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  1. I know they have done a great job improving GR:AW2 over GR:AW1 and I intend to buy it as soon as I can. However I still would like to see them add 2 things at a minimum. Getting knocked down when hit and injury effects like limping.
  2. I could think of a better way. When you hit a guy....gasp....he goes down!
  3. I'm running 1280x1024 on a 17" CRT, though I had to enable all resolutions in the demo. Ditto.
  4. Ihope for SP and CoOp they do not limit the Basic Load for grenades like MP. I for one like to use them as they were intended and find it stupid that I can't carry the Basic load out. Don't like them much for MP, Just have a server option that either limits or eliminates grenades.
  5. AMD 939/3500+ 2 GB Dual Channel RAM ATI X1950Pro 256bit/512MB RAM AGP video XP Pro OS Intergrated Sound on a Soltek MB Res: 1280x1024 FRAPS: Range from 25 to 37 with everything at Max.
  6. I have a question, is it possible to simulate a real field of view where the center 80+ percent is clear and the sides/peripheral view is slightly out of focus or would that be too weird to look at on screen?
  7. I don't know anything aboout modding this game but if it was due to a mod could it be because of conflicting information given to the AI?
  8. Yep your right finally got on this morning, had a blast.
  9. Finally played several rounds including via LAN and Fraps was avg about 30 and depending on what the screen was showing ranged from 25 to 37, all running at max settings 1280x1024 screen. I had 1 time where the screen froze for about 2 seconds but that was it. I think if I back off slightly on some of the settings I would not notice the difference in graphics but the frame rate would improve a lot. I really enjoyed the RvA game but my perfered play is CoOp. I thought the the graphics were much better looking than GR:AW 1 but that could also be due to my recent upgrade from an X800 to a X1950. While the overall color of the map is maybe too much towards brown at least I did not see the yellow hue sky. As far as how many shots to kill, since I was using the SAW mostly I did'nt have much chance to count the shots just unloaded on them and they went down. Maybe another time I'll try to see how many shots it takes. I think so far this is a keeper.
  10. While it can be a pain at times, I am glad there is no run and gun in GRAW.
  11. Seems I can't sign on the the servers it always refuses to make the connection, any ideas? And Yes I made sure I am using my correct Gamespy account name and PW.
  12. Ok, I have not been able to play yet can't sign in the server keeps refusing connection. 3 Shots on each and every bad guy is strange considering all the variables. I think the way to solve this is what are called Hit Boxes in other games. You set up any number of them based on the model and depending on what hit box get hit the game either wounds you or kills you. Arms and Legs are wounding Hit Boxes, exposed areas of the head a Kill shot and two shots for the helmet. The torso gets broken down to a center mass and external areas. Since the ghosts wear body armor a single shot to anywhere on the vest is a knock down, 2nd shot to the same part of the vest either kills or wounds depending on location, 3 shots to the external area of the torso in the same part of the vest is a kill. Anyone not wearing body armor the center of the torso is always a 1 shot kill and so on. This means they would have to have 2 or more models based on the use of or lack of armor and helmets. I don't know how they have the models set up in GR:AW but if its not already something like that its too late to change now.
  13. Durka, I am in total agreement that when you get hit in this game there should be a visable reaction, such as getting knocked on your butt. Or, if hit in the legs they get swept out from under you and then you end up limping. My original reply was against the idea that 1 shot is always a kill. We are not the only ones who wear body armor and even with out body armor it can take several shots to kill the enemy. I was stating that the fact that it often takes multiple rounds to kill is real and it should not be changed to 1 shot 1 kill. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
  14. No, actually the number of our people not dieing in ratio to the wounded is what supports what we are saying. Unfortunately they are not keeping any statistics that I can find on those shot but not wounded having been saved by their body armor. http://www.military.com/soldiertech/0,1463...ceptor,,00.html
  15. RuTHlezz1, thanks for looking all that up. There are a lot of good History stories on the internet as well that come from US Military personnel from past wars that talk about how the enemy took mulitple rounds to put down and this was long before body armor. For people who main experience is combat games and who have never been in combat or have never read the stories from our veterans describing the unbelievable ability of the enemy during combat to take many hits and keep on coming, it is perhaps understandable why they think one shot is always a kill.
  16. I noticed this as well. From both close and long range, you can score hits on an oppenent and itll just get his attention and make him start looking for you. Unless its a head shot, it seems three hits is the norm. GRAW 1 was "usually" one hit, much preferred for a tac shooter. And I second third and fourth everyone who's asking for hit reaction and limp etc effect! I agree we would all like to see some reaction to being wounded and even knocked down when hit. But for those of you complaining that you can't kill someone with a single shot to the body, welcome to the real world. Unless the guy is not wearing body armor and you hit him in a vital spot it is going to take more than one round to put them down. Even on a head shot you may only have grazed him and rung his bell so yes a supposed head shot may take another to put him out of his misery. Finally if your enemy is wearing body armor, it will take a lot more than a couple of rounds to kill them.
  17. Tools would be nice; tools and instructions even better (English please) Just for you they will be in Swahili.
  18. Be thankful you are getting that, I'm only at 27% now at 112kb, think I'll be here all week.
  19. I jst bought a ATI X1950Pro that said Vista ready, thinking that it meant it would run DX10 was that a bad assumption?
  20. Looks good but I notice the maps appear to confine you to going where they want you to go and not allowing you to scout out and flank the enemy. ie. unclimbable terrain.
  21. Too soon to be looking at 3 I think, but they already ###### of Mexico with GR:AW and looks to do so again with GR:AW2, maybe they should set the location in a fictitious country thats modeled after a real one. Interesting that ###### an alternate form of "Making someone Mad" or "Taking a Leak" was censored.
  22. How about options for 1. If they put out a Demo then Yes , all the above. 2. Depends on the results of the Demo and if there is enough interest. 3. Too early to say, need more input.
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