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  1. Naca, Thank you for reporting this bug. I can **confirm** this bug is correct and exactly as it is presented in this report. It is easy to reproduce. I reported this a long time ago (before this bug reporting forum existed and before version 1.03) and forgot about it. I believe the reason this is not being reported more is becuase of the bug in 1.03 that prevents most of us from playing campaign coop. Once we can start playing campaign coop again, I believe this bug will be noticed by most anyone who plays campaign coop. Especially if they play in combination with humans and AI freindlies (one of my favorite ways to play campaign Coop BTW) STEPS FOR REPRODUCTION 1.--> Start mission #1 in campaign coop with 2 humans and 2 AI members. 2.--> Play the mission up the point where the drone is being used by the squad leader. 3.--> Allow the squad leader to walk in the open and get shot dead. 4.--> Note how the control menu is now in the possession of the #2 player. As soon as the original leader was killed, the Squad leader contrls were passed to him. (The #2 player has been passed the squad leader tools) 5.--> Let the NEW squad leader (player #2) now try to control either the AI soldiers or the Drone. He cannot 6.--> Now let the new squad leader walk into the open and get shot dead, thus passing the squad leader controls back to the ORIGINAL SQUAD LEADER (who is always the host in a hosted server) 7.--> The original squad leader can now control the AI buddies and the Drone. One area of uncertainty I am not yet sure if this bug remains in effect with a dedicated campaign coop server. I have personally only seen it in the hosted campaign coop server (where the hosting player is the initial squad leader)
  2. Viiper? Can you please confirm this for the current versions (v1.03 so I can update the title line?
  3. Mop and bucket to Isle 7 please!
  4. Excellent bug report. thank you. Can you please take amoment to read the new rules for bug reporting section (we just pinned it yesterday, so you may have missed it). Then please PM me with what you shoudl have placed in your "decription line" and I will edit it in for you. such as the version number you are reporting on etc. Thanks!
  5. Rugg, Roco and friends, This is a classic example of ongoing collaboration on a poorly defined bug to get it to point where it is well defined. Kudos to you gents. This is EXACTLY what I envisioned when I asked for this forum to be created. Thank you for setting the bar of quality collaboration in hunting down bugs and teaching by example. As a friendly reminder Rugg and freinds, please take a moment to read the finalized "rules" post thas been pinned if you have not yet. it was posted only yesterday so you might have missed it (not criticism here ... rather, hoping to get the best of the best testers ... that's you guys ... to lead the way by example) This is one of those examples whereby everytime a new peice of information is pinned down in the ongoing investigation, Rugg needs to edit his original post so as to include "everything you now know" right ta the top level post In other words, we dont ever want the GRiNers to "HAVE TO" read through the entire post to piece it all together. We want them to simply have to read the top level post when possible and get everything they need to know right there. I recommend the following format. **************** Original language of bug report EDIT:(DATE OF EDIT): new confirmed observation EDT: (DATE OF EDIT) : the next new and confirmed observation and so on *********************** Thanks for the great effort you guys are putting into this new bug reporting forum! I'm really happy to see it take off like this. I believe that by participating in this forum, we will have the single most positive impact on GRAW2 of any forum anywhere. Period. Salute!
  6. Negative sir. I have seen the physics flaw (in vehicles moved by touching them) on Sierra_coop running on a very powerful dedicated server with only 2 or 3 persons on the map. furthermore, I have seen what a stressed server can look like (with lag and delayed enemy falling over when shot.) This was not the case for my report. The server was running without stress. I believe this bug may, however, need to br broken down into 2 components. One group is talking about peices like doors floating up in space. I have not yet seen this. I apparently am talking about 3 ton vehicles being moved and bounced around by minimal contact with players and bullet strikes. It does appear that these 2 bugs are related in so far as they represent exxagerated forces and physics. But they may not be exactly the same flaw in the physics engine. So in conclusion, I am not yet sure if we are talking about a single physics flaw or 2 completely different bugs. More testing and observations will be required. We will continue to discuss in this thread until we are all more clear.
  7. Yes. there are extreme bugs with the physics as relates to vehicles. In Seirra_coop, simply brushing up against a 3 ton APC on the bridge can cuase it to bounce into the air and even reposition itself. I do not believe that this bug is particular to anyone map or game mode. Rather, it seems to exist as a flaw in the basic physics engine as relates to Vehicles which can be blwon up and those which have doors that can swing open. From reading the mod forums, it has come to my attention that different types of vehilces exist. excuse my innacuracy in discussing them, but I believe some are static scenery while others have a dynamic property to them. My guess is it is these elemens and their physics have a huge bug in them. I believe if they are modeling mass and wieght, then the bug is there. after all, how can a 200 lb man cuase a 3 ton vehicle to move and bounce by simply brushing up to it? Can any one confirm this behavior in Single player? I can only confrim it in coop_Sierra on the bridge.
