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  1. I keep hearing stuff like "Oooh look how Rainbow Six got killed off" Have any of you played Rainbow Six Vegas yet? ...it's absolutely phenomenal and can't wait to play the full version. (Talking XB360 here, the PC version should be similar)
  2. Better to get it out the way and sorted now, rather than having niggling issues plaguing the network all year round.
  3. Well, I think your find the reason there is more apparent PC interest is that whilst unlucky PC owners like myself are having technical gripes console gamers are too busy to post on forums as they are busy enjoying the game. LOL Which is why I gave in eventually and just got the 360 version. heh
  4. Or actually having to pay for hookers in a GTA game. ###### May aswell just hit the street corners for real, if your gonna go down that line. What a joke. lol
  5. Well , if RB6:Vegas is anything like the 360 version, it will be awesome. Lockdown was a JOKE, and Vegas has come about to rectify this mess. http://screenshots.teamxbox.com/screen/522...nbow-Six-Vegas/ I'd be shocked to not see anything else for GR:AW come about in the future, want to lock up that MP market and keep the interest going. QuakeWars and Battlefield 2142 are nothing to worry about though.
  6. Don't know why people are that upset. GR:AW ended up costing me over £1000 in the end. Got a little taste on the PC, decided I wanted more, got fed up waiting, so went and plugged a stack of cash on an XB360 and goodies, and about to order a 32" LCD HD TV. LooooL I aint even kidding, GRAW on the PC drove me to this with sheer frustration. General way it will be eventually, GRAW 360 for drunken Saturday nights, GRAW PC for Sundays, as they do both play quite differently.... good and bad sides to both.
  7. Because he got pwn3d , that's why he scarpered!
  8. Bastid GRiN, it's a good patch. LOL Had my mind made up , but curiousity got me. I threw in the towel, then thought what the hell... installed and have to say, it's finally a game. Hmmm Damn you for this cursed addiction!!!
  9. Adios peeps, it's been fun. But I got fed up waiting, don't get the time to play anymore with work and stuff. Checked out the XB360 version, It aint half bad at all.... so i'll probably just throw that on at the weekends from now on. Good luck to GRiN and any future projects you may partake in. Happy gaming all.
  10. I just got my 2nd SLI card back from RMA , go into the Lobby to have a game... a stack of UBI servers and every single one of them empty on a Saturday afternoon. GUTTED!
  11. Nob jockey! ..... you sound like some GRiN bumming Fidel Castro! lol "Give us your money and now ######" LMAO.... Fidel is my long lost cousin m8... Have a nice day..... lol ... Glad you took it as a joke, that's how it was intended actually.
  12. Well, the game still blows MP wise until finished and thats the end of it regardless of whatever anyone says. If anyone finds the online side of this slightly fun, they really need to play alot more various games first off lol
  13. Nob jockey! ..... you sound like some GRiN bumming Fidel Castro! lol "Give us your money and now ######" The game remains utter wack until it's finished. I still hold faith it WILL get finished though!
  14. Yeah, your saying people should fork out full store cost and be gutted rather than pick it up on the cheap for the sake of the "GREATER CAUSE"... lol Typical mentality they rely on i'm afraid.
  15. As far as i'm concerned, think of this as negative or whatever you like... but I don't play GRAW anymore, i'm bored senseless with it. Just not enough along the lines of MP modes and maps right now. Every time it's a case of nOObs spamming nades and campers, change map, then repeat. Woooo great fun! The next patch will be an absolute Godsend, with the new stuff promised and will actually mean I don't feel like i've wasted money on this game. But until then, i'm just concentrating on my job....and hopefully by the time Winter comes and there's less reason to go outside i'll have a good game to sit down to in the run up to Xmas. As for pressure...pfft.... pressure on anyone is self created, self applied. If I were them I couldn't give two hoots about the whining and it would be a case of it's done when it's done. Rather get it right than hurried. Anyways, hopefully see you fellas in a few weeks time to waffle, moan and praise the next addition to this faltering turkey soon to be "something". Time for the pub!
  16. A good firm groinal scratch followed by fresh filter coffee first thing in the morning is very positive and good, infact.... GRAW is almost as good.
  17. I have a copy of x64 and have to say, when it works, it works a damn sight better than XP32. Shame there wasn't much support for it in the end. Has alot of touches that offer improvements over 32bit, handles more 2GB plus of Ram far better, is more responsive etc I just hope once Vista comes out we don't get problems with GRAW and others games, as once all the patches start rolling ill still be there with it.... (I Hope!) Next step is my new Conroe CPU, nVidia G80 & an Ageia PPU.
  18. I've got one on my shopping list, might indulge in the near future but still waiting for Intel's Conroe platform to come out first by which time the next gen cards might be out. It's just hard knowing when to buy hardware these days.. lol
  19. It's really quite simple. Say your upload speed is 1Mbit ..... you host co-op for 4 people, you would have to set it to 128k ...and even then your pushing it some as there isn't any room for overhead. The killer question, say you have a stupidly high amount of bandwidth, what real world difference does having it set from 128K , 512 ..1MB make to gameplay?
  20. It's fixed what made MP unplayable for me, so I would say i'm very pleased with this update. Cheers GRiN.
  21. Point well taken. I am humbled and shamed by your astute and learned reply. Parents that let their kids play games that simulate killing should definitely prevent them from reading bona fide words with an etymology stretching over 400 years. haha, touche and true say. As quoted from Maddox, the legend commenting about the uproar surrounding GTA:SA and the Hot Coffee mod. " Thank God. I'll be the first person to download and patch my PC version of "Grand Theft Auto." I want to shoot people in the face, bang prostitutes, traffic drugs, steal cars, and terrorize police officers without this filthy smut in my game. Frankly, I'm appalled that Rockstar would allow such wholesale corruption of our youth. Years from now when America has become a withered husk of the morality it once stood for, historians will look back at what triggered it all and point to one event: a boolean variable that unlocked a simulated sex scene in a video game. " LOL
  22. It would be good once all the new maps start coming out, if gr.net could create a map pack of sorts that servers can use. Sort of like a set standard so people aren't all trying to connect to servers and be booted off because they don't have the map nor do they know where to get them. Only thing that concerns me.
  23. Where's Willie at when you want to throw questions at him... hmmm Nice find that.
  24. I hope not, I hope it will add to a great game that has a few problems. 9/10 GRAW owners prefer GRAW to succeed. Damn right I do! ... a £30 turkey with high hopes is like a dinner date without a lay. It sucks! I thought a dinner date without a lay DIDNT suck and that that was the problem... "Dinner date without a lay.... It Sucks" .... see, I got it right the first time dammit. LoL Hey, if she don't put out after you paid for dinner she atleast deserves a right hook. (I've been watching too many Medieval Husband documentaries lately, it inspired me.) I'm that hungry for the next patch, i've already started raving on about chicks again. Games were suppose to help me redeem my weary and woeful ways, give up alcohol, gambling and womanising.... and instead i've managed to resort to 8% proof homebrew, buy scratchcards and setup a flurry of net munters to come and corrupt me. Gimme patch, Gimme Gimme!
  25. Hehhehe..... After having left it for years, let everyone else do the real fighting then just pop along to add to the compilation of "History's Finest Military Blunders" , feel threatened by a few rice farming ninja's so have to resort to A-Bombs..... yeah, spot on there dude. LoL Bwahaha.... and Americans aren't ugly, just a little bulky around the waist some. Now i'm off to massage my bad teeth, drink tea and terrorize the street with a spot of soccer violence ye olde chap.
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