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  1. Information about weapon modifications has fully updated. info
  2. Our community (more then 10 "old" teams) needs people to join disscussion about starting new project: Ghost Recon league with statistics and etc. More people - more chance to start league. Full info here First and last posts are important. I think it's a dream for each Ghost Recon player. Let's realize it!
  3. Hello. Sorry for my english before, if I write some words not right. If you a Ghost Recon player, you know, that most of people use OICW and SA80, because OICW has a great scope and not bad recoil, and SA80 has a good scope and great recoil. And most of other weapons are not useful because of bad recoil, accuracy, lack of optic. Besides most of servers don't allow MM1 or grenade launcher using, but admins can't forbid using of MM1 or support guns, because theese weapons are included in standart amunition of primary weapons. In view of theese reasons, I resolve to make new weapon mo
  4. If you like tactical simulators, then you shouldn't buy GRAW, because it is not a simulator. GRAW has a good grafic, but it is too much arcade game. [GR] better. So, if you like a perfect grafic and you can spend 400 bucks to have a superb videocard, then you may buy this game. But it will cost 400+50 bucks. And yes... GRAW is Lockdown of Ghost Recon series.
  5. They always have a chance, but I don't understand why some issues were not fixed when patches 1.06, 1.10 were relized and GRIN knew about theese issues and wrote that theese issues were patched! Now I just watch for GRAW and I don't play it more, because lags and arcade gameplay make me bored. Now I play [GR] only. I don't expect from GRAW critical modifications so I have a skeptic mood.
  6. IF GRAW had principal features of [GR] and had not so raw engine, I think we haven't so many dissatisfied men. That's simple.
  7. Callsign: RLT-Olegrus Game: Ghost Recon 1 Age: 23 And the most of people in Russia, who played [GR] before GRAW, think that [GR] is the best. GRAW has wrong direction to evolution.
  8. You shouldn't buy this game because you will have many problems with lags. You have too slow PC and video too to play this game smoothly. By other words, you will have low render, 800x600 resolution and 20-30 max FPS. It's not good to play comfortable, especially if you want to play in multyplayer. Official recommended system requirement has a conservative value.
  9. I think we should destoy all consoles. War has started
  10. Are you kidding? Improve? I never believe it, because the engine is not have potential to be more fast. GRIN patch the raw game. The haven't business to improve the game, because I think that they haven't time to do it. So my opinion: - Grin shouldn't do GR4 because GRAW is not much like GR and GRAW more arcadly then ORG, so it's not a simulator. - The features of [GR] must be use in GR4. - The natural maps must be in GR4. - Red Storm Entertament forever! - No f...king console engines on PC! GRIN should do games like Quake and etc. I think it's will be better.
  11. I tired to write to the wall! You can close this post, because i think this circle is never finished. I understood that nobody answers to my questions because they can't tell me anything to their justification. GRAW is not Ghost Recon. Ghost Recon died... Ubi will not get my money for it's products untill they finish do stupid arcade sequels to tactical games. That's off. Have your f...ing fun.
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