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  1. you know me as harntrox who makes mods. but i also play guitar... in the HX5 mod i put in about 10 minutes of original music. well, here is the rest of it, if anybody wants to hear it ... anyways the total budget for this recording session was exactly zer0 dollars and zer0 cents so if you wonder why it sounds 'raw' there ya go http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=175701&T=4722 i always found it hilarious how protective GR modders were about their art and design but almost every mod was a massive RIAA legal viloation shipping entire mp3's of hendrix music etc .... for whatever its worth (uh $0) - this is all original music done in-house by myself, and i give it away for free. Equipment used: ------------------------------ Adrennalin2 Drum Machine, Synth, Processor Digitech GSP 21 Legend Hafler T2 Tube Preamp '89 Fender Stratocaster Full stack, (8) 12" Celestions SM57 Mic Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixer Acid, SoundForge
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