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  1. After two weeks of researching and worrying I finally placed an order for a BFG 8800GTS OC2 from Bestbuy, I went with best buy instead of newegg cause it cost 90 dollars less than newegg, but the only problem is it was backordered so it will take 1-2 weeks to ship. I spoke to dell today and found out that i do not need a new power supply and my current one will support it fine. Thank you all for you valuable input over the last few days. [Merged with your existing thread about this - Please stick to ONE thread about this & in the correct forum]
  2. Well I'm not sure if any new PSU will fit in my Case which is a Dimension 9100, in the topic i posted i had some pictures of the inside of my comp. The thread was called Room in my computer.
  3. After doing some research on the Dell Forums, I found out that my Dimension 9100 computer with 375W should be able to run the 8800GTS, should I do this or stick on the safe side, shell out a hundred dollars for an Antec TP Trio 550 which might or might not fit in my case. If I do choose not to upgrade my PSU, what are the chances that the PSU or something will die quickly, the guys on the dell Forums seem to have no trouble at all with their cards after a month or two. [Merged with your original thread about this]
  4. The dell series i have is a Dimension 9100 I haven't checked for the PSU number since opening and closing the case is frustrating. The GPU which i think means Graphics card is the Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS, I am either going to go with the Antec TP Trio 650 or 550, since a guy on the dell forums said that should fit in the case. But i am not sure if he is right.
  5. I've decided to buy the 8800GTS although i haven't already bought it cause i am not sure whether my computer has enough room for it. Also i will be buying a new power supply and for that also i am not sure how much room is needed. Does anyone have any pictures of an 8800GTS in a computer and what are the exact dimensions( height, width, depth) of the card. I have some pictures of the inside of my computer. Is this enough space for the card or is a bigger case needed. http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z75/thekakahead/ I dont know how to make the images show on the post. I am concerned that the card will touch something else and melt it due to the heat. Your input is valued.
  6. Is that amount of amps enough or should i look for more.
  7. HOw much is good ampage forgive the made up word. I found this on newegg and was wondering if this was a good PSU, Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-500 ATX12V 500W Power Supply 115/230 V TUV, UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC - Retail. I copied and pasted the name, you can go to the website for all the specs. The thing costs 70 dollars is that too cheap? also I could not find how many amps it had.
  8. where would i buy a new PSU and how expensive are they.
  9. Well i am still on the hunt for my new video card and am still faced with the problem of which card to choose. Either the 7950GT or the 8800GTS 640mb. The latter is more expensive but has dx10 support so it will last longer whereas the former is cheaper and i am pretty sure will run on my machine. What i want to know is where do a i find how much watt power i have and the voltage(pretty much all the system requirements for the 8800GTS) The system requirements for the card say 400 watt power with 12 volt or something( one can check that on newegg).This information will either cause me to buy the 7950GT or the 8800GTS. My system specs or at least what i know are these at the moment Pentium 3.2 GHz 2gb RAM Nvidia Geforce 6800 Windows XP If any other info is required then you will have to tell me where to find it because i have no clue. Please help EDIT: WILL the 8800GTS run on XP.
  10. thanks Intelfactor must have taken you a while to make that.
  11. I've been playing the GRAW2 demo since its release and since then have been trying to find the optimal graphics settings for my computer. One setting that stumps me is Environmental detail. What does this slider do, does it have any affect on how far i can see in the map or just how far the map is rendered in my view. If I set this to the lowest setting would I be in any way be less capable of pwning people or would i just not pwn people as beautifully as possible. If someone from GRiN could please explain or any one for that matter.
  12. Wow the demo is great so i know the game will be great. Everything is exceptional except a few interface issues. GOOD Draw distance seems enhanced, I can see enemies from half the map maybe, never happened to me in GRAW Engine seems optimized but i still am aching for a new Graphics card Love the weird heat haze around muzzle flash when gun is fired. Love the variety of weapons, wow it is awesome. Like the new character skins , very nice like the new music, very nice BAD No way to sort servers in lobby. Cannot individually pick my weapons and attachments ( will that be allowed in full version) Don't like the evening lighting, that is map specific though, i'm sure not all the maps will be like that. text box is annoying and pops up even after i hit U have faded gunshot noise sometimes Well thats about it. The only other complaints I have are crappy framerates on higher settings but that is my own fault and ill try and fix it soon. GREAT JOB GRiN.
