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  1. more cool stuff i just found... "Grins own editor has been updated and is now released for public use. You can always reach the built-in help functions by pressing "F1". We've also included a basic tutorial document, which you can find in the "Support" directory where you installed GRAW. After you've made your map, press "Escape" and then "Export" to prepare the map for the game. This will allow you to set some options like lightmaps and level quality. Please note that for large maps rendering these can take a very long time. Once the process has been completed, a file with your maps name and extension .bundle can be found in the custom_levels directory of GRAW. This .bundle file can then be distributed, and is the only result file you need to share. All players wanting to play your map must have a local copy of it." So where is this support directory???
  2. Ok, time to check this thing out. Just wanted to make this thread since i havent seen one yet. Could everyone plz put in what commands they have figured out? I know how to move the mouse around and pick up and place objects, but has anyone figured out how to load the map? is there a way to load the map right in the editor to test it? 1. to move mouse click the spacebar once, to go back to only the mouse pointer to click on settings click the spacebar again.... and back and forth we go until our map is complete. 2. Placing objects.. once you select an object left click the mouse to drop it in place or place a ground piece. everything is left mouse to place anything. 3. To delete something you dont want, most of the time you can just select it with whatever layer you are working with and hit the delete key on your keyboard. Other times you have to find exactly the same piece used to remove it. well were off to a good start
  3. Tekhouse, LOL i agree with ya. For the moment i am not even playing this until the patch comes out, too many ppl modding weapons to the point that it looks like hackers, and yes there are hackers too... with wall hacks and so forth... luckily i found something to keep me busy... GTA San Andreas ( PC )... It seems that modders have made an online TDM, DM, Cops and robbers, and all kinds of other mods for this game, and right now i love it. This will definently tie me over til the patch comes out Here's a link to a video of the cops mod ive been playing... njoy
  4. Sounds good, Shadow. Thanks for the .xml tip. Anyway to remove the first person weapon? and just keep the rets?
  5. hmm think this one belongs in [GR] forum
  6. So this new random spawn point thing is still another version of TDM or is something else? And wow man you are above and beyond the call of duty on this one. So everytime you set a spawn point you have to reload the game and check it? everytime? or do you have a faster way?
  7. I think he's calling it incomplete and takin an aspirin before he tackles the next job
  8. Thanx TEd, I was in your thread last night when i noticed one of our Grin brothers actively reading it also, so i shot out a quick PM to him Recruit - 3rd Class Group: GRiN_Stickan Posts: 17 Member No.: 10,345 Joined: 18-April 06 me: Hi, i see you're in the "Weeee" topic... what do you think of this mod? GRiN_Stickan: Hello, I like it. As you can see from Ted's first post, he thanks Desmond for the idea to do this. We anticipated that it'd happen sooner or later, Domination mode is very flexible. This is just Domination without zones. Imagine what a game of Domination with 2 zones would be like, that's another type of TvT but with some objectives as well. Many possibilities! Me: Yes, very true... Thanx for replying... got a quick question for you... is it possible to save maps with added features like more cars or whatever in the bundle editor? and just for the record I believe TDM is the most important out of all modes... with one spawn of course... also what ppl really want is a way to watch ppl play while a spectator (cause looking at a blank screen is just boring) ... cause if they only have one life.. which of course is the most realistic and really makes them try to hang onto that one life for as long as possible and not let down their leader...which is really what matching is all about also... Do you think we'll be seeing this? sorry for all the questions... i blame all the coffee im drinking.. thanks for listening. GRIN: No, I don't think you'll be able to edit the current maps and add more "things" to the maps. Editor is coming, though, so you'll get your chance there - not to edit the current ones, but to create new levels. As for the game modes, and as you can see per Ubisofts press release, TDM is on our todo list. me: Thanks for taking the time answering my questions.. you guys are doing a great job... do you mind if i post your answers? Grin: Go ahead.
