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  1. GRAW2 has been out what, a week now? I could install a vanilla [GR] and have many of the same complaints, I personally think GRAW2 fixed many of the important issues from GRAW1 and left alone what, in all honesty, should have been left alone. The immersion factor in this game is amazing if you don't start it up expecting [GR], that is why I start it up expecting GRAW2. I could sit there all day and say, "well FEAR has these effects" or "[GR] had this movement" and constantly ruin the game for myself.....or I could play GRAW2 and just have fun.
  2. If they reimplemented the zoom feature the realism fanatics would punce so damned if you do.....I have to agree with Papa on this, I think it simulates RL so much better than [GR] or GRAW1 did. [GR] freedom was awesome and I do have to agree with the placement of AI issues, but the random placement of patrols between each reload makes it awesome!!! I played an [GR] coop map with a buddy and figured it was similar to GRAW1 where once you figure out spawn points you had the level mastered but the next time it came around where I was expecting 2 guys to come out one guy popped out 50 yards north instead, I love that!! It makes my day to see people still wishing GRAW was [GR], If 3 does ever come to fruition I hope it sticks more to GRAW2 than [GR], this franchise is finally moving in the direction it should.
  3. OK, I got a campaign co-op to load as a dedi by basically just renaming the xml file from coop to dedicated, but it wont load insertion points or let you see other ghosts (MP or AI) obviously it is because it reads another file for this type of mission but I cannot seem to find out what it might be. Just thought I would throw this out there for you tinkering geniuses to look at (as if you don't have enough, lol)
  4. Sorry bud, no idea where to go in the UK, I bought my fan from newegg.com but I am not sure if they deliver overseas, and if so how astronimically expensive it probably is. As far as checking your RAM speed, I can recommend two things: first System Mechanic 6, you can increase RAM speed up to a certain percentage of your total;second, a G-15 keyboard from Logitech, it tells you what your CPU and RAM usages are in game, also displays FRAPS FPS counter so you don't have those annoying number overlays. Hope this helps you some.
  5. Yeah it is a ATI Radeon, not made by a different brand or anything, and yes I do a aftermarket fan/heatsink on it. Can't remember the name but it is a HUGE fan made of copper and it works perfect. Oh and it's PCi-E
  6. Just so you know I have that exact Gfx card and I was running about 40 FPS on most settings maxed. This is more than enough for good gaming and even during the most intense firefights it only dropped to about 30 (I have a better system so subract about 10 and this should be what your running) Oh and get more RAM!!!! That will affect most games the cheapest way.
  7. If ever there is an expansion pack, which marketing ploy do you think we should we look out for to suck us all in? HalfLife: Advanced Warfighter SuperMario:Advanced Warfighter I like Super Mario, we could at least call it SMAW
  8. I am honestly surprised that character personalization isn't a major factor in ALL games like this where you play as a character. I remember Tiger Woods 2004 where you could personalize your golfer and what a HUGE hit that was, and most people aren't asking for that much detail. Just put a .tga file in a folder, go in game select said picture for patch and viola you have personal patches. As far as facial customization this SHOULD be the norm for all games like thsi, I mean obviously it is a doable thing.
  9. Not really a point for them to post is there, someone asked a question we answered
  10. Well since most of the key commands in GRAW are single key, there is not really a need for programming, I mean you COULD program the run to it, but do you really need to. I say this out of experience, I started to make a profile got about 1/4 through and was like, well this is useless.
  11. um yeah but your in mexico and well, do we buy the good beer in the US...not always, lol. I love the sound, but it is really hard to determine where it is coming from, you know when they do kick the can, you cant tell where they are.
  12. I couldn't tell you if the AC worked or not, he may have just not come back, but it ws the last time we saw him.
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