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  1. I have all my volumes set on max. I like the music in this game
  2. Wait till you get to the last mission. 50 Cals + long distance between save times = fun fun fun
  3. Yeah I have the latest patch. When I play Coup D'etat, the voices are loud and clear though.
  4. Ever since Quarterback, I can't hear a single thing the commander dudes are saying on the crosscom. I can only pick up the word Football every now and then. What's going on? Whats with that commando dude that killed some guy holding a camera. I just finished Fierce Resistance and the helicopter guy got killed or something. Can someone tell me what's going on? Is it just me or are they impossible to hear?
  5. Also, this game is in the future. Maybe they have newer shoes that do things regular shoes can't. Vietcong actually had this thing where you push e on their corpse and all their stuff comes out. Then you have to aim at each object/clip and take it. That was neat. Nevertheless, one mexican soldier walked behind a bush yesterday. I don't know if he was urinating or what. Maybe they've got liquid pouches inside their pants... I wish I could check. It's so unrealistic.
  6. You're right. Lets just remove this one bullet because it's too small of a touch. We should have a hand animation bending down and picking up magazines. I watched a Mexican soldier for 10 hours, how come he doesn't need to go to the washroom? I hate this game.
  7. I had been following the XBox 360 version and longed to play it because it looked cool. PC version demo came out and it dragged my system. Then I decided to get it anyway and I do not regret it. It seems a bit more intense and dramatic compared to the [GR] but I like it. They don't overdo it like Call of Duty 2 did (COD1 was just right) but GRAW pulls it off without going too far. I mean, the intensity of this game is nuts at the end of every level. The music is great. The graphics are great. UBI continues to patch and update the game with new content (who does this for free aside from Valve?) Only thing lacking was more weapons. I like how hard this game is which makes me play it very slowly.
  8. I would LOVE to see a GRAW soundtrack. All the music in this game is amazing. I'd also love to see an instrumental version of the Watchtower song (because I already have the vocal one). Who did the music for this game?
  9. Ever since Quarterback (or since I installed the latest patch), I can't seem to hear the General and the commander dudes talk to me on the cross com. They're very quiet and the chopper sound is louder than them. Any way to increase dialogue volume?
  10. - Weapon stats - I don't care much about the stats, just more weapons would've been nice. - Menu commands - most important one is COVER - Drone? Just move em around and they spot enemies as red diamonds - How to use ALL of the features of the tactical map (What are the rules for using Attack?, M button?) The attack thing I never use because you have to spot an enemy first - Terminology barked out in the videos - BooKoo hostiles, Weapons Free etc. What does it mean? And is it important? *beaucoup hostiles. French for "many" Weapons free - shoot whoever you like - And who are the people in the videoes? Those colonel looking guys with hats I have no idea, but the old guy is your commander.
  11. Im trying to load one of my check points and I can't even start the game. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.06 data\lib\managers\chatmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: set_log_rows in type <Text> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\chatmanager.dsf(0)
  12. It'd be great if it didn't have the gigantic WALLPAPER word next to it. Maybe some people just don't realize it's a wallpaper?
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