
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150131 I'm going to pick this one up on payday, changing from ATI to Nvidia. IIRC I have to delete all the ATI stuff first then shut down install the new card and on re-start it should find the new card with no problem. Once it's in I'll re-do the fraps and see if it was worth it.
  14. Just bought a new Audi A4 and have to put off buying parts for a new system till about tax time next year (if Direct X10 is ready). So since I want to eventually get my Core2 6700 system running I think just a good Video card might be less headache. To answer your question $300 or less, And either ATI or Nvidia.
  15. So it seems My video card is screwing me here. In more way$ than one. I have a AGP MB and card. If I want a faster card I'll have to get a new MB, or does anyone know what the best AGP card on the market is?
  16. Boy when I built this system (about a year ago), I thought at the time it would smoke any game. Soltek MB,250GB SATA HD, 3500AMD Clawhammer CPU, X800GTO Video, 2GB Dual Channel Ram. The Speedfan heat monitor tells me I'm only hitting 32C, while the MB heat moniter says 55C. Man was I ever disappointed when I ran FRAPS on it running GR:AW at Medium settings. I'm only getting 18FPS on average in the game.
  17. I just spent a couple of ho.. Minutes voting for her and went from 8 to 6. It took only about 10 votes to get her to 7 and then I can't remember how many it took to get to 6.
  18. Need more voters KerryAnn is winning. Maybe if you vote 10 for Rocky's girl and a 1 for the other it will bring the leaders score down??
  19. Was 3 When I voted then went to 2.
  20. Glad to hear she is ok. How much was the damages?
  21. How did the Op go? Is Pesto ok?
  22. I think cats are great pets especially Siamese and Abyssinians, hope Pesto gets well soon.
  23. I hear ya thats why I jokingly wished I had my new computer already. And that moonwalk thing does get old after the first couple of times. I'll give that mod a try. I currently have an X2-3500+, just built it last year and thought it was going to be enough for at least 5 years, lol.
  24. Now your talking, Imagine if you will a game where the enemy AI is properly patrolling as well as set up on stationary positions. Where the time you take in getting to your next objective could put them in front of you or behind you. Where AI actually responds to you not because you set off a trigger. Where if you shoot one of them the entire enemy AI is alerted to your presence in the area, and responds just like real world enemy. But then we need our ghosts to actually be smart as well, cause the AI would overwhelm your position in a heartbeat with the AI we have as ghosts right now. Damn I really need that Core 2 6700 and better graphics, memory, etc.. PS: I don't think there is a game on the market right now that would compete with the real thing but think of the thrills if there were. Co-Op mode would be an absolute blast in a game like that.
  25. Just in case anyone is wondering what the radius is. (Avg 5M Lethal - 15M Casualty) M203/40MM GL Ammo Stats Hand Grenade Stats
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