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  1. I don't know off the top if some of the weapons you guys are talking about are 6.5mm or 6.8mm rifles but those would be great caliber's to replace the 5.56mm we have now for the USA. They can fit in the same M16 Mag (w/new tops) and the only change out required is the barrel.
  2. Not sure if I read you right, just in case, there is a SemiAuto Model 98/M107 and a Model 95
  3. Then except for the scope you must be loving the MSG90, SemiAuto, 20 round clip, great rate of fire, just wish that it have a varible power scope, say from 4x10x50. I love the dang rifle, wish they gave it more than 3 clips of ammo though. I always take a scoped MP5 as a back up because of that. Inside the urban alleys I rarely use the scope takes to long to aquire target, just spray and pray.
  4. My introduction to how super accurate the AI is, was on my first play of the Quary Map and I had a great hidding spot, no way they could see me, 1 shot takes out 1 of 2 guys on patrol with their backs to me. The second guy turns and immediately fires on me with deadly accuracy.
  5. In [GR] you could not actually get a weapon from them, but you could play any AI by switching to them making the team extremely useful. With the improved AI that we have now it makes this issue less important. When GR:AW2 was in wish mode I and a couple of others had hoped that a similar mode be put in the game or the ability to get secondary weapons from your teammates. Reason was they took forever to shoot the ZEUS at anything and would end up dead because of it. As far as what gun took enemy ammo, I think in RL the AK-47 can use our 7.62mm ammo but we can not chamber theirs.
  6. I played it first 3 or 4 times in Hardcore and kept getting waxed by the tank or a shooter that showed up as I was trying to get a lock on the tank. I then got frustrated and dropped the level down to Easy and was able to do it from the roof as well. I tried dropping a 40MM HE round on the top of the tank first to take out the MG on top but unlike in RL the MG is invincable and could not be damaged, so avoiding that gun was also hard to do. I still don't like not being able to get weapons from my teammates.
  7. That makes sense with the AI, it would be very frustrating to have them take over. If I have it correct you are asking if when this happened was I gaming with AI only? If so then No, I was doing a mix of just People (2 of us) and added in the AI. There was 1 time I tried it after my teammate left with all AI but your explaination of why AI won't work makes perfect sense and that part of the testing moot. Lastly, yes I was playing with a real live person when this happened and at first the respawns was set at max of 9. My Teammate suggested that I reset the server at Zero as he said he thought that was unlimited and I told Him I thought it was No Respawn. Upon resetting the server with the value set to Zero the same thing happened. I had him go forward from the drop to encounter the enemy and get killed and he respawned, then I did it and the game ended, He was back at the drop zone. We tried this several times to make sure it was not a fluke. We played on the 2 Server Types of Online Server and Online Campaign Server. On the Online Campaign Server where you can play the 10 Mission maps, is where this happened. At first it was only us two and during testing of this we started adding in AI and leaving them back at the drop zone. On the Online Server where you only get 3 CoOp maps the respawn was working for both TL and Player.
  8. Unlimited respawns is when you set the value to 0 Ive been playing campaign quite extensively since release and I have not encountered this bug..weird really So does no one read the begining posts? I did do it on ZERO as I previously posted, just didn't know that was for unlimited, I thought it meant No Respawn.
  9. I looked at every server type for the server options and do not see one for unlimited respawn. Strange, since my game works is it possible I got a bad install?
  10. Yes, there were other live players and they were still alive. As soon at the TL died the Game Ended No Matter What the server setting was on for respawns. We also tried it with live people and up to 3 AI and the results were always the same. Quoted for fun:
  11. I patched the game first and it deleted all the quick saves and when I checked the save dir mission0*_1.dsl was not there. There was a mission0*_2.dsl (if I have that right) so I tried to play it and mission 2 came up and at the end there was not a next mission option. I am going to delete everything from the folder and start over and see if thet works.
  12. Online Server - you get just 3 CoOp maps everything works great. Online Campaign Sever - Which is what [GR] was all about, you get the 10 campaign maps to play on with your buds (CoOp) and if you set the respawn at 0 or any other number as soon as the TL gets killed the game ends.
  13. LOL, ok, but seriously this one was a huge complaint from the CoOp side when GR:AW came out and so much so that they can not claim they didn't know. The excuse then was that they could not patch it in to the game because the code did not allow it or some such excuse. Fine, but now we have a new game and they should never have made the same mistake twice. If this is also not fixable then they had better get the other CoOp up to speed asap as this is totally unacceptable for CoOp matches/Tourneys. Which version did you play cause we did both and the one where you can input all 10 maps everytime the team leader died the game ended. The other one where there are only 3 maps (which are awesome Missions btw) we had respawns of all players including the leader.
  14. Set up a server today and played Campaign CoOp, when setting up the server noticed that it had options for 0-9 respawns and thought great, we can go for realistic to insanity. Half way through the mission my team had gotten killed a couple of times and all respawned as advertized then I got it and GAME END. WTH, thought we told you guys to fix that so that it could be selected on or off. This makes that version of the game total crap. Great job on the Online CoOp though, but 3 maps kinda silly considering you can put all of them in to the other CoOp.
  15. I'm on the second mission and have successfully completed the mission several times. It never allows me to proceed to the next mission. [Merged with the existing thread]
  16. It would be interesting to know how much on average it takes to develope and publish a game these days and how many people might be willing to invest in GRIN to have them develope and publish a game. It would be an interesting business model where the community funds the developement of a game they want instead of what the publisher thinks they need.
  17. Since grin_Ichabod is posting are we to take it that UBI or someone has reconsidered the Gag Order?
  18. GRIN, here's an idea, make a game based on the actual battles of WWII that were fought by Finland, Norway against Russia, maybe even the resistance movement. I ain't rich but I'd be willing to invest.
  19. The reason GR:AW2 is looking so good and has so many people excited about it is the communication between the fans and the Developer. GRIN has done an outstanding job with this game and it would not have happened if this gag order had been in place from the begining.
  20. I like it BUT, I wish when you got hit it would knock you down and when injured you limp or some other effect depending on the injury. I did find that when getting shot it at least throws your aim off which is good. I too can't stand all the noise your AI make on the radio. It is not something I would expect out of professionals. I think I understand why you did it, so that we would not forget that we have them available to use.
  21. Cool, you should keep what you got then for Soviet style silos. This ones a Peacekeeper http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp...per_missile.jpg This ones a Minuteman III http://www.jonahhouse.org/images/silo-graphic1.jpg This is a Titan Complex http://farm1.static.flickr.com/6/7441740_9a77f41bb8.jpg?v=0
  22. To me it's a good thing. As said already they are responding to the Demo issues and fixing them. We asked them to make changes to the game and some seem to think they wave a magic wand and those changes occur. When ever you change code it can affect other areas and that has to be checked as well. Be patient please.
  23. Hatchs are mostly a big slab of concrete on a sliding rail. When it opens for maintenance it takes a bit for it to side open but if it is opening to shoot it can if necessary open in seconds with a little explosive assist.
  24. Play SP and CoOp and if its as good as I hope try and convince the rest of the team to pick it up. But like someone else said GR:AW 1 was for my team a non purchase. They lost over 30 GR players on that game, so I am really hoping this game is what gets us all back together playing online again.
  25. Many years ago I made maps and mods for another game but they were very different. I am thinking of giving it a try for this game (GR:AW2) and was wondering if the Grin Team might be able to say what graphics programs they use to make their maps with? Also will there be any instruction manual(s) on the making of maps and mods or will we have to wing it?
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