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  1. this is to the GRiN people here and anyone else whos cares. I noticed that the strongpoint map is basically the SP player version which has been relit but kept the same size and everything( others have probably noticed this to) So my question is that will there be a patch which adds other single player levels or maps to be played on multiplayer. It would be really cool to play sige on the embassy level. Just wondering.
  2. My favorite is probably Scar-H with silencer and Gl or Scar H with froegrip and silencer. I hardly use GL though just for looks. My Least Favorite is probably the MR-c because it is pretty much a useless pile of metal or plastic. I mean even the M9 is cooler than it but the M9 is lethal in the right hands which arent mine.
  3. I guess all those people will never know what the actual feeling of that is. Unless of course they are or have been in the military. Even all of here that haven't actually fought in a war can never truly even begin to describe what you feel think or do when there. Its like when someone's pet dies and that persons friend who never had a pet says I UNDERStand. YEah right how can he, he never lost a pet. same with this video. Bunch of people all safe and sound. Wonder what would happen if you stuck a rifle up there face.
  4. So some new tutorials came out with the patch that showed how to import a weapon and i was wonder if anyone had actually done it. And also if server hosts this mod of new weapon and client has it will you be able to play online with it. Is it even more. It would be really cool to kill some mexican soldiers with the good ol russian AK-47. Just kidding but new guns are desperately. PS. I just started modeling and well im not that good so dont tell me to mod myself and figure out.
  5. I dont know this sort of happened to me once and I finaally got rid of my profile and then things worked. I have no clue as to the crash log and what not
  6. Siege mode sounds cool cant wait to play it. This is going to be fun.
  7. I noticed today that while waiting in few coop servers for the last player that some of the beta testers are leaking information to others. not naming any names but is this right or wrong.
  8. I think the whole nade issue could be solved either by Grin patching it so that there are more consequences to firing one or just make it harder to aim. But servers also could limit tactical points therefore thinning out the field of nade spammers. Also limited tac points make the game more fun since then everyone isn't using a heavy machine gun or a grenade launcher.
  9. I have mixed opinions on this patch. First off the new maps are pretty cool except for the irreversible spawn camping on all the HH maps. TDM on the other seems to me as though if you aren't in a clan then it sucks cause the maps are so big and you have no idea where to go. But i think overall the patch is a sucess now some server side tweaks can make it even better. BTW which servers have deathcam on
  10. no it was a UBI server said nothing about beta testing.
  11. i WAS JUST PLAYING GRAW and and tried to join an UBI server that had 22 people and was domination mode but it ssaid i had the incorrect version and nedded 1.21. May be was beta testing .
  12. Is that the one with savaltore cause it is good but hard. I never beat though cause i did i system reinstall.
  13. What kind of modeling technique did you use .
  14. no problem No problem There are a lot of files do dl and watch but its worth it if you got time. Weel time to get back adjusting vertices and scaling edges.
  15. I just dont know whyy even though I reinstalled windows updated video drivers and Agiea drivers i still get 20 fps running at 1280x1240 all settings on high except textures. I have 2 gigs of RAM 3.2 GHz and a xforce 6800. or is that just normal for my computer.
  16. Yes I know how you feel I am also getting into 3D modeling but not just for Graw and more cause it is fun and a preety cool skill to have. Here is a pretty awesome tutorial that I am doing now as in right now that teaches you how to plane model a Beretta. http://tutorials.moddb.com/16/beretta-9000-video-tutorial EDIT: link fixed
  17. Maybe Grin could add a another set of weapons and allow the mexican side to use those and the Us the current weapons. They wouldn't need to do too much work since the animation for the weapons are done due to the AI carrying them. So basically they couls allow you to use the weapons the AI in Sp carries along with some other weapons.
  18. I just got Maya 7.0 and want to start modeling guns and other stuff etc. but cannot seem to find any good tutorials on modeling. I'm not stupiod in the sense that I know where most tools are and how they function. I looked on the internet but ave not found anything useful. It just seems that there are few Maya tuts and plenty of 3DS Max tuts, any help would be great. BTW which do you prefer or have Maya or 3DS
  19. I got steam and cant seem to find where the demo can be downloaded or where it says you can get it for free. Help Please.
  20. heard on the news that he might of tested positive fo rsome drugs? That would seriously suck
  21. on that test i got close to 3 mb maybe its not laggy but that i dont totally feel in control of the player like when i move the mouse the camera rotates just a little slower than ithink it will so it feels laggy even offline but thanks for the help
  22. I think i have a fairly good computer I mean I can run Oblivion and COD2 on high settings also Hitman Blood money and Far cry. Here are my system Specs can someone give some advice or tell me how to make it run smoother. 3.2 GHz Pentium Geforce 6800 w/ 256mb 2gb of RAM If any other specs are required i ll try and find them.
  23. I know GRAW is not doing so well on the MP side but here is a pretty devastateing point. Graw maybe has 100 players at most online maybe more maybe less and the PC demo for the original HALO HAS APPROXIMATLEY 800 PLAYERS. that is a pretty old game not to mention A DEMO and more people play that. Any Differences dont matter thats sad.
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