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  1. yeah this game looks utterly awesome and the gameplay seems utterly awesome as well, too bad my P4 will probably run this thing like crap, but who knows maybe i will be able get an upgrade to a quad core to truly enjoy the game. I love the whole concept of Crysis and the whole just do it sort of approach to objectives, and to think there might be consequences as to which way to do the objectives. Imagine if the next ghost recon was made on CryEngine 2 or the oblivion engine, that engine is great and would provide great performance.
  2. with the kinds of posts going around here right now i think most people probably won't even buy a GRAW3 if it comes out, but a middle east conflict would be a nice change, but it would still be a desert setting.
  3. well did the card come directly from dell then it should be connected but did you buy the card and install if so there should be an adapter to connect two p4's to make it a p12 or something check that out. PM me if you need more help
  4. those are some great ideas except i am not too fond of the first one, but search and rescue, and assasination sound awesome, someone should really consider creating those.
  5. is it possible to use the tac map in tvt games?
  6. definitely if you haven't connected to the psu fully the card will automatically lower clock speeds cause it doesn't have enough power. make sure the card has two power sockets and both are connected.
  7. thanks thats good to know, i am not a modder but am happy to know it is possible now a modder just has to do it.
  8. I was wondering if any of you modders could make say lagoon in the night instead of the day, or maybe fort in the day. I would especially like to play cra######e, in the night. Is it possible or what. Just wondering.
  9. i am running a 8800GTS and all the 16x.xx drivers cause problems in GRAW2 and all driver 15x.xx cause problems in SCDA.
  10. My latest addition to my games is Splinter cell double agent, only problem is that the game won't run properly unless i use the 162.18 drivers, only problem with that is then i can't play GRAW2 because it won't run properly. What's a guy supposed to do, switch drivers everytime he wants to play a different game, this is just ridiculous. i also now am beggining to get sick of Ubi not so much Nvidia.
  11. well i got my copy of SCDA today and installed it patched it and then ran it. I played the first mission in which sam had this weird shadow thing around him that looked ugly then, i cranked up the settings to the max, 4xAA and 8xAf, with everything else high, and this is what i get on the second mission. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z75/the...20-14-56-84.jpg Also whenever i do select cusomize settings it does not stick and next time i go to change it it is back to next gen. My system specs are Pentium D 3.2ghz, 8800GTS 640mb, 2gb DDr2 ram at 533Mhz, audigy 2 ZS. I want to know what is going on and how to fix it. This game seems really cool and i would hate to not be able to play it cause of some weird glitch. My vid driver is 158.27, i tried the 162.18 a little and had even more odd problems such as everything being transparent. Here is an image of the settings in game. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z75/the...20-18-57-29.jpg Please help me out and thanks for any info. Fixed links
  12. that vid was hilarious i can't believe that kid wow, who knew Unreal Tournament caused that kind of stress, they should put a warning on the box, "Side effects include screaming, destruction of computer parts, high blood pressure, absurd swearing, maniacal laughing, weeping, and in rare cases death".
  13. I have a 8800GTS and cannot seem to decide, which drivers to use for it, also i have WIN XP 32-bit. What drivers are you guys running, because the latest drivers from nvidia don't allow shadows in GRAW2, which is really annoying. [Thread moved to Tech Support forum]
  14. GRAW 2 used to run normally, but now whenever i sprint or sprint while in crouch i move considerably slower, i have no idea what is causing this. It is like my guy is moving in slow motion, my fps has increased though it is like 40 in MP now, PLEASE HElP, thanks for any advice.
  15. what is defraging your drive and how do i do it.
  16. I don't know much on this topic but would i get more fps if my GRAW2 dvd was in my dvd drive or if i didn't put it in at all. Because if i remember correctly with Company of heroes when i did not use my dvd, i got a significant fps boost. Thanks for any advice.
  17. Well i have a P4 3.2 ghz, 2 gb RAM and a 8800GTS 640mb( yes i know there is a bottleneck) and i have everything up except AF which is at 8x and am playing at 1280x1024 and i get around 30-40 FPS, whereas in multiplayer i get 23-30 fps. It's good enough for me.
  18. I beat the first mission and am on the second one and remembered that i supposed to be allowed to fight when not in a firefight. Does this mean i can manually save at any point when not in a firefight. Where do i go to do this.
  19. I just got my copy of GRAW2 and played on two maps i haven't seen all of them but the ones i did play were Timber, and the cut. So basically state your favorite map and why, if you haven't got your game yet then well i guess this will give you a taste of the variety of maps. P.S The map The cut is awesome i love the green foliage.
  20. I do have the SP demo and have beat it on easy and haven't found to beat it on other modes, too busy playing the MP demo, But what i do not understand is how this Recon and Assault mode thing is so great i have read a few threads about how awesome this is, can someone explain i want to know what is so cool, an example would be nice, all i can tell is that in recon they use silenced weps, crouch, and fire only when fired upon, in assualt they sprint and fire when they see the target and when given a cover that order just start shooting at the area. I do really want to know the benefits of the recon and assault modes.
  21. I was playing the demo today and decided to camp out in a bush and it was one of the greatest places to camp out. One guy almost ran right over me before i silenced him with my MP5Sd. Then i got another 4 kills before my gun started pointing upwards at which point i was killed. The point is that the bushes in GRAW2 are a very very good concealment method, a good place for a sniper or anyone. So next time you get killed out of nowhere think about the bushes. Actually i don't know if the things are actually bushes, but what i'm talking about is the big green plant things P.S Only one more day before GRAW2 come out yippy!
  22. I live about ten minutes from Oceana naval air station
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