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  1. For me, a bit of performance gain, but there very buggy drivers IMO.
  2. Ok, problems with AA, 1. MAJOR FPS DROP, well maybe not major, but around 6-7 frames. 2. Models look great but it blurs the surroundings! Oh well no AA for me.
  3. Just started downloading it after I got a message from ubisoft (Tech support). Hope it's good. . .
  4. The Express Edition is CRAP! It's real buggy, and for a begginer, the way project files are organized can be a real hinderance. Begginers go with Dev-C++, you can just create one source file, or form a much easier to handle project file(s).
  5. Well guess, what ANOTHER ######ING ERROR. Went to check if ubisoft replied to my help request (supposed to take one day) AND STILL NOTHING. ######ing ubisoft.
  6. So about three-four years ago I was at my local best buy, in a line to ask about a computer part. Mind you I had just gotten into computer hardware. I hear that this man and his wife's computer is no longer booting. After a bit I hear the Best Buy "computer specialist" telling them about why their computer could have broke. The Best Buy "computer specialist" begins to tell the man that a computer works like a line (yes I know, terrible), when the computer is functioning properly the line is constantly curving up and down, doing what it is supposed to do. Now if a part of that line is missing or broken, the computer no longer functions. At the time I didn't know better and thought it was a valid explanation, but now, not so much. Wouldn't it be much easier and clearer to say that a computer may not function correctly if just one file is missing or corrupted? The sad thing is that the man probably bought into that crap, and paid for an expensive repair or an easy, do-it-yourself friendly, reformat. Just goes to show you, don't trust these big retail stores. Rant OVER!
  7. Well I reinstalled GRAW, left it on for a couple hours (sp), and no error . Looks like I can move from the tech support to where I want to be, the PC disscussion forums (I'll still give help on tech).
  8. I pesonally like the yellow, sets the tone for the map.
  9. I'll take this post seriously when the AI can learn to FOLLOW. The follow order tells the Ai to strategically follow taking cover and staying apart not just follow in a line. True, but when my ass si getting shot at, half the time they'll be in the back guarding an empty road.
  10. If you press "Join" button and it doesn't work then try pressing "refresh server list" while pressing the "Join" button. I've tryed that for about 5 times and it worked. Have fun. Someone didn't read my update > And someone changed the name of my post .
  11. I'll take this post seriously when the AI can learn to FOLLOW.
  12. NEVER MIND, got it working with RegCleaner and 1 Click add n' Remove.
  13. YEah I just figured something out, this dosen't answer my question, I don't get error 6001 and it didn't crash during install, I simply want to uinstall the game, but can't because of version 1.10.
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