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  1. well if fileplanet has reservations up for whatever reason then that must mean we are on the verge of the release. Think about it what gamesite would put up a reservation for a demo that will come out after more than 2-3 weeks. They probably know something that we don't.
  2. oh thats not good, oh well i guess i will have to deal with edge smoothing from now on.
  3. I don't know if anyone can answer this but will GRAW2 feature true Anti-Aliasing. GRAW1 had the weird edge smoothing which was sort of AA but really just added in. And that caused slower framerates, Real AA would be nice because those jagged edges really annoy me and higher resolution really don't work for me due to garish frame rates. Just wondering.
  4. WEll from spending some time and squinting my eyes at what the mission brief says it sounds like that mission will have something to do with finding a terrorist package and taking out a stronghold of rebels at the beginning. There is a lot more written all you have to do is pause the trailer at 23 seconds and read what it says EDIT: The mission name is search and destroy
  5. Hey are those guns you made yourself or where did you get them they look kinda cool.
  6. thanks. First off i played the Arma demo and didn't like it much and that i can't play it with decent graphics. I think ill take Dai-Sans advice and play both the demo's. But i have a feeling it will be Quake Wars due to it's similarity to the BF franchise.
  7. It is now the middle of May and June is coming upon us and there are two games. It is the best of times it was the worst of times. Why, because both Quake Wars and GRAW2 are supposed to come out in June, and I don't know which one to get. I like Ghost Recon for its realism and tacticality if thats a word. But I like Quake Wars because its like the BF series but cooler. Are any of you planning of buying Quake Wars or debating which to buy. Buying both is not an option for me so any advice on which to buy cause i don't have a clue.
  8. Well here's something new, The Xbox 360 is getting a new map pack and just for that they made a dev diary yet for GRAW2 there hasn't been a single video clip except that prerendered trailer that came out ages ago. Just shows that even mappacks for consoles are more important than entire PC games. This sucks.
  9. Wow i never knew football was gaining popularity outside the states. I guess the outside world can't resist some good ol' American Football.
  10. When i launch GRAW it takes at least 3 minutes this has always been the case but now it really annoys me that every time i want to play the game i have to wait 3 minutes. Is this the case for everyone or just me. If it is just me why does this occur. Secondly nowadays i cannot connect to any servers. I load the map and once it says waiting for server it comes up with Disconnected Unknown error. WHY!!. I haven't been able to join any servers to play for quite a awhile. I have no mods and my firewall is allowing the game to connect to the internet. Your help is valued.
  11. i was on ign this morning and found their article on the closed MP beta. There article, pictures, and video are better than those of gamespot. Sorry i don't know how to properly link things so just cut and paste. Hope this helps http://pc.ign.com/articles/781/781257p1.html
  12. Ok so i recently bought an Xbox 360 controller for my Pc along with Flight simulator X. I can play with the controller on Flight Sim but I want to use it with GRAW and other games like BF2142. How do i do this. I know i have to map out the buttons or something. Is it possible to use a controller with GRaw? From some research i did i gather that i need some external program to map the buttons for me. I need some assistance with this. Do any of you know a good program to help with the controller. I would like to see what it is like to play with a controller but am having lots of trouble. Please help.
  13. GRAW runs on Medium settings on my computer so does this mean that when GRAW 2 comes out i will have to play on low settings or upgrade. That would really suck. I ask this because all the previews for the game say that the graphics will be improved. I was fine with the original graphics and would be unhappy if I were forced to play on low settings. Besides that I had a question. Would you rather play a game which your computer could only run on low settings or play a game that had decent graphics and your computer could run on high settings?
  14. Kakanater

    Super Bowl

    I want the Chicago Bears to win only because the Colts beat the Patriots, a great game to watch but Tom Brady the comeback king threw a game ending interception. ARRGHH! But anyways the bears are pretty neat team and I just want to see Peyton Manning upset. Although deep inside i know that the Colts will probably win but who knows maybe just maybe the bears will maul the lousy colts and win the superbowl for the first time in 21 years.
