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  1. if there was a filter for empty servers then you wouldn't be able to see any servers cause they are all EMPTY. cant a brother play some GRAW
  2. if any of you have the DVD version of GRAW with the bonus DVD it shows some tech thats sort of like that i think or maybe that was on the history channels modern marvels.
  3. Thats my questuin which is better and which do you see as becoming more of a standard. Having a hard choice deciding.
  4. I just finished reinstalling windows on my computer due to it being slow. Now reinstalled the sound drivers i think ( i installed the sound cd my comp came with). But now even if I go to play GRAW or any other game theres no sound. but when I launch my comp I get the sound of it turning on you know the chime type one. Can someone please help me.
  5. Happened to me after the 1.16 file and i reinstalled and everything worked just fine. To me i think the problem was that i had uninstalled earlier but saved my profiles so when I reinstalled something got screwed soo then I deleted everything and then reinstalled and everything was fine. I f you have installed and reinstalled before and saved profiles instead of deleting them when you uninstalled then try a complete clan install, Hope that helps
  6. Every other freaking country except for Britain since almost everybody hates U.S
  7. I read a book on this exact subject and guess what its name was The bear and the Dragon by none other than Tom Clancy. The main PLot of that book itself is about the subject of Russia China and America. Read it to find out more it pretty good but fiction nonetheless.
  8. Why do you say that? Every country, operating at the scale that we are, would have 'mistakes' like this. It's fairly inevitable; like the subject says, 'War is ugly'. Compared to other armies we are not an extremely large fighting force out military doctrine itself implie ofr a smallish yet effective army...or so i've heard.
  9. hahahahaha very funny. Cool octupus though. Its whole bidy just morphs into that material. Does it only do it with that rock or others too?
  10. I was online and found i server(WDA) which was running Outside and had one player on it I joined and soon two others joined. So we played and holy crap it was awesome. The map is so large and has nice cover and lots of trees. It was awesome to hunt down the enemy which took a while due to size and kill him. If there had been more players then it would have rocked. But still, I thank whoever made this map for this is the first time i truly enjoyed MP in GRAW. This game has enormous potential if GRIn releases large maps with TDM. The large maps like outside give people more room and time to think through a tactic and not run n gun. Also the non urbanity(dont think this is a word) of the level also make the game feel less crammed with objects and little nooks with enemies camping out. Maybe its just that i dont like urban maps whatever. But the main point is that large maps make this game even more fun and exhilirating and everyone should download the map Outside. I cant find the thread though. PS. Would the rightful creator of the map please reveal himself cause its driving me nuts on who made it. Maybe it was Unwritt3n......
  11. well i was nice with my topic. then i was trolled/flamed to no end? yall should be ashamed. I think mainly people are tired of hearing compliants although yours might not be one they took it as one are semi blew up on you. Mainly it is the sheer redundancy of the complaints
  12. LOL! I'm betting you don't like any games... not evey GR1 or you wouldn't be posting here... you would be playing them. Lets take a vote. #1 Does Cajun like any games at all? (YES/NO) #2 Has Cajun even played GRAW (YES/NO) #3 Should Cajun be put in the next missle launched at an Iraqi terrorist (YES/NO) (just joking on the last one with you Cajun ) My submition is no no and yes( just kidding but really)
  13. From where I see it Cajun47's problems with GRAW would all magically disappear if GRIN or Ubi changed the name by removing the Ghost recon. But then he would complain that he wanted a Ghost recon and not some other game. No matter how you cut it in the end people cannot be satisfied. even the the devs are in the forums trying to fix the problems that the game has he still hasn't been taught no to judge a book by its cover.
  14. Correctomundo. Adding maps is one of a little short of a trillion other tasks I have on the go at the moment. By the time I've got the download, checked the details, arranged a mirror (or two), uploaded, grabbed a screenshot, edited it to size, added it to the download entry details, that's an hour disappeared, just for adding a couple of mods to the database. All when I have a new game sitting on my desktop begging me to play it So it is just time folks, no favouritism. Thanks for the summary of links, they will be added ASAP. What could be easier than this? What new game
  15. As more custom maps come out people here( GR.net) and elsewhere will want to play on them. But as of now there are at most one passworded server running a custom made map. A new map modding section has been opened but there is no where to play the maps with people. So what is going to happen if people make maps that no one plays because no one hosts them. Will GR.net be setting up any servers after Dedicated server files are released( have they already been released?)? I am concerned with the future of this game seeing as that time is passing no servers with these maps are appearing. The current maps can get tedious after playing on them forever and with the next patch and TDM coming out who knows when map modding is the only thing that will probably hold this Games MP side up and even that is not fully functioniing. Maybe it is too early to say this but for the maps to be played the servers must exist and run them. PS. I wrote this post after hosting a custom map for 30 minutes in which time no one joined. I even in the title told players where to download the map.
  16. ill look at this for you guys tommorow, I dont have the game infront of me right now, as im about to go to bed;) So much Commitment and still some peole rag on the GRIN team. Wow.
  17. BY the way in the game if you are an insurgent you never fight the US on any maps the Us is always fight the MEC spec ops. Secondly the troops on the video are British SAS recreations. Lot of wrong information but very funny how the pentagon is seriously taking that as a threat.
  18. Looks like a small nuclear warhead. Just keep it to throw at an annoying neighbor. POof he gone
  19. Not that good myself but if you just read the code you will be amazed at how much you can do. It is simple to change lines of code to get intended results. Simply read over the part you want to change and make the apropriate solution or mod. Thats all I can help with but there are other guys around here who would help more.
  20. I just downloaded two new custom maps and want to play on one really bad with people. I put up a server for a few min. but then got impatient. So if any one wants to play on the Custom map Outside (search forum for download) tommorrow at 1:00 PM EST tommorrow feel free to join there will be no tac points and the server name will have the word KAKA in it. Hope to see somebody there. PS its a domination map. PSS thanks to unwritten fo creating the map.
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