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  1. If the RPG was a Tank killer we would not be having this discussion. It takes more than one of them to do the job. And aside from the fact they did not include the Zeus in Any of the weapons kits why won't it work in CoOp. Edit: Also if they wanted to limit you to a dumb fire AT type system (for the Challenge), they they should have put in a Real AT weapon like the LAW, or a few other current Active AT system currently fielded in the US or other military.
  2. No one did , but since you are wanting to tell us so much and I obviously missed it when I clicked the little blue squares, which kit has the Anti Tank Rocket known as Zeus? (RPG's are not What I asked for btw)
  3. I was having crashing problems prior to the patch, but since a reinstall of the game and patching no problems so far.
  4. Playing CoOp Quarry today on Hardcore and what a fantistic map compared to the SP version. Till I got to the three M1 Tanks partolling the Quarry with no Zeus Rockets to destroy them with. Seriously its not even an option under any of the loadouts to equip a Zeus. Just who on crack made up the CoOp weapons loadouts?
  5. Crash in application version: 30553.2792 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\moodmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\moodmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: normal Physics : threaded Tried patching and making the video change, fm 1280x1024 to 800x600 hit apply then back again and as soon as I hit the first 2 tangos I got dropped with the above msg. I think its time to remove and re-install the game.
  6. After I tried that Physx thing in the settngs xml file I have been dropping back to the desktop after I kill a couple of tangos on any mission single player or MP CoOP. I had saved an original copy of the file so I deleted the altered one and put the original back in place but it still happens. I did not have this dropping problem before trying this change. Anyone else had this happen? (I'm hopping the patch will set things right if not its reload time.)
  7. I would agree have spent 21 years firing weapons during my military years, but they are not that far off. What does seem way off to me is the loudness of the silenced weapons.
  8. Thats interesting, never thought about trying that.
  9. SPOILER!!! . . . . . . . Yes. I answered that a few weeks ago. You can't get out alive. But I did
  10. SPOLIER WARNING.................. . . . . . . . . . I loved the get me Rosen map as well it can be played so many ways. On mission 10 the missile silo I didn't make it out the first time so I went back and practiced the run out several times and when I finally targeted the missile and made it completely out to the hanger/garage they still showed me not making it out in the final cinematic scene.
  11. There were a few people who deleted the Ageia drivers under GR:AW1 and reported no difference in the game, while some others with higher end systems/graphics said some of the eye candy was missing. What it will or won't do in GR:AW2 to the best of my recollection has not been reported on. If you do delete them the worst that could happen should be that you'll have to reinstall them.
  12. The whole problem is the MAPS are to restrictive. The reason GR was Recon was you could always find a way to scout things out and sidestep the enemy. In GR:AW and GR:AW2 the maps lead you down tight paths from one objective to the next and if you dare to deivate from their path, they end the game by killing you. I have high hopes that the Map Modders will make for us the types of maps that we love, (wide open) where you can go in any direction and the triggers on the enemy AI are not limited to a single path that you must follow or else. If they could do all these things in GR back in 2001 why can't we have at least the same or better now?
  13. I had that happen when I was on the Dam, only thing that worked for me was deleting the last save and loading an older save mission file.
  14. My team runs one (TS2) for private use, and about 4 or 5 of our guys have spare TS boxes ready so if we're playing with a few non team guys we'll set up one they can join if they have TS2. Usually people who are playing for their own enjoyment won't join but those who want a team experience will.
  15. I had that happen in mission 9, the missile made about 10 loops around the heli before it blew up.
  16. Was just talking to a friend who also played [GR]. He thinks the original prior to DS and IT only had about 4 kits each and when the DS and IT packs are added, there about 20 selections.
  17. [GR] kits had about twice as many choices almost insuring they had kits that made sense for the situation in 90% of the cases. Edit: I may be remembering the User Made Add on Kits
  18. You guys ever hear of Roger Wilco or Team Speak or... (yep Ventrilo Could not remember the name)
  19. Oh now, that is a little harsh. I'm not against the kits per say just they choices they made.
  20. For CoOp leave the weapons and choices up to the players or team leader. For Player vs Player the ability for the server to select which weapons won't be available should be a Must, and more than likely you would never see very many servers that allowed GL's. I have not played Player vs Player yet (love CoOp better) so I don't know if you can or can't do that.
  21. You can change kits by clicking on the blue bars below the kits, but your right I would rather have the same weapons choices like in the SP campaign. Who ever came up with the preset kits needs to have their head examined.
  22. Shooting RPG at the side no good, shoot at the opening at the back and nice fireworks. Edit: Oh, and this is why I have been asking for the ability to get secondary and backpack weapons from your teammates. They dance around forever while trying to decide which of the many (1) helicopters you have asked them to shoot down they plan on targeting. It may be a rocket but it sure ain't rocket science, just point the damn thing and shoot it already. It would take less time to run across the map and get the weapon and shoot it yourself.
  23. Same here, I do that with every game not just this one. I find the music annoying.
  24. I heard that Barrett has a kit already for one of those but that its over $1600.00 each. Not sure if that is correct.
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