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  1. I agree with you lights! I also played OFP after GR. Sure the animations were a step back from GR but the gameplay is what I liked. I'm looking forward to this release.
  2. Same problem! FX5500 is supposed to support 2.0 shaders. I guess I'll stay with BF2. As for the older ATI cards working...... The answer is right there during startup of GRAhhhhhhh. ATI's a sponsor.
  3. If your a serious squad player this is a can't miss. It's the way BF should be played and what Joint Ops wanted to be. When the new patch comes out I envision even better game play as the bunny hoppers are going to lose their jump and shoot ability.
  4. So WK? How's the report coming? Inquiring minds want to know.....
  5. Welcome back! Looking forward to your account of your adventures in UbiLand.
  6. WK! How about another teaser to keep us partially satisfied.
  7. I pity the poor GR people. Be gentle WK and have fun mate!
  8. www.red-sector.com is back in operation!
  9. We are still working on getting this resolved. Please hang in there!
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