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  1. Thanks Cobblers and Rocky. I appreciate the help.
  2. What would be the preferred way and where to order the PC version of GR2? Thanks
  3. Do have the patch and have been running it fine for two years and adding things with no problems. I just have not trried to play it for about 6-8 weeks. So, basically, it is not a new install or system configuration change that I am aware of. I just fully expected to pick up where I left off and was not able to. Let me know what specs you need to evaluate and I will gather them. Thanks again.
  4. Have not been able to use the game for a while. Went to play the other day and when I clicked on it, it went thru the usual startup screens and somewhere along the way, it just quit. No messages, no errors, etc. With so many files, mods and info on my hard drive, I sure hate to delete everything and start over. I was hoping I could reinstall or repair whatever is causing the problem. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  5. That was it. I appreciate the help guys.
  6. I was looking for the mission you described. Do you know what it was called or if it was an original or a mod?
  7. I am looking for a mission. It is an old one and I cannot remember if it was a mod or not. Poor description follows, but hopefully someone will recognize it. Thanks in advance. It has two structures built out of stone blocks. One connection is by a footbridge that looks down on water that flows underneath. Another connection is by steps. Inside are a lot of boxes and corners. A couple of doors lead thru a short, dark passageway, that you cannot see well into due to the daylight. If you go to the lower level, you can look up and see the footbridge. I just cannot recall what it is called.
  8. Sorry. I had to reinstal everything. I could not remember what the mod was named or who did it. But, y'all helped me find it...AND some others I had not tried, yet. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
  9. I had a mod that include silenced sniper rilfes, but cannot locate it again. Thanks in advance for any ideas of the mod's name.
  10. Have GR, DS, IT installed and some mods. I usually just insert IT and let it initialize and start on its own. Just now, if I click on the shortcut for GR, I cannot put in the IT, DS, etc., disc or it tells me to insert the original GR disc. ' If I try to re-install IT or DS, I only get an option of "un-instal" GR. I wonder why this has started all of a sudden? Do you think I just need to un-install GR? I guess taking this choice means losing all of my mod info? Any ideas or suggestions are apreciated. TIA.
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