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  1. Hmmm really? Which means we did not really study this for real. The games may cause violent behavior or they may not take your pick.
  2. You know that FFOW is the unofficial A-Team game right? (i.e. baddy chopper gets shot down and the crew get out and walk away unscathed) No I did not, what the A Team? I can see people getting out of a chopper depending on where its hit and with what. (unless the scene shows it burning in and them walking out of the flames.)
  3. Ok, I picked up Frontlines FoW and played it about half way through last night. So far I will give it a 6 out of 10 for play and a 10+ for graphics. The reasons I score it a 6 is the cinimatics between fights, The .50 Cal sniper rifle will sometimes require 2 head/body shots to take out someone. The regular rifles don't seem to do enough damage on HardCore, (I can understand this on lower settings but not HC). Don't go the wrong way or you will be told you are leaving the battlefield, (anyone in the game industry ever hear of the tactic called flanking?) and shooting high powered missiles in to a small room and the bad guy still may pop up fighting. Couple of things I like is the accuracy seems not to favor run and gun, the drones and the fact that you can shoot your missiles in locked or dumb fire mode.
  4. I tried the Sins demo, it was fun but not what I am looking for. I guess I am more in to games where I get to do the flying, shooting and avoiding getting killed.
  5. Thanks Firefly, DL'ing now. I'll try it out after work.
  6. Holy crap, I think I have to go get a steering wheel. For a free game this is unreal. The graphics are really good and the racing is fun as heck. btw, I crash alot.
  7. There's a Demo? Sure as long as I don't have to sign up for an account to get it.
  8. Thanks Migryder, I have all the F.E.A.R. games and have even replayed them. I did not know about Project Origin, but now that I do I will be getting that when it comes out. I don't know why I don't already have S.T.A.L.K.E.R. it seems like something I would buy. Must have missed it when I was looking in the store. Since it's a year old maybe I can get it from the bargin bin.
  9. If your playing AC without trouble you must have a very good PC at the moment as the UBI AC Forums are all about the problems they are having. I have held off buying AC for that reason till I build my next system, (as soon as I find a rich uncle). Which then leads to, if you think R6 Vegas is CPU heavy then I am surely screwed with this old PC as it is not even ready for AC. However having said that I will definately put those games on my to get list when I get the new system running. I don't know much about this title, is it like Homeworld? If so I had a very hard time with HW as there is just too much stuff going on at the same time. I hate to say it but the old mind is not as agile as when I was young. Games like GR:AW2 push my limits with controlling team mates and tanks and a few Marines.
  10. That ok then as I don't have the card but do have the software from installing GR:AW. Will that interfer or is it ok? I'm hoping to pick up this game next payday.
  11. Oshead thanks, I have cysis, FarCry, and I'll look at the others but somehow Lego games sound a bit young for me. Assassins Creed is a bit more than the current PC can handle. Ground Branch and far cry 2, I await eagerly but its not out yet. Roco, I will check out Frontlines, that sounds like what I'm wanting.
  12. I'm sick of playing the same old games over and over. I like games like GR, NwN(1), Oblivion, Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer, MechWarrior, and a couple others. Anything new on the horizon or already out that I might want to take a look at? Also and this is big, I don't pay to play. I don't care how good the game is, I don't pay any more than what the box cost to bring home.
  13. I did try and find the sales amt for Crysis but didn't find it. Edit: http://thegamingsource.blogspot.com/2008/0...ion-over-1.html Looking at this I'd say they are looking at the console market and wanted/needed an excuse to move in that direction.
  14. Future Crytek titles will be multi-platform, no more PC exclusives Read the above article at strategyinformer and how this is being blamed on PC game Pirates.
  15. Went over to the UBI forums for AC last night to see if they had any PC people with problems running the game. After no one here reported any problems I was surprised to see that there are a lot of them over there. One of the problems seems to be from old drivers for Nvidia cards and that it also does not support AGP at all. Some folks running SLI reported that disabling one of the cards solved their problems and others saying that did nothing for them. I think I'm confused.
  16. A lot better than my system, I only have a 3500 with a 1950 Pro 2Gb DDR400 and intergrated 8.1 sound. Maybe I'll wait to pick this up till I finally get around to building my next system.
  17. When I bought my wife a new laptop last year I got her a real good Toshiba. I had a choice between getting XP Pro and Vista Home Premium. I decided to go for the Vista to see what it was like and test it out on her first. Aside from them naming stuff a little differently and it always asking if you really want to do that, we have had no problems running Vista and I will be using it on my next desktop build, (when I can afford it).
  18. PC He mentioned this to me the other day, hoping to pick it up shortly. Hmmm, that goes against the reviewers finding for both him and Parabellum. I wonder then what type of computers these folks have that are having all those problems vs the ones that are happy with the game.
  19. To who ever moved it to this forum, Thanks I was not sure which one to put it in. Dai, are you playing it on the PC or the Console?
  20. Link to Arstechnica.com Review of Assassin's Creed for the PC There is a lot more at the link and none of it is good. I was waiting on this game for a while now and am extremely disappointed by this review. I won't be spending my hard earned money on this title.
  21. Personally I think that some are overlooking the obvious. What made the original games popular in the first place was the style of play. That in turn brought in the fame and money. The question is then if the original games had been made like the newer games in the first place do you think anyone would even care about these titles? For my part the answer would be, Hell NO!
  22. Durka , Was just looking on Snopes to see if I could find that about the sniper running through traffic but did not find anything either way. But I did find where Dr Ruth the Sex therapist was a Sniper for the IDF in her youth.
  23. I perfer Canons over Nikons, the basic camera for best is the best in terms of quality and the Nikon lenses are some of the best but Nikon does not make their own Sensors. They use Sony sensors which are in my biased opinion inferior to Canons. Edit: I use a Canon 40D and love it.
  24. Sorry, looks like I was thinking of a different mission.
  25. If I remember right the forces you join up with are on foot. I think there were 2 of them and you have to order them to follow or something. If I'm wrong someone will be along shortly to correct me.
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