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  1. Yes. GRAW might have actually been fun had they given you the option to switch soldiers. Or at least be able swap weapons and spares with them.
  2. You have to load the last mission not the current one. Sucks but its the only way I know how to do it. Someone else may know a better way. PS if you take the Sniper rifle take the XM8 Compact as a back up as you'll be able to pick up ammo for it along the way. It may not have a scope but its a pretty good weapon.
  3. I always swap out the sniper rifle at the resupply and take a Zeus. I hit the tank and the responding infantry from the tower block house.
  4. You didn't get install disks when you bought the computer? Might be like mine, got a Toshiba Satellite laptop about 5 years ago and it came with XP pre-installed. A couple of months ago it would not start up after I came back from vacation and when I popped in the recovery disks it wants to load windows 98.
  5. My bluetooth system for my cell phone is always shutting off. Sometimes its just a simple press the on button to start it up again, but alot of times I have to turn the phone off and on again to reset the bluetooth module. The problem seems to be when ever I am in an elevator or other shielded (concrete) location is when this happens. To me this is strange, I can understand loosing cell phone reception due to location but as the headset and cell phone are on my ear and belt and their signal should be fine between them no matter my location.
  6. Wish I could go if only to see those hot Swedish ladies I keep hearing about.
  7. I think the new story line is great, the graphics while my machine is not 100% are great. My only problem with the game is the MP Server options don't allow you the same level of playability as [GR] did. They did not even need to model it the same just provide the same options, you would not see 90% of the complaints from the old GR fans. Plus they still would have been able to include their own newer gametypes while keeping the original ones as well.
  8. Fans of [GR] (me anyway) are not looking for an updated [GR] but rather the functionality of the [GR] interface (MP/Server Choices) for the game types. ( I hope that make sense).
  9. I didn't keep my save games, but are you even sure that would work? Have you tried lowering the level to easy for this this mission? I played it very slow and sniped from the edges in a hit and run tactic. Use the UAV to spot the enemy and worked my way in to a position I could take them with little risk to myself. If you go head long in you will find your self out gunned very quickly.
  10. Saddly for me it means they are not getting one dime of my money for GR:AW 2 untill I read about it in this forum being everything we wanted in a GR based shooter. Not because I don't think the developer can do it but because I don't think the publisher will let them. Another issue for me is if the computer will be able to handle the new game/graphics. I have a AMD 3500+ now and can barely get 20FPS with it set on Med and low. Even if you guys love the new game but it requires more computer I will wait to buy it till I can afford a better machine.
  11. While 40MM and simular grenades are impact rounds they contain a safety device to prevent them from exploding when you are carrying them and doing all those things. There used to be a throwable impact grenade but I am having a hard time finding info on it at the moment.
  12. ...And if proper physics are applied to bullets, the sniper's ability to lean and shoot has to go as well (as shown in hawsemans sig) A gun held at a 45 degree angle will not hit what your aiming at on long range shots. Actually, the same holds true for iron sights as well. So if longer range shots become the norm, this should be fixed. Sorry this is just not true, a sniper or any good shooter practices with his weapon a lot and knows the aim point is off slightly and adjusts for it. It's not that big a deal. I was a LawEnforcement sniper and practiced hundreds of hours with my weapon under many different conditions. BTW you know its only the aim point thats off right? The bullet still leaves the barrel with the rise and drop following the normal trajectory for that round, gravity is still a constant. GR:AW (iirc) does not take trajectory or angle of the weapons sights in to account which give an unreal feel to the weapon and its handling.
  13. Might have been planned for but missed in the final build. After all they did do a pretty good job of sounds for a lot of other stuff.
  14. Thanks for the answer, I have 2 gigs but don't know what the others have. I have to ask them. I was thinking it might have been because we all are from different areas, (Pacific/USA/GB/Netherland)
  15. Are there any new patches in the works and if so what will the patch Add/Fix/Alter?? I put Gr:AW aside after 1.35 as it still is not all that I wanted with Co-Op but it was close, we had too many problems, the biggest for example was hosting 4 people on a server, 3 was ok but 4 would give us dropping problems.
  16. When games came out that I thought they were asking to much for I refused to buy them till they hit the bargin bin. But the most I want to spend if I know for sure the game is it, $50.00.
  17. I use a USB Plantronics and love it.
  18. To be fair I think this is a really great game, but I do understand what you mean, it's not Ghost Recon.
  19. Two games that come to mind are City of Heros an Villians. They are very popular with only 5 or 6 members of the group I belong to, the other members are like myself and refuse to buy pay to play. The newest game we are looking forward to is Never Winter Nights 2 due for relese very soon.
  20. Yep it would be nice to know how many were PC sales and how many wre X-Box. I would bet the majority were X-Box. Too bad though as a majority in PC sales would give us some leverage.
  21. It seems to take less bullets to kill you and your team.
  22. Thanks NQ, I think I'll wait till it's a more proven product then.
  23. Have one of the Modders made a program for activating and deactivating the mods so you don't have to do it manually?
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