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  1. "Haskell's EyeWitness Account Was True" Put in to Google and not a single real news site comes up on the scope, only the bloggers and conservatives sites. News like that would sell a lot of papers. I wonder why that is?
  2. That may be due to the fact that Joe Citizen isn't packing in the UK. Thieves tend to be discouraged from continued pilferage when the intended victim responds with the business end of a firearm, rather than his or her wallet, as Octavius Barnes learned the hard way last year here in Florida. Reading your article It appears that homeowner later died from heart trouble brought on by the thiefs use of the stun gun. Glad the thief was shot and killed then, he got his just punishment for killing that homeowner.
  3. Just went a week on vacation with out a computer. Had to take a phone with me due to work but only used it a couple of times. However due to the rain watched a lot of TV.
  4. Since its not permitted to post naked pics this will have to do. http://htmlhelp.com/~liam/Hawaii/Maui/luau/hula-girls.jpg
  5. Dang, beat me to it, GlossyNews is a Satire Site.
  6. Nah not true the TSA would totally allow that after they had them fill out the appropriate paperwork 6 times (cause they lost the first 5 sets) and they then will be put on a waiting list for approval in an unspecified future time.
  7. If that was a real spontaneous reaction by the crowds then Aussies are really wild and crazy people. Oh and that guy looks like hes never been exposed to the sun in his life.
  8. As someone who has tats all over I can tell you my own experience. When I retired here and was looking for jobs people freaked when they seen the tats. I was asked if we hire you will you be willing to wear long sleeve shirts that will hide the tats. Looking at yours I can see they will be very visible below a short sleeve shirt and could cause you the same problems. There is also new policies in the services about tats, the AF for one is now banning them all together for new recruits and heard that they are thinking about making the lifers get rid of any that can be seen when wearing short sleeve shirts.
  9. Funny, and you got the titles mixed up. (Fixed - DS )
  10. Any pic's of the finished product flying?
  11. Useless when it comes to a planned event, all you have to do is grind the tip to a point.
  12. I was finally able to get out this Sat and take a couple of photos. I like this one of this Feral Cat up at the Aiea Height Trail. If you look close it appears he stopped on a yellow X and posed for the picture.
  13. Amazing, looks much harder than just throwing the balls in the air.
  14. http://www.visual-blast.com/flash/free-fla...or-your-images/
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