  9. We'll we had an awesome time on TDM... this is where GRAW will shine... it was a blast... now if GRIN will give us Spectator mode we can limit the lives to one... just like [GR] and Ravenshield... and be ready for some kickass matching. BTW grin... its hard to match with Domination, and Deathmatch mode... TDM rules!! Good job Ted...
  10. How were you able to save changes to the maps ... ie new spawn locations? did you save the new modded map? Great work... quick question? how do i know who is hosting a team deathmatch map? i joined a server that said Domination and i got this error Crash in application version: grpcrc1.10 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypedomination.dsf(-1): cant find member: new_under_attack_by in type <scriptTCList> ok i got that error cause the server i joined was domination... so if you want to create your own TDM server you have to load a domination map with this mod installed... i didnt read that anywhere. So its kinda hard to tell whos running TDM servers unless they put it in their server description.. still a cool breakthrough... is it possible to change the spawnpoints? like have one side start on the bridge and the otherone on the other side... then add cars and stuff in between... that would be cool
  11. The XBox version has an ability to modify ROE at will. Why the PC version does not is beyond me. What i think would be cool for something like this is the command to put 1 or all ghosts on a "Stealth" command, wherein the ghost ai will not shoot when he sees an enemy but reports an enemy and takes cover till given the order to go "Hot" meaning open fire... this would alleviate all the unneccesary firing the ghost ai does. Would be cool to toggle this feature and shut the ai off when you feel "Cease fire" is warranted.
  12. I found three bugs... with the new patch 1. I didnt have my action key selected in the options cause i changed that key to something else and basically forgot about it... well when i tried to exit a vehicle i didnt get any message saying press "action key" to exit vehicle. Even when i esc'd out and changed the key to my desired action key and resumed, i couldnt get out... yeah small bug, but bug nevertheless. 2. When i click to type a message i shoot one round from my gun.. doesnt happen all the time, but enough 3. When i'm hosting a coop game, and i have a friend or several with me, and i decide to change my resolution to make it run smoother, it drops everyones connection but mine.
  13. gonna try it http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/v2/play.php?id=7469
  14. Well i shot a tango in the upper body and saw a big spray of blood, so i guess they are all somehow linked... but the headshot display no water effect
  15. yup it's my favourite.. [/quote Digital, i cant find the enemy area... any luck?
  16. Yes the ghost cam in the upper left has been figured out as best as we can get. If you read Peewee's post a few lines up, he explains it... i tried it and it works now... back to second topic at hand... Digitally @wrath: havent tried on enemies yet, but I think all u need is to assign the proper material to display wounds @Digitally -> I found the coolest effect... put the effect of getting shot in the head on "water". it is awesome... we just have to figure out how to change the color to red, and maybe tone down the fountain a lil...i mean ... that would be a lot of blood... lol Let me know how the enemies turned out... i dont have time to look into it right now
  17. This only adds weird colors to the wireframe (small vieport). I tried changing the full screen to color but didn't succeed so far... The full screen one isn't actually labelled cross com anywhere in the files, that's just the little one in the top left of the screen. To change the full screen one, look for the 'buddycam' settings in the post_effects.xml file in data\settings. You can remove/comment out the sections on sepia to get a full colour picture. Can do the same on the tac map sections to get a full colour tac map and on all the levels to remove the sepia tinting. Didn't spot this thread before I posted my other one with the edited file. ================== Where is everyone... 2 days later and no posts... have you guys given up? OK, first off i have messed around with the wireframe cross com and i have it in color.. i can see buildings and stuff but other stuff like ghosts, cars, and i think trees are invisible. Also there are wierd lines that make a curved pattern across the display. Thats one new thing, the second is i have added decals as wound effects on the players. Now i know when my ghosts are shot, seems to only work on the ghosts though, trying to figure out ai... also the decals as with all decals in the game wear off after 7-10 seconds. Was wondering if someone wouldnt mind looking around for how to increase the time on one particular effect like dirt ... to maybe a minute. Blood decal doesnt show up, although i did see blood spray out of my chest when i was killed. Coulda been something i enabled, i have been messing with a lot of the xml files
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