  8. When approaching the "Roadblock" objective from the south (and yet trying to walk west along the mountain edge at your southern back), if you move west and try to get down on the ground, you can get stuck along the edge of the mountain and the stair well. This has happened 3 times now to different people. They told me about it, so I confirmed it and snapped this image. No need to understand my compass heading descriptions too much, as they are self explanatory with this image to support them. You can clearly see the stair rail to my right and the mountain to my left. In addition, I tried every trick in the book to get out. standing running, courching, crouch running, laying down and moving, laydown running etc. nothing would release me form this trapped position.
  9. Brok21K, Will you be sharing your mapped world with the community so that coop map makers can build coop missions in this world? It look excellent!
  10. As i stated in my previous post, i believe it is more along the lines of a missing element in the simulation of a grenade. And not necessarily a bug. Here is my original statement: I think if you look closely at many bug reports, they are on that not-so-fine line between bug report and missing feature.
  11. Cell, Do you mind if I write up your bug report and place it in the bug reporting forum? I hate to let it go without making its way up there.
  12. OK Papa6. you have my attention. I'll bite. what, prey tell, is this big surprise to which you refer? And what is your source (I mean beyond that which you "feel") Are you suggesting that a content release is coming our for free? or an addon expansion type pack? Please do tell what you are thinking. i love rumors....
  13. Cell, I believe you have identified the simple fact that a "pin pull" is not actually simulated as s different event from a nade throw. but it should be. I would like ot see this factually placed in the Bug reporting section. I'm not sure if it is actually a bug so much as a simoplfied feature that desreves to be more designed and implemented out. But I think this is important enough to report there if you like. I would title it "Nade pin pull not actually simulated in GRAW"
  14. XTRAclip, Please add the following information to your post abiove. 1. what is HK21E. I have no idea, so others may not either. 2. What is your sound card and motherboard. 3. what driver and driver version are you using to generate sound. This appears to be a hardware problem, so hardware specifics, including driver versions, are ususally required for such bug reports. Thank you,
  15. OK. I'll bite. What does QFT stand for? EDIT: Got it. Quoted For Truth. Unles of course, you feel his post has something to do with Quantum field theory ....
  16. I like where this divisiion of labor is going...... I see efficiencies and a community working together. Kudos to all of you. and thanks!
  17. Sacrelige!!! Burn the HERETIC!!!! AMEN BRUDDA> I lost the love of massive gamesd a long time ago unless teh map is very very large and very well designed. I willa dmit that TDM in GRAW1 could go past those numbers and still feel gritty and sneaky becuase of their size and layout. Maps like downtown and shanty town. But there was very little team work on those. at least for me. probably becuase i wasn't in a teamspeak server with a squad I had joined. I was more of al one wolf. But those smaller "hunt in packs" games like 4v4 TDM (or objective based TDMs) are unsually the most tactical. Like the post. but be careful. the BF2 folks might burn you at the stake for openly stating such Heresy!
  18. V1.03 On tacticalgamers.com harcore set, dedicated server. This bug only happened once and I have never seen it before or since. So if others have seen it, please indicate so in this thread. Somehow, my buddies position got desyncronized with respect to my ablity to see it. So i told him to go from prone to crouch and peek around the corner. He confirmed to me that he did and he was in crouch, however he continued to appear prone. And when he "peeked", he did the impossible! He appeared to be peeking even though he was prone! Once we realized we were desyncronized, i asked him to actually go prone and back to crouch in order to "release" the bug. it **did not** work. Then i asked him to go to full stand and back to crouch. That **did** work. I saw him go to standing and then back to crouch correctly. As I have never seen this before and only seen it once so far, I am not sure how often this actually occurs for others.
  19. V1.03 Last night on Tacticalgamers.com dedicated coop server, the AI was set on Hardcore. There were only 2 of us on the server. On numerous occassions (4 or 5 times?), when we would kill enemy soldiers that were previously mounted on the enemy .50 cal machine guns, they remained standing in some odd way. They did **not** fall to the ground. They did appear to be "disconnected" from the .50 cal, and yet the physics engine allowed them to remain balanced on their own 2 feet, even though their hands were sort of thrown back and their head off in some angle etc. I'm sorry I didn't get screen shots as I did not have FRAPs running at the time. I will try to run FRAPs from now on in hopes of updating this post.
  20. I can confirm this bug in coop. The actual steps needed to reproduce it, however, are unclear.
  21. I believe you would be correct .... Thank you for setting priorities.
  22. Its not top secret at all. when you come into this forum and you are looking at all teh first page topics, look up at the other forums listed at the top of the page. Its right in front of you. It was started a few days ago and BTW. Love the Chris Carter reference from Rush hour. I'll def be going ot see RH3. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showforum=204
  23. Nice find BOTA. thank you. I noticed that the only coop map included is the Timber map. do you know if anyone has the other files for the different COOP maps, ? like the night bridge or the quarry?
  24. I hope so too. but I would be just as happy if not happier if they would make it possible for the modders out there to do that body of work and spend their limited time fixing things in the core code that modders do not have access to.
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