  15. I sorta answered my own question. I went to the Wiki and found that it says something about how neutral colors dont pop out as much as saturated colors. Also the army took into account that the uniforms would get dirty blending with the environs and making the grey go away. Still doesnt make taht much sense.
  16. The whole blue border is all for a modern appeal. You might not like but thats what the 21st century is futuristic. Games use it and so do other things. Whether you like it or not ubisoft will chuck it in because they CAN and YOu Will STIll buy their game. maybe its a sick joke maybe it turns them on.
  17. I see this new grey uniform that theses ghosts now are wearing and i just don't get why you would wear grey when everything around you is dirt colored. Even the US army new camo which is tinged with green( real world). How does taht help in a desert environment or even in the jungle. Maybe I'm missing out on something. Can someone please explain how light green or grey camo works better in a desert setting than desert camo.
  18. maybe on the weekend Rocky I'm too busy on the weekdays whats your account name for Company of heroes
  19. The game is great fun and great graphically now that the new year has set in one can see that Company of heroes bagged both Ign's and gamespot's PC game of the year awards. I played a game today and had fun probably the best RTS game i ever laid hands on.
  20. i really like the idea of looking down at yourself to see what you got. Really all developers have to do is ask a soldier or someone with that knowledge how they do so and so on the field and then transfer that into the game in a not extremely difficult way. Shouldn't be too hard. If the above is done then there will be no need for a HUD. What i want on my dream HUD. Stance Map/Compass teammates list and orders for them( turn off and on) really not much else. I''m not sure but i don't think in real life you know how many bullets remain in the clip maybe guns these days show the number. But what I do know is that some guns let off a round with a tracer when three bullets remain. That will be cool
  21. A perfect example of a ranking/rewarding system that is like a drug is in Battlefield 2142. In that game everything is locked except for the base kits. Even grenades must be unlocked. This is a pretty dumb idea but once a person goes for one unlock said person needs another one. Soon the person unlocks one gun and needs another. Throw this in with all the other ranking stuff and its addictive. Its just what all the big game companies want from you. they want you addicted so that you play forever and always come back for more. Basically any crazy outlandish idea added to a game is from the publisher who wants money money and more money. You would too if you owned a huge game publishing company.
  22. I've basically played GRAW for every weekend that it has been out( i have other things to do during the week) I like the game and think with a few more patches and more mod support it will be great. But what i found it to be lacking after all this time is life. there is good immersion through sounds and visuals in GRAW but i feel it stops there. Take for example battlefield 2142 or Red Orchestra in those games you actually feel as though your part of something bigger than yourself. At least when I play BF2142 I feel as though there needs to be a team effort to win. But in GRAW i dont get that feeling. In the Sp mode of GRAW i basically feel as though Me and 3 sqaudmates are thrown into some section of some part of the city to fight some mexiacn soldiers while completeng objectives. there is no sense of being in the heat of something like a war, maybe that is how it is suuposed to be. I feel as though I am wandering around in Singleplayer with no real or higher truth to what I amdoing. Like I said no life or aura of human activity. the same is true for Multiplayer but less prominent. I think the probelm other than that there is no sense of life is that You only have 3 squadmates there arent a lot of friendly AI. GRAAW to me is slowly dying out as new games are released in the holiday season which is beggining in a month or so.
  23. I dont know I was hoping for the patch to be here by now and to add maybe a weapon or two but thats not important as fixing bugs or maybe some new maps because it seems to me that all the user created maps are not played as much as an official one. I thought maybe if the patch arrived by now I could play GRAW more but i guess now i am going to go back to playing the BF series, which is good on its own merit but also has it fair share of bugs and annoyances.
  24. i dont know, from what ive experienced they only start shouting once they are out of all thier ammo clips, therfore they go into an infinite loop of shouting wait i have to reload. that is my deduction so maybe someone should check the gamecode for that.
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