  13. your wife would do that for you. AMMazing, i gotta get me one of those.
  14. wait a minute what is the name of the game in the screenshots. That game is BEAST. I cannot believe that that game is GRAW2 it looks reinvented. Graphics are the same but they were good to start off with. GRiN you guys are awesome i cannot wait till thursday. Oh my god just looking at it gives me a boner.........just kidding but seriously.
  15. that is another question i have now i am considering an 8600 due to the dx10 issue but with either card will i need any aftermarket parts and what are the requirements to be able to use it. i have 3.2Ghz CPU and 2gb RAM.
  16. does any one have a list of DX10 supported cards.
  17. I have no idea where this post should go so feel free to move it to the right location. I was wondering when will DX10 finally take dominance and become the norm in games. will it occur this year or next. When will I finally have to get a Dx10 capable gfx card. this is related to the other thread about how i might buy a new gfx card. I don't want to go into getting a card that will last a few months before it becomes completely obsolete. This is the one problem with PC gaming, the technology moves way too fast and one always has to play catch up or spend money out the ying yang.
  18. thanks, With the 8800 i can still use DX9 right or will it only run DX10. Please explain.
  19. the 7950GT has 512mb so i dont know if i need more ram maybe for more new games it will come in handy
  20. Well wit h GRAW2 around the bend i was thinking maybe i could get a new graphics card. I did some research and found that the Nvidia Geforce 7950GT is a good priced and good performing card. But I still have a few questions. First, is it worth getting the 7950Gt when probably in the near future games will transition into DX10 and Vista or is it still a good buy. Secondly, where should i buy the card from. I was contemplating ebay but i dont know about that. Which would probably be the best retail store to buy it from or should i buy from the internet. I live in the US It would be great if you guys could help me out.
  21. Finally a release date, nice find. Now i only have to wait through another week to play it. I can just feel that it is going to be a very slow week.
  22. Maybe i am infering too much but most people who use these forums wouldn't mind downloading a custom map and playing, I don't mind either as long as the map is well made. But there are those casual gamers who are not going get these maps and then play. It is these casual gamers who could turn into people who deeply like the franchise. If these people are turned off for some reason by having to dl maps then those customers can not help improve the longevity of the game.
  23. I don't think there has ever been a release of any "dev tools" for the console games. Perhaps someone has hacked something together, but I've got to say I can't remember ever seeing anything... good question though. Since the engines are different I have to assume there could very well be some dramatic differences in the map files between X, PS3 and PC so I'm guessing you can't build a map on the PC version and somehow "port" it to another platform format. Unless someone out there *cough* knows where the X360 and PS3 map formats are documented... then all we would need is a translator app to port a PC level to a console format. Why do I get the feeling that will somehow be considered a violation of the DMCA? -jk Callsign 3Point If that is true, then why do so many people care about a few extra "offical" maps, when some PC games can end up with thousands of custom maps? I'm not trying to start an argument or anything. I'm seriously curious as to why "offical" map packs or DLC are so important. As it sits now, there are a lot more maps for GRAW 1 PC than there are for GRAW 1 360. And, they're free, unlike the recent 360 map pack. The reason map packs are so important is because a mappack if it is free everyone will have and be able to enjoy. Whereas a custom map requires the user to download then play which is the first bad part because most casual people even more hardcore people can get turned off by having to dl the file restart and then play everytime a custom map is int play. Whereas with Maps released by GRIN everyone will download the maps and that way many people will play on the map. 1 good developer released map= about 3 unheard of custom maps. (this is not always the case but come on, except for the BDA which other server with a decent number of players runs modded maps regularly.)
  24. MOVED FROM GRAW2 FORUM Firstly i really didn't know where to put this so feel free to move it where ever. I was reading at Tweakguides about GRAW and the different things that can be read to enhance fps. I had already heard about this Max Frames to render ahead from playing Oblivion and had also heard that setting the max frames to render ahead to 0 is a form of overclocking. My worry is that if it is a form of overclocking then my graphics card will die quickly or quicker than expected. I have a Nvidia Geforce 6800 and the max frames to render ahead works for me in decreasing mouse lag and overall sluggishness. Can anyone tell me if this could really do damage to my computer.
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