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  1. Dropping you in the middle of the bridge (which had more than enough 50's to chew that copter to hell and back) was a stupid tactical move. Whom ever designed some of the missions was very good but if they also did that one they must have been asleep during the intell briefing.
  2. I really liked the way [GR] handled all of that, every mission you went on you got points you could put on several areas. As a newbe you could never sneak up on anyone, and your weapons sway was horrible. But the more missions you did the better you got at sneaking and peaking, as well as a few other things.
  3. I like the Grin folks, it's just that I want more from a title wearing the Ghost Recon name. I have even enjoyed playing the SP missions even though they had their problems. BUT GR is not just about SP it was about team play and when you can't get your teammates to buy and play the MP then it's wasted money.
  4. Which is why I hate to say it but if there is a GR:AW3 I will be reading these forums for honest to goodness reviews by GR players to see what they think before I spend any more money on a UBI game.
  5. In my opinion thats because they are trying to get you to buy a XBox, the more people leave the PC gaming world the better for them.
  6. Recon, there's Recon in this game. Strange the game I played I was pretty much forced to fight every bad guy on the map if I wanted to get from A to B. No, but they are much better than [GR] AI in following basic orders, but if you want them to actually watch a corner without going past the corner with their back to the enemy then your out of luck. Leaving them always slightly behind me covering my advance, then advance them till they are just behind me, and do it again.
  7. Only 2? How many have the consoles gotten so far? Was a huge deal for me not to have all the SP maps set up for CoOp, that more than anything kept many people on the team I belong to from buying this game. They can try to marginalize it all they want but the lack of an auto downloader was a huge mistake.
  8. True, and that is because of the CoOp game play in [GR].
  9. To me [GR] is only better in regards to CoOp, GR:AW2 wins in all other areas. Too bad for me I am a coOp player.
  10. If it was all fixed then yes, same ole stuff as 1 and 2 then NO.
  11. Wishing all you Turkeys a Happy ThanksGiving.
  12. Unfortunately in GR:AW and GR:AW2 you can't take over the next AI if you are killed or if you want to switch weapons/positions. Some people like that and other don't. I sometimes miss being able to switch bodies but also enjoy the suspense of only 1 life. In the server box their is a repawn slider and if set to 0 then it is unlimited and the rest are as stated 1 thru 9 lives.
  13. The real shame for me was not being able to get people in my unit to even think about buying GR:AW2. We have about 40 players that after the fiasco that was GR:AW refused to even look at it even after it went in to the bargain bin.
  14. I see it both ways, it switches back and forth for me. I watched it with the GF and when it would change direction for me, she would see it still going the same way.
  15. Papa, does that affect the bullets as well? (do they pass through objects?)
  16. I am also having an issue, in the DL setion it has CoOp Dam V3 night and Day DL's available. When you install them they change names to Snakepit. I see both the Snakepit Dam and CoOp Dam listed on the Server lists for maps being played but I'll be damned if I can find the plain CoOp version in the DL section. The snakepit verson is real nice and I have a lot of fun playing it but I would like the other versions to be available as well. (going to try DL'ing those V7 ones Pave posted and see what that gets me). Nope, those are Snakepit maps as well. If they are as good as the V3's I'm sure I'll enjoy them but Where the H are the Coop_Dam maps I keep seeing on the online servers list at?
  17. Yep, sounds like they are stomping their feet as they walk.
  18. As long as there is no Bunny Hopping, Shooting the Bullseye at 100 yards while running, or running at superspeeds, I'd buy that. And if there was a Medic, when he bandaged you up does that "Magically Restore your health" like it never even happened? If so we don't need it. GR has always been about being a game that tries to simulate real life conditions. A medic on the battlefield in RL can't restore anyone to health and cure their wounds. However if applying bandages kept you from dying yet still having to put up with the injuries you sustained in battle, I'd buy that.
  19. I mainly play CoOp and want the ability to select any weapon based on the mission or if playing in a league then what your told to bring. MultiPlayer on the other hand I can see the Server Admin restricting certain weapons to make the game fun for all and to reduce lag if that be the case..
  20. I am mainly CoOp and rarely play MP so I want all the weapons choices. I want it left up to the teams or the leagues to decide what weapons a team will or won't have available.
  21. 1. Yes, but 2. Depends on the amout of maps (state the amount of maps, and if they are CoOp)
  22. Must not be posted in the Downloads section then as I have (I think) every CoOp version there and all they did was add night or day to existing CoOp stuff, added Dam and Hacienda, plus a new version of Castle which is great. That still leaves about half the mission stuff not done as CoOp.
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